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Daughter mother relationship poems for kids Egyptian plover and crocodile relationship poems Rayleigh and luffy relationship poems. AU stories which concentrates on Luffy with a slave background or having something . - Follows: - Updated: Jul 18, - Published: Apr 25, - Luffy, S. Rayleigh (AU, stronger/more mature/darker/jaded Luffy, no romance). Rayleigh's relationship with most of the Roger Pirates is unknown. Ever since Rayleigh had heard about Luffy from Shanks, he had wanted to meet him face to .

Not everyday is a good day, live anyway by cand13 reviews Not everyone tells the truth, trust anyway. Not everyone will love you back, love anyway. Not every game will be fair, play anyway. How else could anyone survive what they have and still be that lively? ASL growing up with Whitebeard story.

After a tragic event, the youngest of three gets separated from his brothers. What will Luffy do and who are these 'Whitebeard Pirates? But what happens when he loses his memory. He's alone in more ways than one but maybe these siblings will welcome him.

They can only hope that Luffy has it in his heart to forgive them… OPLuffy! Not a dark Luffy fanfic! Rayleigh Burn by Don'tletthewingsfoolyou reviews A year before Luffy sets out to form his crew, he's captured and sold as a slave.

Soon after, Ace rescues him from the hellhole that has become his reality, and promises to help him any way he can. Now, Luffy has a request, and it's about the mark on his back. Thing is, Ace isn't so keen on 'erasing' it if it means he has to hurt his beloved baby brother One-Shot for now One Piece - Rated: So long that he had lost his personality and his free will.

He was simply a living doll in the Celestial Dragon's hands. That is until he meets Ace who sees something in him that everyone else missed. Ace promises to save Luffy no matter what, even if it means defying the Celestial Dragons themselves. One who had known freedom and lost it; one who had been born without it. Will a chance meeting give them something to live for?

Strong T for now. They were soon bought by a noble and, after a year, are losing hope of ever being free from the life of slavery. Until a group of pirates appeared and freed them from their living nightmare.

Whitebeard Pirates raising ASL. Four years later he came back with a slave brand, burned into his flesh. Whatever happened to him, made Luffy view the world differently. If anyone is looking for you here they will find nothing but silt and darkness and sea kings. Robin interjected with, "How come the bubble doesn't burst from the pressure?

Well I don't like to brag, but it could never have happened if not for my amazing research into the properties of the unique resins here in the archipelago. In fact, I am an expert in the field of unique bubble coatings and I myself invented the don't-you-dare-pop powder that is keeping this bubble intact. I've invented dozens of powders with some truly astounding properties. That's why they call me the great Professor Powder! The more juvenile members of the crew erupted into snorts of laughter at this witism.

Nami rolled her eyes at this and commented loudly to Robin, "You know, for a guy who doesn't like to brag, he sure thinks highly of himself. I bet it's nearly impossible for him to get research grants. Professor Powder ground his teeth in indignation, "You make light of my academic frustrations madam. But you won't be laughing once I've demonstrated the amazing powers of my bubbles. From a second pocket he took out a small silk purse and opened it. With a practised motion he began to delicately sprinkle a pink powder on the wall alternately smoothing it evenly with his hands.

Putting the purse back in its pocket, he placed his fingertips against the wall and began to tug. The Straw Hat's alarmed cries of protest were silenced as the professor pulled a faintly pink bubble away from the surface of the dome without causing any apparent harm.

He held it aloft triumphantly, "Behold the Lovey-Dovey Bubble! For a romance that will send you to the moon, I the Amazing Professor Powder have invented it to aid the lovers of the world! Now, who would care to put it through its paces? The more mature members merely looked on with interest. After a moment's pause to ensure that no one was going to steal the opportunity to woo his lady loves, Sanji turned to the professor, "So how does it work?

Luffy burst into cackling laughter and doubled over with a breathless gasp of "fish bowl head! Now all you have to do is think of something nice to say to one of these young ladies and let the bubble take it from there. One glimpse of my dearest Nami-Swan sets my heart on fire!

They are all the inspiration a man could ever need in this lifetime. Their faces light up the evening sky like the stars. The moon is ashamed to The glowing bubble lofted him up to the roof of the dome and he hung suspended with one hand placed over his heart as he continued on before suddenly noticing his predicament. Luffy who had just recovered from the sight of Sanji with a bubble on his head doubled over in gales of renewed laughter at the sight.

Sanji's usually impeccable outfit was looking decidedly wrinkled as he dangled from the ceiling by his neck cursing and kicking wildly and promising all sorts of dire consequences for the idiots below if they didn't quit laughing at him. What did he think was going to happen? Franky interjected, "More importantly, how are we supposed to get him down?

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Ussop could shoot the bubble but maybe we should leave him up there for a few minutes to cool off. He looks pretty pissed. He's not generating enough romantic feelings to keep him afloat," said the Professor sagely. A stream of muffled profanity drifted down from above their heads, mercifully muted. Simply cease to generate a romantic atmosphere and the bubble lets you down as softly as you please. Luffy's chuckles began to wind down. What did you think of my remarkable lovey-dovey bubble?

His response was a smack upside the head which caused a large lump to immediately swell up. But undeterred, the professor continued, "A tough crowd, eh?

Well this next powder is sure to put a smile on that grumpy face. The professor reached into his apron and pulled out a small silvery bag and again dusted the powder it contained against a fresh portion of the bubble dome wall.

rayleigh and luffy relationship poems

Donning his gloves he tugged a shimmering bubble away from the surface and held it up for the crew's inspection. Gonna put all those drug companies out of business. I call it the slap-happy bubble! No more need for antidepressants! Just pop this bubble on your head and let the laughter flow forth.

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Like a joyful bit of dandelion fluff! Like a giddy-" "So the bubble doesn't actually make you happy? You people are clearly ignorant of the amazing breakthroughs that are being demonstrated here.

Why, it took me months of careful formula adjustments to balance out the emotional resonance frequencies. Just the fine tuning on the polymer harmonics alone represents years of research and testing The majority of the crew had also lost interest as the long winded professors' technical explanation trailed on and turned instead to watch. Chopper pulled the bubble over his head with a muffled squelch. Franky released a controlled Strong Right to extend the game into a round of catch-the-floating-reindeer and Brook began to fiddle as the high spirited antics of the crew filled the bubble dome with infectious laughter.

Sanji however was not impressed and with a curse of, 'crapy captain' sent Luffy flying sideways with a powerful kick. His rubber body ricocheted off a light source bubble and sent him off on a flying tangent only to knock into a cheerfully unsuspecting Nami. The force of the impact thrust Nami firmly against the nearest bubble wall.

Luffy's hands slapped down on either side of her body with a force hard enough to send ripples throughout the dome which in turn caused everyone who had been fooling around to turn towards them in alarm. The speed of events left a breathless navigator struggling to keep up as in her disorientation she felt the wall bulge outward against the weight of her body.

The added weight of Luffy's body against Nami's was enough to cause the bubble wall to balloon outward. The sudden lack of stability prevented either of them from regaining their balance and the entire crew watched in horror as Luffy and Nami pitched forward in slow motion into a large bubble that separated from the wall of the dome with a rubbery sounding pop.

Nami blinked away her confusion. It had all happened in moments and it took her a second to assess the situation. Point one, she was sprawled on her stomach at the bottom of a not quite large enough to be comfortable globe.

Point two; her captain was likewise sprawled on top of her with his nose digging into the back of her neck and legs tangled in an uncomfortable jumble of limbs, she was sure that one of Luffy's knees was bending the wrong way. Point three, the plastic feel of the shell she was resting on was quickly cooling and the already dim light surrounding them was darkening rapidly.

This last point demanded her immediate attention.

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With a squeak and a cry of 'Luffy you idiot! With hands cupped around her eyes she peered through the faintly glowing skin of the bubble. There above her and appearing to be rising rapidly away from them was the large well lit bubble platform they had come from. She watched as Franky sent out a Strong Right that pierced the surface of the dome but unfortunately fell well short of their bubble.

rayleigh and luffy relationship poems

She could vaguely make out the faces of her Nakama gazing down at her with shock and dawning expressions of horror as the dome disappeared into the twilight and suspended silt above her.

Nami began doing rapid calculations in her head. If I calculate the volume of a cylinder of water with a height of meters I, no! What about current patterns? We could be sweeping out of the archipelago! We're in a little bubble! This is so cool! Nami whipped her head around, "Cool! This is as far from cool as it can get! How long until we suffocate? I'm too young to die The pressure change would knock me unconscious if it didn't kill us both outright.

And we'd get decompression sickness even if I could swim us to the surface and that would probably kill us too. For some reason having Luffy with her turned the circumstances from absolutely terrifying to merely frightening.

Keeping her hands on his shoulders so she could track him in the dark she sat up, allowing him to sit up next to her.

Quote by Rayleigh: “Haki' is a power that lies dormant in all the w”

Nami took a few deep breaths in and out. It wouldn't do to hyperventilate in an enclosed space with a limited air supply after all. She allowed herself a moment to calm down and think and as she did she became aware of the deep stillness they were surrounded in.

The only sound was of their breathing as they drifted down at a steady rate into the nearly black waters below. The unnerving silence reduced her world to a globe of faint light and her Captain seated beside her.

Nami paused at that thought. Her eyes had been slowly adjusting to the dimness and she found now that she could vaguely make out Luffy's outline in front of her. She reached forward to see if it was just her eyes playing tricks on her and she jumped when her fingers brushed his cheek.

Luffy laughed in surprise. What are you doing? With that revelation she set her chin forward, determined not to let her Captain down.

She reared her head back startled. I can kinda see you, but not really. It's really dark down here. Where is the light coming from? It should be pitch black in here. As Luffy had noticed the wall of the bubble gleamed with the faintest iridescent pink sheen.

Barely noticeable unless you were looking for it and only visible because of the deep blackness they hung suspended in. There must have been some left over lovey-dovey powder on the wall where you punched us through! Now we don't have much time so hurry up and say something romantic. When she was sure she was calm and had resisted the impulse to hit him on the head she said in a dangerously level tone, "Luffy, we are in a lovey-dovey bubble.

It will float us to the surface if you say something romantic. So now I need you to save both our lives by giving me a complement. Say something that Sanji would say. No more snacks till dinner time! Man, this is going to be like pulling teeth. Your eyebrows remind me of two orange peels, like from the duck l'orange we had last week. Your nose-" Nami cut him off with an exclamation of "I really am going to die but I'm going to kill you first! They both yelped in surprise as their knees slammed down with a force that would leave bruises on Nami at least.

I'm so going to punch him in the face the next time I see him. The cold surface of the bubble was beginning to penetrate her skin as she knelt, which served to increase her sense of urgency. Nami huffed and then cleared her throat, "I'll try then That was a complement and it even rhymed! Nami snarled in frustration as Luffy's irritatingly calm voice drifted over saying, "Neat poem Nami, but I'm going to be the Pirate King because I kick ass not because of my hair.

She took several calming breaths. Luffy, hold still for a second okay? This time he didn't jump when her fingers brushed his cheek. Taking advantage of his confidence in her she tilted her head forward slowly until she felt her lips brush against the corner of his mouth.

Luffy jerked away from her in shock but his surprised voice was lost as the bubble jolted suddenly upwards causing them both to lose their balance. We should get to the surface in a few minutes or so.