Raylan and ava relationship memes

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raylan and ava relationship memes

The only distinction, according to Boyd, is that Raylan would be a "rich a**hole." while everyone else (i.e., Boyd, Ava and Wynn Duffy) contemplates just how The Orville Season 2 Review: A Focus On Relationships Drives An Young Jason Momoa's Baywatch Photos Are Now a Viral Internet Meme. Ava and Boyd were reunited, briefly. The fact The doppelgänger relationship between Raylan and Memphis DEA agent Miller (guest star Eric. The two start a relationship as Boyd resumes his business in crime. Like Raylan's aunt, Helen Givens, Ava is shown to be a very tough woman with very little fear.

Wendy Alicia Witt is the poor sister who's stuck with these buffoons, and obviously the smartest of the lot, as she's made it out of the swamps and all the way to answering phone calls and fetching coffee for a lawyer in Miami. It will probably be through her common sense, or possibly Danny's volatility, that Raylan gets the Crowe family to turn on itself. But now it's going to be a sad time to be Dewey, because with Darryl jobless, broke, and fresh with the knowledge that his cuz Dewey has a "boatload of money" the Haitian overheard Raylan talking about Dewey's settlement and relayed the info to Darrylthem Florida Crowes will be flocking to Kentucky and knocking on Dewey's trailer door.

The most emotionally wrecking part of "A Murder of Crowes" was seeing Raylan dodge his newborn daughter and Winona like a deadbeat dad. The man went all the way down to Florida—where Winona and his daughter live—for work, and couldn't even muster up a drop-by? For as broken as his relationship with his own dad Arlo was, you'd hope that Raylan wouldn't fall into the same pattern, but I guess it's true what they say about falling apples.

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As for our dear old friend Boyd, my oh my this was one shitty episode for him. He started off making promises to Ava that he would get her out of jail, but ended up losing part of his ear, going to Detroit, getting hustled by Canadians of all people! I expect a bit of a fight for a funeral home director with a wife like he had.

raylan and ava relationship memes

He tried to keep his heroin business alive by trekking to D-town to get the package he was promised, but Detroit is in such shambles that he got caught in the middle of a war between Detroit and the Canadians. Now he might have to develop some new connections in Mexico just to keep his piece of the Harlan drug pie. To me, all the Boyd stuff wasn't about what he was doing as much as it was how he was doing it.

It bops seamlessly from Raylan being cool and all Raylan-y, to Choo-Choo being genuinely threatening before finally ending with an Elmore Leonard version of an Abbott and Costello routine.

The better the scene, the harder it is to effectively explain. For the most part, this week belongs to the bad guys. Walker continues to be a bespoke foe fit for Raylan with his Jesse James looks and John Dillinger tongue; though.

raylan and ava relationship memes

I suppose that is fitting given their unofficial roles as lieutenants to their respective generals. It was a good call to have Elliott clean-shaven for the role. With his trademark walrus mustache, his roles usually take on an unavoidable geniality, even when he is playing tough guys. Without it, his face takes on a stretched oiliness that seems to never settle into a solid form.

With his molasses voice and Grinch-y grin, he seems less like a man and more like one of those creatures in human form that only exist in Lovecraft stories or Stephen King novels, where they turn out to have more teeth than can physically fit in their mouths. Still, Markham has that same tried and true, mildly dopey, Sam Elliott tone when he speaks.

This can be partly attributed to his doubts as to the mechanisms behind her release, but there is also a layer of shame and guilt that manifests as chivalrous protection.

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Note how he allows others to discuss and regard Ava. Alas, he is, in fact, a sociopath. Then again, it bears noting that it is her and not Boyd who notices the important detail about the pizza parlor in the stolen documents, which underscores both her value and his level of distraction.

The cast talked to Yahoo TV on the red carpet for last week's Television Academy evening with the "Justified" gangand shared some big scoop on what we can expect for the final three episodes of Season 5: Things may not get better for Boyd, but there is at least one major surprise in store: I think that's kind of the greatest win [Boyd] could have, but it's complicated, you know, like last season.

He got everything he ever dreamed of, and yet he lost the thing that was most important to him. And this season, I don't want to give it away, but something extraordinary's going to happen.

That changes in the season's penultimate episode, April 1's "Starvation": So I think it was smart to keep us apart as long as they did, but we've got a lot of interaction coming up in Episode 12 that I think will be big. He's committed major crimes — OK, murder — in the quest to secure her freedom, but she recently became so distraught with her dangerous situation inside jail that she broke up with Boyd. She also just murdered her big prison rival, Judith, so her broken romance may not be her top priority.

raylan and ava relationship memes

Can Season 5 possibly end in a safe way for her? Yeah, it's strange the way [the season] ends, but it's hopeful