Steffy and bill relationship help

Are You All For A Relationship Between Bill And Steffy On The Bold And The Beautiful

steffy and bill relationship help

Steffy Forrester is a fictional character from the American CBS soap opera The Bold and the The character is known for her relationships with the Spencer men: Bill .. After another short visit to Los Angeles in February , Steffy returns months later to help Ridge take over Forrester Creations by overthrowing Rick. Brooke Logan is a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Lang said of the ongoing plots and twists in the relationship: " Ridge and . Brooke and Bill spend time together and Brooke tries to help Bill with the. Hope shares that she's wearing Bill's necklace and plans to marry him. Hope thinks it speaks to their relationship. Brooke wishes Ridge could.

But later it was revealed that he believed one of the Forresters could be his father even before he moved. His interpretation of the character is that he is from the Midwest. He also believes that, while Liam's mother is dead, he has a living stepfather, who has yet to be introduced.

His only clue is that his father worked at the prestigious fashion house Forrester Creations. Liam later reveals that he could be Ridge Forrester 's Ronn Moss son. Hope Logan Kim Matula takes pity on Liam and they become friends. Both Bill Spencer, Jr.

Hope and Liam begin dating. Amber Moore Adrienne Frantz convinces Liam that they had sex and she is carrying his child. It soon emerges that Amber's mother, Tawny Andrea Evansfaked the paternity test results. Liam saves Steffy from drowning and they share a kiss.

However, Liam does not reciprocate Steffy's feelings fully and he proposes to Hope. Hope asks Liam to wait before they are married to consummate their relationship because of her clothing line.

During this time Liam and Steffy become friends and Liam develops feelings for her. Hope catches them kissing and ends the engagement. He realizes that Steffy knew they were there and did not tell him. After catching up to them, Liam kisses Hope.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Steffy Allow A Relationship With Bill?

They then find Steffy unconscious, having crashed her own ATV. Liam initially decides to stand by Steffy when he learns she has a blood clot in her brain, but he reunites with Hope after learning Bill switched Steffy's MRI results. Liam ends his marriage to Steffy, but she refuses to sign the annulment papers. While Liam, Hope and Steffy are skiing in Aspen, Hope, who is under the influence of anti-anxiety medication, collides with Steffy.

She apologises and continues down the mountain even though Steffy is injured. Liam finds Steffy and goes with her to the hospital. Liam confronts Hope about the collision. He becomes concerned about Hope, but she tells Liam to go back to Steffy at the hospital. Steffy gives Liam the signed annulment papers, but Liam rips them up and they kiss. Katie is upset at their growing closeness despite their reassurances that nothing was going on. Eventually Brooke and Bill begin an affair, but after sleeping together they decide to break things off for Katie's sake.

After suffering worrying symptoms, such as a fever and not sleeping well, Brooke decides to visit her doctor. The doctor says that its menopause and that they will have to run tests. When Brooke gets the test results back, she is shocked to discover that she is pregnant with Bill's baby. Hurt and deeply upset, she turns to Eric, who's in a relationship with Taylor, and asks him to say the baby is his. In this way she hopes to keep her indiscretion from Katie and hide her pregnancy from Bill.

Are You All For A Relationship Between Bill And Steffy On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Eric refuses and urges her to come clean to both Katie and Bill. Taylor who has suspected that Brooke and Bill were having an affair finds out about the pregnancy. At a surprise birthday party for Brooke, Taylor tells the guests including Katie about the affair.

By that time, Brooke's body had mysteriously "absorbed" the pregnancy according to her doctor and she was hoping it would never come out. InKatie goes missing shortly after giving birth to Will, and suffering from post-partum depression. Brooke and Bill begin to act on their feelings for each other, hiding it from Katie, until Taylor found out.

Brooke later criticised Katie when she decided to use her divorce with Bill to gain control of Spencer publications. Brooke reconnected with Bill in Monte Carlo, then traveled with him to Aspen, where he nearly fell from a cliff. As a result, Bill re-evaluated his recent decisions, and later returned to Katie. However, this did not last as Katie discovered that Bill was only trying to regain control of his company. Ridge returned to LA now played by Thorsten Kayeand the two reunite and almost remarry.

However, Katie fainted at their wedding, and later revealed that she did it in order to stop the wedding due to her developing feelings for Ridge.

steffy and bill relationship help

Katie and Ridge have a brief relationship, and Brooke becomes jealous when Ridge proposes to Katie, giving her a red string instead of an engagement ring. However, Ridge arrives in time to stop the wedding with a picture of Bill in bed with Quinn Fuller. Bill exacted revenge on Ridge by having Justin throw him out of a helicopter. After disappearing briefly, Ridge returns with an impaired memory and had lost his design ability.

Are You All For A Relationship Between Bill And Steffy On The Bold And The Beautiful

Brooke then leaves LA for three months to work in Milan, Italy. Upon returning, she decides that she wants to be with Ridge, but he rejects her to marry Caroline. Brooke then turns to alcohol, and Deacon helps her deal with it by attending AA meetings with her.

Katie decided to make amends with Brooke by offering her a job at Spencer Publications, which resulted in Bill and Brooke re-igniting their feelings. Bill and Brooke began to raise suspicions, causing Katie to begin drinking excessively.

Brooke began to resurrect her feelings for Bill but did not want to have an affair with him while married to Katie.

steffy and bill relationship help

Bill promised Brooke his Ridge and Brooke decided to get married there as well, until Brooke discovered Quinn and Ridge kissing at a beach. Originally determined to tell Eric, Ridge and Quinn manipulated Brooke into keeping quiet, but broke off her engagement with Ridge.

Brooke stayed in Sydney while everyone else returned to LA, and was comforted by Bill. We both got really excited about it and that was it. I was ready to go. She's like some of those famous girls—you know who I mean but we don't need to name them —who somehow always end up in the tabloids every day. She is so different from me. It's rather cathartic, and it allows my alter ego to come out on The Bold and The Beautiful set five days a week.

steffy and bill relationship help

But a very strong mess. There's a reason she was named for her grandmother, Stephanie. There's always a tactic, always a strategy. Inthe siblings manipulate their parents to get them back together in marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Steffy Allow A Relationship With Bill?

However, Brooke crashes the wedding after the marriage becomes official. She has a lot of deep seeded [sic] issues. There are just so many traumatic things! Then I started thinking about how everything bad happens to Steffy and that it makes sense that she's a murderer now.

steffy and bill relationship help

It's kind of perfect, really. It was about the honesty and it was raw, and we could open up to each other in the heat of the moment" [24] —Wood on hooking up with Phoebe's boyfriend Rick after her death A big storyline occurred for the character inwhen Phoebe is killed after the car her boyfriend Rick Forrester Kyle Lowder was driving crashes.

Her death left Steffy "despondent and nearly suicidal". Wood recalled filming the storyline as being tough: It was such a sad story. Reflecting on her initial reaction to the storyline, Wood revealed "Sometimes when you read a script, you're like, 'How am I going [to] do this?

How is Steffy going to fall in love with Rick after he had sex with her sister and their mom? She had to fill that void, and she could not talk to anyone. She lost a part of herself. I have to stress that to the viewers. However, she still felt that Steffy was in love with Rick and wanted to give herself to him.

Lowder said the couple came together at the "height of their emotions when Phoebe died". While describing the romance as "complete honesty and no games", Wood said Steffy felt if she was close to Rick she could be close to Phoebe. The show's head writer Bradley Bell said, "Hope's presence at Forrester Creations, as well as in Brooke and Ridge's home, sparks an intense competition between Hope and her step-sister Steffy as well as creates new conflict between long-time rivals Brooke and Taylor as each woman is determined to protect her own daughter.

Wood has stated that Steffy refuses to give Liam up because of everything she has been through and lost. She wants somebody there but she is very broken inside. Initially, Steffy does not tell Liam about the baby because she sees him in bed with Hope, and leaves for Paris. Liam discovers the truth and he marries Steffy at the Forrester Mansion. Wood noted that "Steffy was so set on she really messed this up" and noticed that Liam still had feelings for Hope.

Speaking of the miscarriage and the end of Liam and Steffy's marriage, Wood explained: In her heart and soul, she wants to be with him. She felt he was her soulmate, but with everything that has happened, she feels it was her fault and she can't change that. She should never have gotten on that motorcycle and he told her not to. There have been so many things that happened that it opens her eyes to the possibility that maybe he should be with Hope.

He and Ivy have no history. Storylines[ edit ] Following the birth of their first child, Thomas ForresterDr. Taylor Forrester—married to Ridge—becomes pregnant with twins. Throughout the pregnancy, Taylor suffers with tuberculosisalthough she delivers the children without medication. Steffy and Phoebe Forrester are born on September 21,as Taylor almost dies. Steffy is named after her grandmother, Stephanie Forrester Susan Flannery.

In Februarya family trip to Saint Thomas —where Ridge and Taylor renew their vows—ends in devastation when two-year-old Steffy supposedly falls overboard during a storm and is presumed dead.

However, Steffy has been kidnapped by Ridge's unstable ex-girlfriend Morgan DeWitt Sarah Buxton —who was previously obsessed with having a child with him— and Steffy is confined her to the walls of Morgan's home.