Sneak into meet and greet

The Greatest (and Weirdest) Moments In Celeb Meet & Greet History

sneak into meet and greet

We have all thought about sneaking into an epic concert so we didn't have to pay those outrageous prices, but we just haven't mustered up the. I feel you. One direction is my life and you know you just end up loving them. I surprisingly got tickets and I'm going to the concert in 2 days. Meet and greets may seem like some utopia where fans get to hug early entry into the show and any other little experience perks that Sneak in a sharpie and blindside the artist with a request when security isn't looking.

Another security guard, sitting in front of a large door. My heart beat a little bit faster. He began to eye me up, I could feel it. There was a water cooler directly in front of me, but no cups. Any more back here somewhere? From here, I turned down a different hall and walked into a small room with food. This room would come into play later. I took another deep breath, and again made a bold approach to the backstage door.

I gave him a nod, and since he had seen me before, I guess he figured I was good to go.

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I saw the crew load in. I saw the bands warming up. I pretended like I was bored so no one would become suspicious. I sniped a few pictures, like this one behind the drum set during the show. Man was I having a blast…then suddenly, all the tailgating beer hit me and I boy did I have to piss. Do I risk going back out the door, going to the bathroom, and coming back through, knowing the security guard could be suspicious?

In between sets I immediately decided I needed to hit the head. I barged through the door, found a bathroom, emptied out a gallon of booze and probably part of my soul.

Now I needed another confidence trick to get back in — I returned to the food room, and found a doughnut. I chomped a nice big bite so my mouth was full, like a complete slob. But I wasn't going to give up so easily, I told them that I would sneak in no matter what. They wished us luck and went on their way to the elevator to proceed to the meet and greet.

sneak into meet and greet

I had to think quick because there wasnt much time left, everyone was starting to go into the elevator. I remembered before I left my house I grabbed 4 index cards and a blue marker just in case I met Justin and I wanted to write down my Twitter name or something.

So I took out the index cards and cut them into the shape of the wristbands and colored them with my blue marker. Nikki was pretty nervous about the whole thing but there was no way I was going to let her back out. We put the index card that was shaped like a wristband, under our bracelets to stay on our wrists and keep the shape of a wristband. We followed the VIP group to the entrance of the elevator but the guy was checking wristbands and noticed mine wasn't real.

There were other girls trying to get in too and they started crying and making a scene so while security was distracted with them I decided to run past the security and run to the elevator but she grabbed me and pulled me out.

sneak into meet and greet

I lost hope but I wasn't going to give up, I was going to meet Justin somehow. So I ran back to the elevator we were standing near earlier, and there were people waiting to go in that had Justin Bieber meet and greet wristbands so I told Nikki we would go in the elevator with them and she was kinda hesitant but we did it. Nikki and I were trying to stay unnoticed by the other security guards and I was hoping the guy that noticed my bracelet was fake wasn't down there. Nikki and I stayed calm but inside we were so nervous, I was trying to stay positive and I'm really happy I didn't give up.

A guy came out and said Justin was going to be late and it would be a while till we got to meet him so he offered the crowd to either get moved to another lobby or go back to the show, which was not an option for us cause how were we supposed to sneak back in So I told the guy we all wanted to move to another lobby so we did!

We got put in another room with the other VIPs that went down the other elevator earlier where I got caught. We saw the 4 girls we met earlier and told that we would get in somehow. They were so happy for us and amazed that we got in. He just put it in his pocket and let me through the gate.

sneak into meet and greet

It kind of sucked because I had to pay, but it was a shitload cheaper than a full-price ticket. What about the press pass route? This is probably the best route.

The Art of Sneaking into a Concert | Her Campus

Just make sure you wear stupid wristband and plain black clothes and have a nice DSLR camera. You risked getting in trouble with the law for this so do the most to make it all worth it. The less of an asshole you are, and the more relaxed you look, the less security is going to take the time to confront you.

sneak into meet and greet

Have you ever been kicked out for sneaking in? Basically banned for life. When you need a wristband for a place, how do you get around that issue?