Shanks and whitebeard meet

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shanks and whitebeard meet

Both these characters have a rich history that made their paths cross on multiple occasions. Shanks started out as a very carefree and. It was a rare event as the Yonkō don't meet each other unless it isn't a fight. In episode , Shanks and Whitebeard finally met each other. When they first meet they both disagreed on the subject of stoppping Ace and proceeded to clash. First off, wow Shanks literally clashed swords.

The scene changes to a fleet of destroyed Marine ships.

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An unharmed pirate ship procedes past them. Meanwhile, the Five Elders are informed that the Whitebeard Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates have broke through the Marine's defenses and that the two crews are arranged to have a meeting. On Whitebeard's ship, Whitebeard is informed of Shanks arrival. At Navy Headquarters, Marine soldiers are on standby after hearing the news of the meeting. Shanks boards Whitebeard's ship, as Marco orders the newcomers to go inside the ship.

However, the message comes too late.

shanks and whitebeard meet

Members of the Whitebeard pirates faint when Shanks walk pass them using his Haoshoku Haki. Shanks apologizes, since it hard to stay calm on an enemy ship. Whitebeard orders his men to leave. When the crew is out of sight, Shanks prepared drinks of alcohol for the two captains. After a sip of the drink, Whitebeard said Shanks has made quite a leap as a pirate since Gol D. Roger 's death, and asked about Buggy.

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Shanks replied that he hasn't heard anything about him since they parted ways at Loguetown after Roger's execution. Whitebeard was curious and asked why Shanks was missing an arm. He replied that he bet it on the new era. Shanks changed the subject to his scars, pointing to one scar across his face.

shanks and whitebeard meet

Declaring it came from a member of Whitebeard's crew; Marshall D. They soon get their answer as one by one the weaker crew members collapse unconsciously onto the floor.

Marco is unfazed by the situation and ensures the crew not to make a fuss about it, while Jozu notes that Shanks' Haki is as strong as ever. Shanks apologizes for his actions, since Whitebeard is still an enemy ship he was just being cautious.

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Marco points out what Shanks has done to him, Shanks turns round and in return asks him to join his crew, which Marco angrily turned down his offer. Whitebeard pours some sake Shanks has brought over from his hometown in the West Blue and the two recall old times. Whitebeard recalls his days fighting Gol D. Roger and seeing Shanks as an apprentice during their fights along with the funny big nose that Shanks hung around.

Which chapter does Shanks and Whitebeard meet?

Shanks counters the memory with his own of the pair splitting up at Loguetown after Roger's death. Whitebeard notes how the fights between Shanks and Mihawk still ring in his ear. When the subject of his missing left arm is brought up, Shanks replies he bet it on the future recalling the memory of Luffy.

The conversation hits a more serious note as Shanks points to his scarred left eye.