Riff raff and magenta relationship

25 Things We Learned From ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Commentary

riff raff and magenta relationship

The earlier years of Riff and Magenta's relationship. Magenta's POV An exploration of how Riff Raff and Magenta ended up as Frank's servants. Rocky Horror. Magenta Gender Female Species Transylvanian Relatives Riff Raff (brother; Magenta is said to be in an incestuous relationship with her brother, even though . Fanpop quiz: What is Riff Raff and Magenta's (official) relationship? - See if you can answer this Rocky Horror Picture Show trivia question!.

Maybe Frank wasn't after Brad and Janet specifically; he just leaves sharp things on the road or has a Tire Exploder Ray in order to get new playthings from time to time. I mean, it's hard enough for a person who isn't as self-absorbed and show-offy as him not to want as many people as possible to see him creating life. And on the side, he also thought they were both kinda hot and wanted to see what might come of it. He eventually wanted Rocky to be full-brained.

Brad and Janet were just a repeat of the Eddie and Columbia incident, albeit it didn't work out right. I don't think he'd want Rocky to be full-brained. If Rocky was full-brained, then he'd know of "[Franks'] plan", which is presumably to use Rocky as a living sex toy, and with the knowledge that his entire life is just to make love to a crazed alien transvestite and nothing more, I'm pretty Frank knew that Rocky'd get pissed.

I think Frank just wanted some new partners to add to the gang of misfits, as I assume something very similar occured to Columbia and Eddie Except on a motorbike, hehe. Stage Rocky really IS aware of these things, though; he has much more personality and what seems like full awareness of his situation despite being "half-brained".

So in that scenario, this theory could work.

riff raff and magenta relationship

It is quite possible that the minister of the wedding and his assistants knew what was going on between Brad and Janet and where they planned to go, and merely diverted them. Scott's house, which happens to be conveniently located on the same road as the castle, or that they move the castle to pick up new victims? The only problem with setting up Brad and Janet would be that it would have already been known that they were affiliated with Dr. Scott, except when he arrives at the castle later, they all express surprise that they knew him.

Riff Raff even slips up and asks "You know this earthling? Janet, as I recall, even wonders where the motorcyclist could have come from if the road was blocked off. Frank's castle was the only civilization for miles. It was a trap. Probably not for Brad and Janet in particular, and they may not have been the first victims of it. Putting up a road closed sign may cause someone to back up, but it doesn't cause a burst tire.

Riff Raff And Magenta Undress Brad And Janet - THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

Even if the cyclist threw something sharp on the ground, the odds of Brad running over it would have been slim. This would be such a low-percentage plan that it's not a likely explanation especially as it relies on a damaged spare tire which the Translyvanians couldn't have known about. And we have no evidence that Brad or Janet saw a tire-puncturing device on the ground when they got out of the car. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.

You seem to be under the impression that Rocky Horror is some gritty, sensible thriller, rather than the silly, faintly ridiculous film it is, and as such are posting on all the points about Frank being responsible. Frank all but admits to doing it, and Riff Raff and the others are at the wedding.

The clear implication is that there is a plan there, to lure somebody in. Are we ever told the specifics of the plan? Are we ever given details? Nothing is important about them exactly - Frank's just a sociopath who enjoys taking young couples and turning them into playthings.

He took his minions to a local wedding hoping to find some young love to ruin for his own amusement, and found it in Brad and Janet. Luring them to the castle was just closing the trap around them. The fact that Brad knows Dr. Scott is a total coincidence - which is why Frank flips out when he learns they know each other: Who is the dope Columbia loves?

She says "The only thing that gives me hope is my love for a certain dope. Or maybe by dope she means drugs. I always thought the dope was Frank, in an "I want to hate you, but I can't" kind of way.

I think it mentions in the Fridge Horror entry for this that they were controlled by Frank for this particular song. She's referring to Eddie. Then, when Frank well, mostly Riff Raff, but still started working on Rocky, Frank tossed Eddie aside literally, into the freezer She's basically singing about how she viewed the world through "rose tinted glasses" hence the title of the song and now that the metaphorical glasses have shattered, all that's left of her optimism and joy is her love for Eddie.

Likewise, Rocky's verse is about how he cannot control his sexual urges, Brad's verse is about his insecurities about his newfound sexuality, and Janet's verse is about how Frank's seductive nature has taken control of her and caused her to embrace her lust.

It always seemed to me that she meant dope as in Her drugs are the only refuge she feels she has left to her in her depression. The idea of the "dope" being a person has never even occurred to me until I read this JBM. Agreed, especially since, when the movie was made Colombian marijuana was considered some of the most potent.

One of the audience lines was: What's your favorite color?

25 Things We Learned From ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Commentary

What's your favorite reefer? I always believed that she used a name misspelled though it was as an homage to the "certain dope" she loved. In at least some versions of the play, Columbia is on drugs. Before I saw the movie, I was familiar with the soundtrack recorded by some theatre company that added in bits where she was obviously inhaling something, and instead of taking a level in badass by confronting Frank before being Medusa'd, she had a section where she just flailed around while high for a bit before presumably passing out.

If you don't want to take that as canonical, you could always just interpret the line as a metaphor for being "addicted" to the decadent lifestyle she has in the castle. Word of Saint Paul: Nell Campbell's belief is that the dope is Eddie, as her previous song says.

riff raff and magenta relationship

Is everyone forgetting the scene where Dr. A "roach" is the tail end of a mary juana cigarette Riff Raff's disappearing hump Where did Riff Raff's hump go when he reverted to his native uniform?

Was it fake the whole time he was dressed as a butler? This troper assumed the hump was meant to be fake in cannon, as a part of the human "costume" he was wearing. It had some of the same characters albeit played by different actorssome of the same actors albeit playing different charactersthe same writer, same director, and same studio Honestly?

The story bore little resemblance to the original Rocky Horror, was very poorly received, and was significantly different from the sequel that was originally planned involving Frank's mother coming to earth or taking a spaceship to the planet Transsexual.

Shock Treatment isn't considered a true sequel simply because the story has nothing to do with Rocky. That's it, plain and simple. And the story you're talking about is the plot of Revenge of the Old Queen, which would have been the third in the series, but never ended up being made.

Why do Brad and Janet never fight androids? Well, if you use the term "android" loosely, I guess you could say Frank, Riff, and Magenta are androids because "andro" means man Also, Rocky, since he was built and not born, is somewhat of an android himself, although he doesn't really fight Brad or Janet. Perhaps Rocky is a Dragonball Z style android. And he fights with his penis. I figured that the lyrics referred to two different sci-fi movies androids fighting, Brad and Janet thrown in with the other movie references.

riff raff and magenta relationship

That's basically all it is, a reference to a movie with two other protagonists named Brad and Janet. That song's basically one long stream of references. I always assumed it was "See androids fighting. Why does Riff get half her lines in the movie version? It's the same actors, so you would think they would keep it the same.

Well, Magenta's actor sings Science Fiction in the play version, but that's Richard O'Brien's voice in the film version, as well. Perhaps Richard O'Brien wanted to showcase his voice more, or someone involved in production wanted to tone down Magenta's role since she has the least plot influence of any character.

It might very well be because Patricia Quinn was high or drunk through most of production, and boy, does it show. Her performance on both the original cast album and in the occasional bootlegs of her return to the role in the 90s is far perkier and less spaced-out.

And it wasn't the director, the cinematography, the wizardry or the sets--while Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick were serviceable--it wasn't them we came to see.

Asylum for Nerds: Character Analysis: Columbia

Doctor Frank-N-Furter's former castle now serves as a luxury hotel. When Quinn found out the song had been taken away from her she had performed it in the stage productionthe actress turned down the film saying, "Well you can take your movie and shove it where the sun don't shine.

The lips were a late addition; done on the last day of filming. The church was merely a facade. For the interior church scenes, O'Brien said they could only shoot one side of a real church room as they couldn't afford the whole thing.

Her designs have been used in stage productions over twenty five years. The tape playing in Brad's car is Nixon's resignation speech. O'Brien said he didn't like that because " The motorcyclists were the same people that play Transylvanians at the castle. O'Brien didn't understand why, noting that they the motorcyclists could have been anyone.

riff raff and magenta relationship

Instead, the people had to change costumes back and forth. What started out as a stage show that combined the elements of Science-Fiction and B-Horror Movies, has since flourished into a large cult following. Furter to the good girl turned slut Janet Weiss.

Aliens, Clones, elaborate musical numbers, human dissection, Transvestites, you name it this film has it! So I asked my friends which character I should write this article on, and at one point we had a 3-way tie, that was broken by one vote.

riff raff and magenta relationship

We know little about her except from what we she tells us in the musical numbers. I think that Columbia followed Dr. Furter, and that he used her and left her for Eddie. Columbia dresses in a flashy gold sequined hat and jacket, and is an accomplished tap dancer. Later we find out that after Dr. Furter left her, Columbia was romantically involved with a man named Eddie; a motorcycle riding, saxophone playing bad boy.