Shannon and sayid relationship

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shannon and sayid relationship

May 27, Honestly, there was not one moment during season one where I believed the relationship between Sayid and Shannon. It felt so forced. Sayid. Shannon Rutherford is a fictional character played by Maggie Grace on the ABC drama Shannon and Sayid soon form a romantic relationship. After returning. "Hearts and Minds" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the American television series On Day 24, October 15, , Boone sees that Shannon Rutherford's (Maggie Grace) relationship with Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) is .

After they have sex, Shannon tells Boone things will go back to the way they had been before.

shannon and sayid relationship

The following morning at the Sydney airport, Sayid Jarrah approaches Shannon, asking her to watch his bag for him. She deftly obliges, but soon leaves it unattended. She smiles, the platonic love she has for Boone briefly relieving her of her misery. Six hours into the flight, only moments before the crash, Shannon and Boone are momentarily seen as Charlie Pace stumbles through their row. When they discover a French looped signal already being transmitted, Shannon's knowledge of the language is used to translate it.

Sun Yunjin Kim cures her, by using eucalyptus plants to help her breathing.

shannon and sayid relationship

Sayid enlists her to help translate the maps belonging to the French woman who made the radio transmission, Danielle Rousseau Mira Furlan.

When he refuses, she steals the key to the gun case from Jack Shephard Matthew Fox and holds Locke at gunpoint in the jungle. Before leaving on the raft the survivors have built, Walt Lloyd Malcolm David Kelley gives Shannon guardianship of his dog, Vincentas a means to help her recover from her loss. While searching for him, she is shocked to find Walt standing before her, dripping wet.

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However, when Sayid finds her, Walt disappears. He brings her to it and they soon decide to sleep together for the first time. Sayid leaves to get a bottle of water for Shannon and in his absence, Shannon again sees a vision of Walt, standing in the shelter with her. Sayid brushes off her experience as a dream.

shannon and sayid relationship

She uses Vincent to try to find Walt, only for him to lead her to Boone's grave. After a while, she takes Vincent into the jungle again, with Sayid in pursuit. As it starts to rain, Sayid and Shannon admit their feelings for each other before both seeing Walt. Shannon runs after him, only to be accidentally shot by Ana Lucia Michelle Rodriguezwho mistakes her for an Other. Throughout the rest of the season, Ana Lucia is shown to be guilt-ridden over killing Shannon.

Boone is seen on the plane traveling alone and explains he went to save Shannon from a bad relationship, but she did not want to come with him. Shannon tries to defend him but is overpowered.

shannon and sayid relationship

Sayid gets out of the car and knocks the attacker unconscious. He gets down to help Shannon, and they remember their lives on the island and realize they are in the afterlife. Later that night she is reunited with the other passengers of Oceanic and they all "move on" together. She tells Boone that she knows he loves her and, although he first tries to refuse her advances, they sleep together.

Later, Shannon persuades Boone not to tell their parents. Boone tries to tell Sayid that he would be better off staying away from Shannon, but he is ignored. Boone and Locke have been trying to open the mysterious hatch, but tell the other survivors they are hunting for boar.

At the hatch, Locke makes a paste and tells Boone it is for later. Locke suggests that staring at the hatch will tell them how to open it. Boone informs Locke he is tired of lying, and wants to tell Shannon about the hatch.

Locke knocks him unconscious with the handle of his knife, and Boone awakes to find himself tied up. Locke applies a strange paste on Boone's head wound and leaves a knife embedded in the ground in front of Boone so he'll be able to free himself.

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Locke explains that he will be able to reach it once he is properly motivated. After several unsuccessful attempts to do so, Boone hears Shannon's screams and the sounds of the 'monster' approaching. This is the impetus he needs, and after a short struggle, and in excruciating pain, he is finally able to reach the weapon. He then frees himself and searches for his sister. Boone runs through the jungle, and locates Shannon tied to a tree.

Boone frees her and they run away from the pursuing monster. The monster takes Shannon, and a distraught Boone later finds her mutilated body by a creek, watching her die. That night Boone returns to the camp and tries to kill Locke, screaming that he had killed his sister, but Locke reveals that Shannon is alive.

The paste caused Boone to have a vision that, according to Locke, is crucial to his experience on the island. Boone says seeing Shannon dead made him feel relieved. Locke says to come with him, and the two disappear into the jungle. Kate discovers that Sun speaks English when the two are working in the garden, and Sun asks her not to tell anyone.

Locke finds Sayid trying to make sense of Danielle Rousseau 's maps, and gives him a compass. Sayid tells Jack that according to Locke's compass, north is not where it should be, causing him to believe that the instrument is defective.

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