Superboy and superman relationship wonder

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superboy and superman relationship wonder

Superboy, also known by his Kryptonian name Kon-El and his human alias the affection of Cassie Sandsmark, the new Wonder Woman, who chose Conner. Superman isn't one to kiss and tell, so dating Superman for a continued length of To ensure Superboy doesn't die a super-virgin, Wonder Girl. When Superboy arrived in Metropolis, he went by "Superman" and had no real name. .. Superboy resumed his relationship with Tana, just before Roxy revealed to . Wonder Girl helps Superboy back to Cadmus, arriving just after Match and.

In a imaginary storyinfant Kal-El lands in Africa and, like Tarzanis found and raised by gorillas. As a teen, Karkan is found by an expedition to Africa and brought to Metropolis.

Superman and Lois Lane

When he finds that he cannot adjust to "civilized" life, Karkan returns to the jungle. In this Elseworlds tale, the infant Kal-El is stranded in the Asteroid Beltand he remains there, in stasis, until found in by R. Brandea thousand years after Krypton's destruction. Generations series of stories by John ByrneSuperman gets his start as Superboy during the s. Alternate versions of Kon-El: Superboy of the Super Seven: He was the main villain in "Hypertension" and the foe of the "Legion of Superboys" below.

Superboy appears alongside Supergirl with the Legion of Super-Heroes in one panel. It is unclear whether this version is Kon-El, simply young Kal-El via time travel or possibly his son through Lois Lane.

superboy and superman relationship wonder

The one millionth clone of Kon-El, he lives in the rd century and is a member of Justice Legions S, which consists exclusively of Superboy clones, and T, a future version of Young Justice.

He was part of 's DC One Million crossover event and reappeared the following year in " Hypertension ". In a distant future on the colony world of Aztlan, Quetzal becomes the designated heir to Superman, who occupies a semi-divine position in this Aztec -like society. Realizing that "Superman" is corrupt, Superboy leads a rebellion against him. While aiding the Squad, Clark misses a chance to save the life of Jonathan Kent. We're going with the version where Pa Kent has died.

That's the day Superboy becomes a man. On November 30,Siegel pitched the idea for the character of Superboy to Detective Comics the corporate forerunner to DC Comicsbut the company declined the offer. Siegel pitched the idea again in Decemberbut again the company declined to use the material. Siegel enlisted in the U.

superboy and superman relationship wonder

Army in July No notice was given to Siegel, and no consent from him was granted. A court-appointed special referee declared the character of Superboy unique, and not derivative from the character of Superman. But appeals by both Siegel and National Comics Publication the new name of Detective Comics led to a consent decree in which the parties agreed that Superboy was the sole property of National Comics.

superboy and superman relationship wonder

National Periodical Publications, Inc. This law extended existing copyrights for 19 years, but it also gave creators of works the right to seek to recover their copyright when the extension was up.

The date of termination wasbut DC Comics provided Joanne Siegel with certain benefits that induced the parties to keep negotiating. A tolling agreement was signed to allow negotiations to keep moving.

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Comics offer of October 16, in respect of the 'Superman' and 'Spectre' properties. Lew of the District Court for the Central District of California issued a summary judgment ruling that Siegel's heirs had successfully reclaimed the copyright to the Superboy character and related indicia as of November 17, Time Warner, F. Larson vacated Judge Lew's summary judgment and ordered a new trial on the issues. He said it was up to future litigation to determine whether the differences between Superman and Superboy were trivial and did not create a copyrightable character.

Kruger, however, noted that character reboots and retcons could create enough differences so that any future version of Superboy might avoid a claim by the Siegels. In the Secret Origin of the Teen Titans back-up story March 28, in the weekly 52 limited series, an illustration of Superboy was changed into Wonder Girl. January 10,that the District Court for the Central District of California erred when it said in that DC and the Siegel heirs had not reached an agreement in resolving the dispute over the copyright.

The court of appeals remanded the case back to the district court with an order to find that a contract existed. Copyright attorney Dallas Kratzer said that the Ninth Circuit's ruling "rendered moot all of the other questions in this lawsuit.

Supreme Court is not barred. The Ninth Circuit also ruled [80] that DC Comics could move ahead with a tortious interference lawsuit against Siegel attorney Marc Toberoff, whom DC accuses of interfering with the settlement. The Siegel heirs appealed, arguing that the agreement did not cover the Superboy copyrights because the rights at that time were not the Siegels' to grant. The agreement also barred the Shuster family from asserting these rights in the future.

DC Comics counter-sued, arguing the agreement barred any such claim. Inthe U. Thus, the estate was barred from seeking their termination under the Copyright Act. Supreme Court declined to hear the Shuster family's appeal in Octoberleaving the district court's ruling intact.

The Adventures of Superboy — He was voiced by Bob Hastings. Superboy makes two appearances in the show's run. He was voiced by Danny Dark. His next appearance was in the short episode "Return of the Phantoms" where three Phantom Zone criminals go back in time to fight Superboy. He is saved by the arrival of Superman and Green Lantern.

He was voiced by Jerry Dexter. The theme music and underscore were composed by Kevin Kiner. The cloned Superboy appears in the video game The Death and Return of Superman as a playable character. Additionally, in a first-season episode, Clark accidentally transfers his powers to a classmate named Eric Summers, who, before running amok with his newfound powers, is called "Superboy" by the local newspaper.

And in a season 5 episode, Arthur Curry sarcastically refers to Clark as "Superboy". In the final season, Lucas Grabeel plays Lex Luthor's young clone, who turns out to have had half his DNA come from Clark; his hair changes from red to Clark's black hair color, and he gains Clark's Kryptonian super-powers.

He eventually takes the name "Conner Kent" and wears the same black T-shirt with the red Superman emblem worn by Kon-El in the comics. In the Smallville Season 11 digital-first comics series, Conner becomes a member of the Titansa group of young super-heroes mentored by the original FlashJay Garrick. Due to the aforementioned legal issues, the "Superboy" character was instead referred to on the series as "Superman". This version of the character comes from the time shortly before Clark leaves Smallville for Metropolis.

The second season takes place about two years after the first and features both an older Clark and a Superman clone from the 41st century named Superman X usually addressed as Kal-elwho has alien DNA and enhanced superpowers, as Legion members.

Conner Kent was a clone made by Cadmus in case Superman turned or was ever defeated; it was later learned that his DNA is half-human with Lex Luthor as his human father. At the beginning of the series, Conner seeks Superman's approval, viewing him as his father.

Upon learning the identity of his human DNA donor, Luthor gives Conner a tool named Shields that unleashes his full Kryptonian powers but also causes him to go into a nearly blind rage. Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian reveal to the team their connections to various villains, who had been using them to set up a trap; in Superboy's case, his connection to Lex Luthor.

Revealing these secrets allowed the Team to foil the basis for the villains' blackmail, however the Team subsequently learned from Red Tornado that Vandal Savage had managed to take over the Justice League, using Starro tech. As the sidekicks fight their mentors and teachers, they subdue them long enough to put Robin's anti-virus tech in place, freeing the League from Savage's control. Superboy and Superman finally speak, and Superboy tells Superman that he chose Conner Kent as his name, which Superman Clark Kent approves of even if Conner mistakenly believes that he's taken the name of Kent Nelson, the now-deceased Doctor Fate.

The second season reveals that Superman has come to view him as a brother and he has broken up with his girlfriend, Miss Martian, as he disapproved of her reckless use of telepathy and her attempt to make him forget about a fight they had. Additionally, in the episode "Secrets", homage is paid to Kon-El's original appearance in the comics, when Mal Duncan wears a Halloween costume which is an exact replica of Superboy's costume.

Superboy, known as Subject 13 appeared in the climax scene of "Dick Grayson" of Titans. He escaped from Project Cadmus in Metropolis, whilst murdering the scientists there and freeing Krypto.

Rather than have negotiations end and the parties return to court, the parties will sign a "tolling agreement" in which they agree not to invoke the statute of limitations. This preserves the rights of the aggrieved party, but also may serve as an inducement to keep bargaining. Larson concluded that the Superboy character was not a work for hire. However, because of the way in which the character first saw light in More Fun Comics, Larson was not able to determine whether "publication" had occurred as defined by the Copyright Act.

Publication was essential to asserting copyright, and Detective Comics could not publish a character to which they lacked the rights. Larson was also unable to determine if Superboy was a joint work by both Siegel and Shuster.

They both get frustrated—Superboy almost every day, Clark a few times—and Clark has to model how to reign it in, how to control muscles earth isn't meant to handle. That's hard, because Superboy is a mess: It proves exhausting and pushes Clark to his very limits. It's the first time since Clark was a teenager himself that he's felt this close to that spinning chasm of no control, like the first time his eyes ignited or the first time he'd been exposed to Kryptonite.

He remembers feeling that way only a few times, but he can't believe he's forgotten, especially when it seems to be part of Superboy's quotidian. And somewhere deep inside, Clark can't believe he's been letting Superboy deal with that on his own. Purity Watching Superboy—Connor—with M'gann is amazing. She tempers him, calms him, loves him. When they're together, Superboy can be soft, tender even. Clark's starting to understand why she was so upset when Superboy took that Kryptonite bullet.

Sometimes he wonders if he should say something to J'onn, but really, J'onn can read minds. Besides that, M'gann has never seemed particularly secretive, so J'onn probably already knows. In fact, Clark's sure J'onn most certainly knows more about the whole thing than he does.

He's surprised to realize that that thought bothers him, but he pushes those feelings away. After all, it's no one's fault but his own that things are the way they way there are. Well, maybe Cadmus can take some of the blame, but still. When Clark finally gathers the courage to comment on M'gann, he's even more surprised to see the blush that rises on the boy's cheeks in spite of the defiant gleam in his eye.

Clark's long since given up trying to understand the source of his birth father's omniscience. If he had to hazard a guess about the Superboy intel, he'd say it's all on Batman, because only the Batman would appeal to the Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El insists on lecturing him about how things began, how it's taken so long for Clark to come around to the idea of Superboy.

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It makes Clark angry, this meddlesome presence in his life who isn't even real, and he argues back. Clark growls and prepares to rejoin, but he is cut off by the wave of a non-existent hand. Just like Jor-El to get down right to the crux of it, isn't it? What more do you want from me! To be more than memories and artificial intelligence? It's getting harder and harder for Clark to not think of Jor-El as an actual person and easier and easier to feel guilty about all he's done.

Or hasn't done, as the case may be. Imagination Clark sometimes wonders what it would have been like if Superboy had been more of a child when they'd met, if the odd sensation of realizing someone had cloned him might have been overshadowed by the powerful instincts children always seem to invoke. Would he have been less selfish? After all, there's got to be a reason offspring come as helpless infants rather than sullen teenagers.

In his head Clark can picture the gentle lectures his mother would give him if only she knew. She'd remind him about how she and his father had found a little boy strangely alone in a smoking field, how they never looked back or questioned or regretted, even when his abilities began manifesting.

How hard it must have been for them to raise him, Clark is starting to learn. His mother's potential thoughts are nothing, however, compared to what he imagines Lois would say. She, he thinks, would be more akin to Batman, except less subtle. She wouldn't even try to hide her opinion on the matter, and he can't imagine her even considering letting him make up his own mind about it.

No, she'd push and push and push until she thought Clark went about it her way, and after that she'd remind him, vindictively at first and then smugly later, that he was a complete heel. And he can only imagine that she'd have loved Superboy from the start, in that loud, obnoxious way of hers, despite the shock and the questionable origins and the potential threat.

Synergy The training is definitely paying off, that much is obvious. Lex looks like he's starting to see that, too, as his latest plot is being thwarted by not one but two Supers. They've learned each other's strengths and limitations, Clark realizes. Superboy knows how hard Clark will throw and anticipates it. Clark knows exactly how long Superboy will stay airborne before he begins to drop. Superboy's uninhibited in the face of Lex Luthor he doesn't have all of Clark's grievances with the manand Clark knows where Lex will be weak.

Later he'll be a little taken aback when he realizes he used Superboy's detachment as an anchor in the always-emotionally charged battle with Lex. But for now it's just exhilarating and slightly liberating to fight alongside someone who's got such a fundamental understanding of his own abilities—for twenty minutes the communication between them is almost effortless.

The Flashes arrive just in time for clean up, catching only the last blows. Kid Flash zooms to Superboy's side. Barry doesn't say anything at all, but his grin is wide.

Hope They made the trip in silence: Superboy because he was nervously curious and Clark because he didn't know what to say. So it seems sooner rather than later that they are standing in a frozen wasteland. It's not much of an explanation, he knows. But he still seems to be always at a loss for what to say to the boy if they aren't talking about training or fighting or mutual acquaintances.

It doesn't help that Superboy doesn't say much either. They walk down a long corridor that's a menagerie of sorts—Clark's collection of extra-terrestrial specimens, all the last of their kind with no planets of their own. When they reach the end of the hallway, Clark turns around and faces Superboy. Clark turns around and leads him into an open room, all of it icy and white. A lone figure stands in the middle.

Clark hears the soft murmur of Kryptonian, the inflections speaking of awe and pride and hope.

superboy and superman relationship wonder

He's surprised that Jor-El is so emotive about this before it dawns on him: Clark isn't surprised when Jor-El insists the kid begin to learn the Kryptonian alphabet right away.

Superboy looks like he doesn't know what to say, which Clark guesses is more than likely. Members of the Justice League— including all the mentors, Black Canary, and Captain Marvel—hang back and let the kids warm Superboy up to the idea.

Clark does not feel the least bit guilty for the super hearing that allows him to hear the whole conversation. Clark watches as he allows his teammates to lead him around the room, initiating the festivities.

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It's a short party. There's nothing left to do but mingle, really. Clark watches for a moment when Superboy is alone. He stifles a smile at the perplexed set of Superboy's brow. Clark gives him a slip of paper. Superboy glances at it.

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Superboy's head snaps up in surprise and just as quickly falls back to the symbols on the paper. Peace Clark watches the de-briefing of Young Justice with amusement and something reminiscent of pride. The young heroes have done remarkably well with their latest stealth mission, though he can see that's not coming across clearly except to Robin.

Reading between's Batman's lines of "You should have done this" and "You were weak here and sloppy there" comes after long exposure only. The kids perk up, though, when Batman ends the lecture on a positive note, something along the lines of "Your results are acceptable," and nods to dismiss them. Kid Flash immediately zooms off, M'gann in tow, with the word cookies on his lips and M'gann's laughter lingering where they stood.

Artemis follows them slowly, mumbling under her breath and frowning until Aqualad catches up to her. Robin makes a beeline to Batman who is busy entering data in the cave's computer and answering Robin's questions gruffly.

Superboy's eyes follow Artemis and Aqualad, but he lingers, so Clark approaches him.