Relationship of sociology and education ppt

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relationship of sociology and education ppt

Essay on Relationship Between Sociology and Education – Sociology and Education, as two branches of knowledge, concerned essentially with man and his. 主題(Topic):Sociology and Education and The Relationship姓名(Name):Sari Muthia Silalahi 資料來源(References):. SOCIOLOGY AND IT‟S RELATIONS TO OTHER SCIENCES THE EXPECTATION OF SCHOOL EMPOWERMENT IN EDUCATION.

To the business or other institutions? Education for them is a social phenomenon or institution which, like other social phenomena, becomes a subject to objective scientific examination and analysis. A sociological perspective on education requires one to step back or set aside his personal and cultural biases from what he is examining and then take a look at the phenomenon of education.

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Their primary concern is to build a body of knowledge about education. Their secondary concern is to apply the findings of their research and conclusions to the concerns of the educational practitioners.

The findings produce recommendations and policy implications but they are left implicit rather than explicit statements and policy recommendations 6 History: Sociology of Education vs.

Educational Sociology In the minds of educators and sociologists, the concept and discussion of sociology of education is associated with the concept and development of educational sociology. In sixteen universities and colleges in the US were offering courses called educational sociology. Since then, course offerings in higher education institutions declined due to the substitution of other sociology courses in teacher colleges. Only few sociologists were interested in educational sociology and there was no increase in interest in departments of education.

Educational sociology analyzes objectively the aims and purposes of education based on an analysis of society and the needs of people in society. In his paper, Zeleny said that educational sociology cannot be a pure science; it must be applied to the control of education. In the modern society, sociology generates the data base which is consumed by educational system to realize the goal of social life. Sociology develops laws and principles which are adopted by the educational system for its improvement.

Difference between educational sociology and sociology of education

The ever cherishing social values are those attained through education. Sociology provides the principles and education practices them.

relationship of sociology and education ppt

Sociology put forth the ideals and values which education is to achieve. Education preserves the social and cultural heritage which is owned by sociology. Education brings about reforms and changes in the field of sociology. Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education.


What are the differences between sociology and sociology of education? Sociology is a vast area of knowledge. Please see the link for more information.

relationship of sociology and education ppt

The sociology of education is concerned with matters like:. Educational attainment and soci…al class. Relationships between home and school. Relationships within schools and also within classrooms. It merges with areas like the study of how knowledge is divided up into subjects and how knowledge and culture are transmitted from one generation to the next.

The role of sociology in education is to help students tounderstand how societies work.