Takato and rika relationship advice

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takato and rika relationship advice

Rika raised by her doting baker mother and Takato with his absentee famous I love the development in their relationship in the series, because for them . tries to stop them, they stubbornly (especially Ruki) decides not to accept his advice. Mar 21, relationship with Ryo when he gets a distress call from the Digital World. He had heard rumors about Ryo and Rika and almost suspected them to be true. .. She decided to take Renamon's advice and explain what. and Influences Tamers Takato Matsuki and Guilmon Rika Nonaka and Renamon One night they are dating in the Shinjuku Central Park, when they are scared He has a value knowledge of ancient facts and advice, and is a great assent.

Here Edit Takato and the others go home, to inform their parents of their decisions.

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Henry manages to convice his father to provide aid to them. Takato and Rika encounter problems with telling their parents and decide not to do so. Takato tries to hide the thumbstick with the document inside from Rika, and succeeds, but arouses Rika's suspicions.

The three meet up once again at Guilmon's hideout, but their parents arrive just in time. Rika argues with her mother, before leaving in anger though the portal.

Takato recieves his parents blessings and entered the portal in an attempt to catch Rika. Henry stays long enough to witness Ryo's arrival, and receive the new Digital Navigators, D-Navs for short from Yamaki before following his friends. Here Edit Takato lands in the Digital Plane in an unfortunate position - on top of Rika, which earns him a smack. Rika soon discovers the presence of Ryo, much to her displeasure.

takato and rika relationship advice

They soon discover the Digital World has changed, leaving Ryo next to useless as the supposed guide. They get a ride on a passing Locomon, where Rika confronts him about his newfound feelings for her but they stop when Takato says he doesn't love her. The two end up stuck at the end of the train when the door shuts on them.

They have another talk about Rika herself. Here Edit The train enters a greenish substance that supposedly separates the planes. Takato gallantly and daringly grabbed Rika's hand to prevent them from flying out. The train comes to a sudden halt and Takato finds himself in the very same position as before, except this time Rika didn't hit him. The foursome get off the train and travels the Forest Plane on foot. The ground was suddenly stuck by an earthquake and Takato lands himself in the already very familiar position.

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They face the source of the quake: Henry and Ryo run, but Takato and Rika stay behind. Takato's eyes turn red at the Tyrannomon, but Rika does not notice and gets a shock for pulling Takato up. They find themselves surrounded by a dozen Tyrannomon. To their surprise, they found Monodramon, MarineAngemon and Terriermon there as well. Here Edit Takato and Rika, having been separated from the group, end up meeting with Guilmon. They meet up with the remaining Digimon as well, with the exception of Renamon.

They encounter a Deltamon which Guilmon Digivolves to fight. Deltamon is defeated and Rika stalks off to find Renamon on her own. Then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Of course, she and Culumon still need to be rescued in the end You Can't Fight Fate: Mostly used as comic relief.

In episode 26, Rika kicks Kazu to wake him, which results in him rolling over on top of Kenta and accidentally kissing him on the cheek. This was cut from the English dub. Was originally just one of Takato's friends, but winds up accompanying him to the Digital World and becoming a Tamer in the process.

For Digimon card games, and twice as much as everyone else. Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind Enabling him to save Takato and Guilmon from Beelzemon, by disregarding the difference in powerlevels.

For about one episode.

takato and rika relationship advice

Figured out how the blue cards work. He wears a visor. The gutso attitude is more of a show though.

takato and rika relationship advice

Is almost always by Kenta's side. Kenta Kitagawa Friends with Kazu, he often serves as a straight man to his jokes.

takato and rika relationship advice

He also volunteers to help the other Tamers. Kenta Kitagawa, Ascended Extra: More so than Kazu as he originally wasn't even going to be a Tamer and was just going to be a background character. Obsessed with Digimon card games. In the final battle. In the dub, Kenta is constantly getting made fun of, making an affronted "Hey! Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind: Not to mention that he had to beat up singlehandedly several D-Reaper Agents just to perform said attack.

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Of Makoto, the supporting protagonist of C'mon Digimon Megane: Wears glasses and cute looking. Rarely does much of anything besides interacting with Kazu. Hangs out with Kazu a lot. Ryo Akiyama A mysterious Digimon tamer and former champion of the card game, who has some sort of rivalry with Rika.

To everyone outside of Japan who didn't read about the Japanese version, he seemed to come out of nowhere. The "Digimon King" of the cardgame, though considering his backstory he's more of a Broken Ace.

All There in the Manual: His entire backstory, including why he was in the Tamers canon to begin with, was told through a series of four Bandai WonderSwan games. For the sake of reference, a summary of said games can be found here. None of these games were released in the Westmeaning that's one long manual no-one got to read.

takato and rika relationship advice

In the manhwa adaptation, he only appears briefly in the Digital World and then disappears from the story. He first appeared in the Japan-only Wonder Swan Digimon games.

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We could make a drinking game out of all the problems you'd have to wrap your head around trying to mesh the events of the Digimon WonderSwan Series with Digimon Adventure and Tamers. Take his family, for instance, and ask yourself what on earth is it doing in the Tamers universe. The role played by him and Cyberdramon is significantly reduced in the manga, and he's absent for the D-Reaper arc.

Both in this series and in his backstory. He can project an energy whip from his Digivice to discipline Cyberdramon. He is the Tamer that spends most of his time alone, not to mention that he never tries to stick with the group or make it stick together at all, in contrast with Takato. In series, and in his backstory. Chose to be Cyberdramon's partner, even if it meant going to the Digital World and being separated from his parents since Cyberdramon would attack everyone close to him and he did not see them again for more than a year.

After the Tamers returned, he pushed Cyberdramon and himself day after day to fight the D-Reaper's Agents to the point of exhaustion. It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: He's not happy about being the chosen one.