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the drop 2014 ending relationship

There are several fantastic things about THE DROP, so let's discuss the dog needs Bob and that's what makes the relationship so wonderful. The Drop () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more It's vintage Gandolfini and a perfect way to end a career that was cut way too short. .. trash can, and starts a relationship with the woman, Nadia (Rapace), who helps him. ***spoiler alert (while this movie is not about twists, there is a dramatic event that happens at the end of the film that I am going to discuss.

Instead, her skepticism is deferred to Detective Boney, who's more aggressively questioning of Amy in the interrogation than in the book. The movie heightens the sense that Amy's crying of sexual assault is an especially effective trump card with the male detective in the room.

The impact of Amy's first false rape claim is amplified for the film: Desi's mother was presumably trimmed for time, but it leaves the film notably light on sympathetic women.

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Boney and Go aside, Amy's mother fares badly, likewise the neighbour, Nick's groupies and Greta - who, the film is keen to emphasise, eggs Jeff on to rob Amy. Rebecca the sympathetic blogger is also missing in action. Here's for a full comment piece - involving spoilers - on Gone Girl and its portrayal of women.

Fincher's Panic Room-ish showcasing of the CCTV kit at the lakehouse makes you wonder if Desi wouldn't have had an alibi for the morning of the abduction. Surely security footage would have showed he was home? The whole third act is played for psychodrama rather than the neat realism of the novel take, for instance, the much more violent nature of Desi's death.

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Its cinematic chutzpah carries you along; viewed cold, it would be easy to spot plotholes. Team Amy or Team Nick?

Though Rosamund Pike goes full Kathy Bates towards the end, Amy's previous crimes first rape case aside are toned down. Gone is the girl Hilary Handy Amy framed for stalking.

the drop 2014 ending relationship

Gone, too, the early break in Nick and Amy's relationship, which lead to Amy's festering feelings about men. It's replaced instead with a fairly straightforward meet-cute courtship topped by the proposal at the book launch which in the book exists mostly to show how awful Amy's parents are.

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Likewise, we never learn in the film that Amy actually went so far as to poison herself with antifreeze to frame Nick, nor to freeze her vomit. Nick meanwhile is altogether more sympathetic - or at least more docile - in the movie than the book.

On the day of the murder, for instance, he does go to the beach on Amy's instruction, while in the novel he meets his mistress and reads magazines. There is also a strange man who materializes in Bob's life, claiming the puppy's his.

the drop 2014 ending relationship

Bob's life sure got a hell lot more complicated, but he's got a couple things to hold on to outside his miserable life, now. Dennis Lehane did it again. He swept my feet from under me with a novel.

the drop 2014 ending relationship

First of all, it is the only example I can think about of an animal-related storyline that works. Animals dogs, in particular are often used as a plot device to create instant sympathy for the character, but Dennis Lehane went reverse-thinking on us here, and used the dog as an healing agent for his character Bob Saginowski.

Bob's a good guy for taking care of the dog, sure. But Bob needs the dog more than the dog needs Bob and that's what makes the relationship so wonderful. Bob's discovery of his own nature as a caregiver. They're run from the cellar.

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The one you see? That's the clothes they put over the body to make it look better. But the Second City is the body. That's where they take the bets and sell the women and the dope and the kinda TVs and couches and things a working man can afford.

Only time a working man hear from the First City is when it's fucking him over.

the drop 2014 ending relationship

But the Second City is all around him every day his whole life. It's a technique basically used to allow a narrative to jump from a character's point of view to another, and when Lehane does that in THE DROPThe shifts in the tone are so accurate.