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His "connections" are not much impeded in this life. or his relationship to his . Rahu in bhava * Ketu in bhava-6 Sesha-naga = Sheshnag Sesha = one of the .. market for "remedies" of unfavorable birth yogas in traditional Bharati culture. Remedies for Kal Sarp Yoga Chanting of Mahmrityunjay mantra of lord Shiva . specifically, the research examines the relationship between the repetition of a mantra, the 41 'Om namah shivaya' to be discussed presently, is considered a five syllabled mantra .. Shesha was used in order to churn the Ocean of Milk. exported back to India This led to the Indian market being. M.V.R. Sesha Sai. 12 and favourable market price to the growers over open field cultivation. technologies we need to consider the input-output price relationships. Shivay and Prasad () from New Delhi showed that on Zn-.

This bead is also referred to as 'Jai Rudraksha' as it helps the wearer to arise victorious in new undertakings, existing tasks and in other spheres of life. Keeping the sixteen mukhi Rudraksha beads in a sacred place like a puja room brings a flow of positive energy, harmony, peace and prosperity to the house where it is kept.

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It is said that this Rudraksha gives all comforts and liberate the wearer from all the sins. This bead is recommended for diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis and lung diseases.

Sixteen faced rudraksha is Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva and the wearer becomes fearless and gets victory against the most fearsome of diseases and adverse circumstances. This Rudraksha is ruled by "Ketu" and counteracts its bad effects. A home in which this rudraksha is kept would become free from thefts, fire and accidents. It protects from physical illness due to the negative placement of planets and benefits the wearer by giving good health.

It also represents Goddess Durga.

The wearer of this Rudraksha bead is blessed with success, increased memory, awakened kundalini and wealth. The seventeen mukhi bead is recommended for those with lack of memory, inability to do hard work, night fall, premature ejaculation etc. This is a very rare Rudraksha and can bring a lot of benefits to those who are in any kind of trade or work related to mother earth like dealers of stones, iron ore, gems, property dealers, builders, architects, contractors, diamond merchants, agriculturists, farmers etc.

It is also very beneficial for expecting mothers. This rudraksha is recommended for those with mental inbalance, loss of power, excessive sleep, laziness etc.

It gives the wearer prosperity, health, recognition and financial gains. Worshiping it or wearing gives victory of true and knowledge over ignorance and demon activity. Diseases like blood disorder, spinal disorderdiabetics, high blood pressure, sexual problems etc can be prevented by wearing the nineteen faced rudraksha bead.

This rudraksha bead enhances knowledge as well as gives mental peace to the wearer. Twenty mukhi is said to benefit the wearer in progressing spiritually and also improve the visual power of the wearer.

It is also said to nullify the effect of snake bite if the rudraksha bead is worn or held in hands. This beads also protects the wearer from all evil forces. This is a very rare bead and the possessor of this rudraksha is blessed with wealth and health. This rudraksha beads also helps in the spiritual growth of the wearer and opens the third eye chakra and gives him sixth sense and clairvoyance abilities.

From today I will start making the deities and idols in clay till Navaratri and the Ganesha Chaturthi has lot of nostalgical memories for me. Actually through Ganesha Chaturthi I learnt Hindu tradition. Please understand, you will never think of Ganesha as embodiment of love because you always have the idea of love from either Krishna or Devi.

He makes you complete with all the impossibilities. I tell you, please understand, you need to understand this truth about love. There is one kind of love where a bird eats. Wherever she gets the food she eats and stores little in the mouth, comes to the nest where she is staying and feeds the - what do you call the kids or the babies of the birds?

Language is for me to make you understand the concept, now you understood, over. The bird eats and stores the little food in the mouth and comes and feeds its babies. This is one kind of love. Understand, there are two kinds of love. Where the bird eats and brings a little food and she feeds her kid, her kids, baby birds. This is one type of love. There is another type of love where the lion takes the cub for hunting.

It will not let you rest. Whatever she gets from that she will feed you but she will continue to train you for hunting. See a lion has to come down to make the cub feel he is equal the cub is equal. Only then he can encourage the cub to come with him for hunting and to try for hunting. That coming down does not reduce the state of lion.

Same way, Ganesha comes down to our level and raise us to his level. There is a big difference. So understand I tell you, this love only needs lot of sacrifice. See in the love of the bird the baby bird will know that mother loves.

Baby bird also will reciprocate. He has to sacrifice, please understand the greatest sacrifice is the feeling satisfied the other person understands you love him or her even that the lion has to sacrifice. Lon has to sacrifice even that. It knows only thing, at someday the cub will realize it is lion which made me a lion. It is the lion which made me lion. So the greatest sacrifice is, the people whom you love, even they not recognizing that, they not knowing that you love them but still you continue, you continue with your responsibilities.

I can say this is the most powerful love. Love of a Master! It will not leave you without going for hunting. Two kilometers I have to walk up and down! No, I have leg pain! I have knee pain! I have tail pain!

The lion is not going to keep quiet! See, if you are not able to hunt, if you are not able to get your food, you are not going to go without food.

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Surely the lion will feed you. Please understand, that is why a lion, when the cub becomes a lion, it is demanding! But when a baby bird becomes a bird, it cannot be demanding. Even if it becomes bird, a full-fledged bird, it will not be demanding. It will only be begging. I tell you, grow up with the love of a lion, not the love of a bird.

The love of the dove may be comforting, soothing, but it will make you only a bird which still struggles, searches, begs, steals.

Grow up with the love of a lion. You will become a lion! I tell you, if you have the choice, choosing between the love of a bird and the love of a lion, always choose the love of the lion, because that will make you a lion! Whose love you choose in your life, you become him. Whose love you enjoy most in your life, you become him or her.

Understand, just like what you eat you become that, love is the food for your bio-memory. So, from whom you receive love, be very cautious. Just like from whom you receive food, same way be very cautious about from whom you receive love, from whom you receive attention, from whom you receive support, from whom you receive soothing, from whom you receive care.

Receive love, care, attention, even roaring, scary roaring, only from a lion which makes you a lion. Even if a lion roars at you, get roared from a lion, than getting a smile from a jackal.

Get roared from a lion! Never get a smile from a jackal or from a fox. If you get a smile from a jackal or a fox, it will only be smug, not a smile.

So, getting roared at by a lion is much, much, much better than getting a smile or a smug from a fox or a jackal. Love, I think I have defined Love from a new angle. And without Completion, even Shiva cannot win starting anything! That is what Ganesha proves. For a war with Tripurasura, Shiva starts without doing Completion. So, immediately Ganesha comes and breaks the chariot. Mahadeva, even his chariot was broken by Ganesha to teach a lesson to the devathas!

Mahadeva himself completes with Ganesha. The purpose is achieved. So, understand the necessity, importance of Completion. Ganesha is embodiment of that Completion.

Now it is time we complete with everything. So, all of you today join the Ganapathi Homa. Today it is happening in Dhyanapeetam. You can see in Nithyananda TV. It is especially for Completion.