Teachers and students relationship on facebook

teachers and students relationship on facebook

Teacher-Student Relationship in the Facebook Era. ABSTRACT. The popularity of social networking sites has facilitated new modes of teacher-student. By having teachers and students looking at each others FB pages they will both . should not be friends with their pupils, even if they have a great relationship. Positive Teacher Student Relationship., Singal, Northern Areas, Pakistan. 92 likes. Teacher-Student Relationship.

While being open and available as an instructor is beneficial, boundaries are just as important.

teachers and students relationship on facebook

So when these delicate relationships and social media collide, what is the best course of action? Some teachers see the educational potential of social media; they use the platforms to continue important lessons beyond the reach of the classroom.

But less carefully coordinated interactions leave both the student and teacher exposed as their personal and school-based lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

In some cases, interacting with students on social media may be controlled by the school.

teachers and students relationship on facebook

If the rules of conduct ban the activity, then the question becomes a non-issue. But even if an outright ban is not in place, it is important to consider the potential risks and rewards before moving forward. Before you decide to friend or follow your students on social media, consider these pros and cons based on the grades you teach and the institutions for which you work.

Elementary School Most social media sites expect users to be at least 18 years of age. However, younger students often still have pages.

  • Teacher-Student Relationship in the Facebook Era

In some cases, connecting with younger students on social media may seem safer. There are risks with these relationships as well.

Teacher-Student Relationship and Facebook-Mediated Communication: Student Perceptions

Depending on your level of involvement with each student, there may be questions about favoritism. Additionally, not all parents may allow their children on social media. This can create a point of contention between students and parents. If an online relationship is established, it is important to keep these things in mind. And, when in doubt, it may be more appropriate to communicate in other ways.

At a minimum, it would be wise to communicate with parents if you are open to connecting via social media. That way they are fully aware that the connection is being made, and they can choose to deny the request if they prefer.

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In the modern, post-industrial society, many consider knowledge to be the single most valuable commodity cf. Bell, ; Masuda, To this day, the two concepts — information society and knowledge society — tend not to be differentiated Anderson, Information and communication technologies are key issues in the transformation of society.

teachers and students relationship on facebook

Specifically, the growing usage and popularity of Web 2. Within the realm of social media, several fundamental issues arise, related to, e.

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The knowledge era challenges society with a paradigm shift, setting demands for new tools and skills. According to Simonthe world is becoming more complex.

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New paradigms emerged as a result of lifelong learning, emphasizing self-directed learning, constructivism and constructionism, emphasizing collaboration and social learning. Furthermore, new literacies are offered for the information age cf. Previous paradigms may not be relevant any more when new concepts emerge.

teachers and students relationship on facebook