Shiki and rima relationship

Is Shiki and Rima in a relationship

shiki and rima relationship

Vampire Knight | | Senri Shiki | | Biography Relationships: Rido Kuran: is one of the two people Shiki is close within the Moon Dorm, other than Rima Touya. Shiki always wondered if Rima loves him or not. other for a long time, but the closeness of their relationship could sometimes blind them. Shiki possesses a personality similar to that of Rima Toya. Also there is an unknown shaky connection between Senri, his great uncle and his father, Rido.

She had gone out early in the morning when their-Senri's and Rima's-manager called her in emergency.

shiki and rima relationship

She was unwilling, thought that she'd stay. But in the end, Rima obliged as she thought of the female manager pestering her all day. Yet she wondered, what did she need from her? Shouldn't there be enough people in the work to help her? And why only her, and not Shiki? She dismissed it after a while, as she exited the dorm. All eyes in the room were full of curiosity, with small tints of impatience as they observed and waited for the Pure-blood Princess' final decision.

shiki and rima relationship

Somewhere inside, Hanabusa pouted at Yuuki's continuous change of mind. Akatsuki was staring out the window, distracting himself. Ruka was looking-staring-intently at Kaname.

Takuma was happily humming out a tune.

Rima Tooya

Zero no longer paid attention to his surroundings but his guards were still up as he glared in disgust at the vampires in the room. Kaname, together with Sayori, watched Yuuki calmly. Yuuki's eyes closed in concentration; thinking of various ways on how and what she wanted Senri to do.

shiki and rima relationship

She pouted, but soon enough, her expression lightened, and she grinned as she finally had an idea. I know what he'll do. She sighed at his lack of coordination throughout this game.

shiki x rima

Senri, on the other hand, didn't pay much attention — probably because of the boredom he was feeling of this unusual and childish game. It didn't matter, really, was what he wanted to say, but kept it inside of him; knowing all-to-well what would happen if he did.

Spill the beans, Yuuki," Sayori said, sighing in defeat. Later during the battle Shiki is confronted by Rima as she runs and grabs him. Rima ends up hugging him from behind and talks him out of going to help Takuma.

shiki and rima relationship

Neither Senri nor Rima are the touching type, with the exception of when they are just too sleepy to care about it, we can see that there bond defies their normal bondaries with physical and emotional contact. This shows that there is more to their "deep bond" than a brother sister like relationship and more of a relationship as lovers. In further chapters there is scene when Takuma is telling Rima to leave and that she should go home before she gets hurt.

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Rima refuses to leave, wanting to stay by Shiki's side. As Takuma persistently tries to persuade Rima to leave Shiki suprises them both by interrupting Takuma and using an unusally angry tone on him and then promptly holds his hand out for Rima and tells her if she truly worried for him, she will stay by his side and not leave.

At this moment, Rima blushes showing uncharacterstic emotion. The page is promptly ended by Takuma giving in and letting Rima stay, and later on in the manga, they have begun fighting a huge mob of vampires to keep them from capturing Kaname Kuran.

After a thousand years have passed and a new era has begun. After the fight with the mob of vampires ending with Kaname Kuran's slumber a few thousand years later has passed and a new era has begun with old friends having new relationships as Shiki and Rima now a couple.

  • Shiki and Rima Relationship

Breaking the glass, he finally took back control of his body. Rido Kuran drove her to insanity, leaving Senri Shiki practically motherless. Yes, she was alive and physically there alongside the vampire, mentally she was not sane and ill-suited as a mother.

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Senri Shiki would visit his mother and offer her his blood to keep her healthy. He is a caretaker for his mother. When the vampire was younger, his mother told him to become a puppet.

shiki and rima relationship

Senri Shiki has thus become a porcelain doll on a shelf, left untouched. There will be a day he will fall from this shelf and shatter to pieces. Who will be there to pick up the pieces? Senri Shiki did not find out he was related to the Kuran family until later on in his teenage years.