Tigress and po relationship fanfiction naruto

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tigress and po relationship fanfiction naruto

Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - Naruto U., Po "I don't know what's wrong with you today, you just seem off," said Tigress. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto and Kung Fu 59 - Updated: Dec 26 - Published: Jun 16 - Naruto U., Po, Tai Lung, Tigress Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 16, . Po and Tigress have been close friends for years, but feelings have surfaced inside them both, for each other. Can Po confess his love to.

He took hold of the staff and climbed down with ease, saying, "Why must something be wrong for me to want to see my old friend? Then he blew a candle, and then another candle, and then another candle.

Shifu's right eye was twitching uncontrollably as his jaw practically unhinged itself in disbelief. Taking the initiative, Shifu brought his arms back and then thrusted them forward, which blew out the rest of the candles "You were saying?

He remembered all the destruction that he caused "That is impossible! He is in prison! Tai-Lung does not leave that prison! Unfortunately the bird didn't see where he was going as he flew into a pillar and then left the temple.

He'll-" "Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see" he said using his staff to touch the water and causing ripples to occur "But if you allow it to settle The answer becomes clear" as the water settled and all the sakura petals moved, Shifu saw a reflection in the water.

It was the Dragon statue on the roof and it held the Dragon Scroll. Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power? To become the Dragon Warrior? Everybody smiled at him and the children laughed.

However Naruto stopped what he was doing when he saw a few duck's hand a poster up. Going up to it, he read it and gasped "Master Oogway is going to choose the Dragon Warrior today! Naruto was about to head there until he felt something being put onto his back. Looking he saw it was a portable kitchen used for ramen. He saw both Teuchi and Ayame were also wearing them as well. When they reached the top, it was practically a parade with a lot of festivities. Whomever I choose will not only bring peace to the valley, but also to you" he said making Shifu squint his eyes in confusion.

A pig then stepped forward, once everybody was ready "Let the tournament begin! Naruto, Teuchi, and Ayame all started serving out ramen to animals that wanted it "Citizen's of the Valley of Peace, it is my great honour to present to you Naruto watched in amazement as the Furious Five jumped into the air and landed perfectly.

Crane even managed to create a wave of wind that lifted the small children an inch off the ground "Warrior's prepare! A giant mechanism was pushed forward and Naruto over heard a villager call it the Thousand Tongues of Fire. For the next hour Naruto watched as four of the Furious Five performed Kung Fu that amazed the audience.

Him, Teuchi, and Ayame have managed to serve a lot of ramen. But Naruto knew he still had a little left, so he walked up to Oogway and Shifu and asked "Master's, would either of you like some ramen? Shifu just shrugged and accepted a bowl "Why don't you go serve the five warrior's?

I'm sure they are hungry" Naruto nodded with a smile. He walked up to each of them and they each had a bowl, but Tigress refused. He shrugged and went to the side to take the ramen stuff off of his back "Finally! Naruto was about to start clapping until a sound caught his ear. Looking around he decided to go see what it was "Master Tigress!

Face the Iron Ox and his Blades of Death! After a minute of searching Naruto saw it was a flame about to ignite a large firework.

Eyes widening he tried to stomp it out without realising that one of his tails has getting caught in a rope attached to the firework. Oogway sensed something and raised his hand. Master Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior! Back with Naruto, the flame would not be stomped out. By the time he realized, it was too late as it ignited and flew into the air. With Naruto along with it. Thankfully Naruto got his tail off of the rocket before it exploded.

Unfortunately he didn't realize how high up he was until he looked down. He screamed and fell and was knocked unconscious when he hit the ground. When he opened his eyes, everything was fuzzy. As it became clearer, the first thing he saw was Mantis and the other Furious Five looking at him with worry. Well Tigress just looked annoyed and angered "What happened?

Looking around he saw Oogway pointing at him with an amazed smile. Realizing what happened he quickly stood saying "Sorry! Moving around he saw Oogway continue to point at him. A gong went off and a parade started. Ducks appeared with a carriage and hoisted Naruto up onto it "Stop! Who told you to-" Shifu was ignored as the duck's continued to carry him "Master Oogway! You were about to point at Tigress until that thing fell in front of her! That was just an accident! He was so tired that he crashed landed in front of a couple of rhino guards "Wait!

I bring a message! Your prison may not be adequate!? The mechanism took them. For amusement Vachir shook the chains making Zeng even more scared. When they got to the bottom, a gate opened "Behold, Tai-Lung" "I'm just gonna wait right here" "It's nothing to worry about. It's perfectly safe," said Vachir as he slapped Zeng forward "Crossbow's, at the ready! His hands had chains that connected to large boulder's over the side and on his back was a lock that stopped Tai-Lung's movement "Oogway's giving someone the Dragon Scroll, and it's not gonna be you" "What are you doing!?

I have him completely immobilized" to prove he was right, Vachir stomped on Tai-Lung's tail as hard as he could.

Tai-Lung didn't even move. Vachir then went close to him and said, like a small child "Did I step on the wittle kitties tail? Can we please go now? The second they entered the Jade Palace, the ducks threw Naruto out of the carriage "Ow" said Naruto "I think there was a mistake, everyone thinks that I am the Dragon Warrior! He approached a sword that had a green Chinese dragon on it. On the bottom of the stand was a plaque that said "The Sword of Heroes, said to be so sharp that you can cut yourself just by looking" Looking up Naruto stared at it before trying to hold it.

He only got a few inches away before retracting his hand and wincing "Ow" Naruto continued to look around before noticing he wasn't alone. There was a mistake and-" "Of course there was a mistake! You will never be the Dragon Warrior until you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll" he said pointing to the top of the room and at the dragon statue "One must first master the highest level of Kung Fu and that is clearly impossible if that one is someone like you" "Like me?

I have never seen a fox with nine tails before" he took a step back "Oogway may have picked you, but when I'm through with you, I promise you, you are going to wish he hadn't!

I can't wait to get started," said Shifu with an evil grin. He then led Naruto to the Furious Five's training room, where they were now training. He watched as Crane flew the ceiling and landed on an unsteady bowl, whilst blocking arrows from different directions.

Tigress then flipped over to him and they started sparring. Mantis landed next to the bowl and shot through a lot of spiked training dummies. Viper was dodging fire as she slithered around. Finally Monkey was swinging around on the ceiling and jumped through a hoop that had blades all around it. Tigress then went onto a spinning mechanism that looked like serpents. She was also dodging several swinging clubs that had spikes on them.

Suddenly she smashed one and the wood went flying straight at Naruto.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction naruto

Trusting his instincts, Naruto ducked underneath a large piece of wood and caught a smaller but that would have hit his face.

Shifu was speechless when he saw this "W-Well, let's begin" he said wanting to see Naruto lose and leave the temple. Unless you think the great Oogway was wrong and you are not the Dragon Warrior" said Shifu, practically saying 'Get the hell out of the temple! I am not the Dragon-" Naruto was cut off when Monkey accidentally landed behind him and pushed him.

Naruto went forward and onto the spinning serpent mechanisms. Even though he had never done anything like this before, Naruto showed he had great balance as his tails kept him upright. The Furious Five landed next to Shifu and was about to help Naruto until their master stopped them saying "This should be good" As Naruto went about, his instincts went off again and his tail shot up clicking one of the clubs.

However the force of the impact still blew Naruto away and into the large jade green bowl. He managed to get out of it but, when he did, went straight into the spiked dummies.

He used his tails and arms to block but some did hit him "This will be easier than I thought" After getting out of it, Naruto thought he was safe. That was until he heard a strange sound and looked down. It was then that he realized that he was standing on the field of fire. With great luck he managed to avoid most of the blasts with only a few actually hitting him. He finished and collapsed whilst breathing heavily "How How did I do?

You could tell Shifu was mad seeing that Naruto hadn't given up. They all laughed and continued walking without knowing Naruto was sitting behind a tree. He was sad, even though he knew he wasn't the Dragon Warrior, he at least tried his best. As they made fun of him, memories of his past entered his mind.

He nearly screamed, so he did the only thing he could think of. He ran through the forest without knowing where he was going. After a while he stopped and saw he was on a hill with a peach tree, far from the temple. It was here that he screamed. He screamed to the heavens but he got no answer, until "I see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom," said a voice from behind.

Turning Naruto saw it was Oogway "Master" he greeted before looking at the tree "I thought I found a random peach tree" "I understand. You go to isolated places when you are upset" "Who said I was upset? I saw that you were upset and I also saw that you have a troubled past" Naruto's eyes widened at this "So why are you upset? They hate me" "Obviously" "I use to have respect for everyone here.

But Master Shifu and the others have lost my respect. I know I'm not good at Kung Fu but they could at least help me instead of criticizing me" Naruto sighed again "I should probably just leave. I don't belong here. I have more chance of making noodles for Ichirakus than learning Kung Fu here" Oogway smiled sadly "Quit, don't quit. Noodles, don't noodles" Naruto looked at him "You are too concerned with what was and what will be. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.

That is why it is called the present" he said wisely and as a crazy old turtle at the same time. He began to walk away as hit the tree as he walked by it.

A peach fell out of the tree and landed in Naruto's hand, making the fox smile. Eventually he returned to the temple. He slowly walked, not caring if he made any noise. Just as he got to his room's door. The door behind him opened to show Tigress "You don't belong here" she said. Her eyes seemed to bore into his through the dark "You do not belong in the Jade Palace. You are a disgrace to Kung Fu, and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do, you will be gone by morning" she said.

More memories flashed throughout his mind, causing Naruto to hold his head in pain. Seeing this Tigress was about to ask if he was all right, but he took a step into his room. Just as he was about to shut the door he looked her in the eyes and said, "I may not belong here and that all of you find me a disgrace, but I still try.

But that does not give any of you the right to tell me to stop and walk away" As he spoke, Tigress's eyes widened when she saw the determination in his eyes "I will stay. Not to prove anyone right, that I'm a disgrace or that I am the Dragon Warrior.

I will stay to prove that I am Naruto Uzumaki and that I will never give up" With that he shut his door, leaving a stunned Tigress. He opened the door again "Also if you or the others have anything to say, then say it to my face rather than behind my back. Goodnight Tigress" then he shut the door -Chorh-Gom Prison- Tai-Lung used his tail and grabbed the feather that landed in front of him. Using it he put it in the lock on his back. His tail moved the feather in a complex way. Eventually the lock made a noise and it unlocked itself, allowing Tai-Lung to take a deep breath.

He stretched his claws and let them crack with a satisfying sound. Parts of the lock shot of in different directions. Then it exploded off of him. Vachir ran to the edge and looked down in Tai-Lungs direction, seeing him trying to escape "Oh no! Tai-Lung growled as he tried to stand. It was difficult with two boulders tied to his arms but he managed it. Once stood he looked straight at Vachir and roared. Seeing this Vachir shouted, "Fire crossbows! They each shot a large arrow. But, whilst standing still, Tai-Lung moved out of the way making the arrows slam into the ground around arrow was shot but this time, Tai-Lung moved so it would hit his right cuff, effectively destroying it.

With his now free hand, he smashed the other cuff. I must warn Shifu! Tai-Lung growled but turned, seeing another arrow being shot at him.

It neared but he deflected it and fired it back into a wall. He did the same for the four arrows that were in the ground. He cracked his neck before jumping onto the last arrow, and catapulted himself towards the next arrow. Hundreds of regular arrows were shot towards Tai-Lung. Seeing them coming, he quickly jumped towards the still moving mechanism.

He managed to catch the bottom and used it to stop the arrows hitting him. The rhino's at the top quickly sliced the chain, sending the mechanism back down. Just as they were about to celebrate Tai-Lung, appeared and knocked them away with a split kick. He grabbed the chain and jumped over the side. The momentum swung him and launched him up to the next level. Without any difficulty, he beat all the rhino soldiers and went to the next level. Doing the same he managed to get to the top where the rest of the soldiers, Vachir and Zeng were waiting for him.

So very, very dead" said Zeng. Tai-Lung watched and widened his eyes when he saw it hitting explosives. Large pieces of rock fell and slammed into the stone bridge. Without hesitation, Tai-Lung started running.

He was not, however, fast enough and started falling with the stone bridge. Thinking he won, Vachir started laughing. Tai-Lung looked up and saw one last piece of explosives about to go off. So he started jumping and running up other pieces, He then jumped and landed on a piece of rock. He climbed to the explosives and cut it off. Tai-Lung spun around and threw the explosives. It exploded forcing everybody outside into the cold snow.

Stepping outside he first grabbed Zeng and took a chilling breath "I'm glad Shifu sent you" he said petting the bird "I was beginning to think I'd been forgotten. Fly back there and tell them that the REAL Dragon Warrior is coming home" Zeng nodded out of fear before he was thrown into the air and flew away.

The second it went off, the Furious Five all exited their rooms and said, "Good morning Master" to Shifu. However they all noticed that Naruto hadn't come out of his room yet "Fox!

He walked to his room and slammed the doors open "Wake up! Shifu chuckled "He's gone" he said. The other's didn't really seem to care but Tigress looked down remembering his words from last night "if you or the others have anything to say, then say it to my face rather than behind my back" She then thought 'He knew what we were saying and he left?

I thought he was staying, to prove who he was' They all walked to the training yard "What do we do now, with the fox gone? The other's widened their eyes seeing the fox. Naruto didn't seem surprised when he heard Shifu shouting "Good morning, Master" he greeted "I was just training" "In what?

Naruto smiled before saying "A full split" "You actually thought you could learn to do a full split in one night? Tigress stepped forward and crouched, without losing her smirk "And years longer to apply it in combat! Once she was level, she did a split without difficulty and destroyed the discs. When she landed, she gave Naruto a challenging smirk.

Pieces of the disc's fell to thee ground. As Naruto looked at Tigress, with her watching, he caught a piece of disk without looking away from her. Both their smirk's seemed to grow a bit with amusement "Put that down! However Viper just swept his feet from under him, make him flip forward and slam him back down to the ground "Ow" said Naruto. I thought you said you were ready" apologized Viper. Shifu clenched his teeth as he snapped his fingers again. This time it was monkey and he was using a staff.

Naruto also took a staff and blocked a few of Monkey's attacks but was, again, knocked off his feet. Monkey was surprised though because not many have blocked more than one attack on their first try "Again" said Naruto making Shifu even angrier. He was now up against Crane, on the large Jade green bowl. Naruto jumped at Crane and was close to grabbing his beak, until Crane flew back causing Naruto to land in the bowl "Again" he said. Now he was against Mantis.

Naruto managed to dodge a couple of Mantis's attacks but he also fell, painfully "Again" This continued for the rest of the day and each time Naruto kept saying "Again" Shifu chuckled when he saw Naruto fall but frowned when he heard him say "Again" Tigress stepped forward, seeing that she never got to spar with Naruto, but Shifu stopped her "I've been taking it easy on you fox.

But no more" he said stepping forward "Your next opponent shall be me" Naruto panted as he stood "Bring it" The Furious Five took nervous glances at each other, apart from Tigress "Step forth" ordered Shifu.

Naruto did so but Shifu grabbed him and started spinning him around "The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness and make him suffer for it" he said slamming Naruto down and bending his hand at an unnatural angle. He kept throwing Naruto about like he was a simple toy "Until he finally falls or quits! Shifu growled before throwing Naruto up into the air and kicking him out of the training yard and down a large hill "If he's smart then he won't come back up those steps" said Shifu before he went back inside.

He told me that no matter what happens he is going to prove who he was," said Tigress before she jumped after Naruto. Tigress finally caught up to Naruto on the steps. He was breathing heavily, and was badly bruised all over. She couldn't help but wince from just seeing him.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction naruto

Even so she helped him onto his feet and slowly went up the steps "What are you doing? Eventually they had to stop from the amount of steps, because Tigress couldn't climb the steps with Naruto over her shoulders.

They sat there watching the sun set in silence, until Tigress asked, "Why do you do this? For some reason, the village that I lived in feared me and they did not hesitate to show it. My village had a legend about a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. It decimated the village, killing hundreds.

When it was defeated, it said that it shall return. The day I was born, they all feared me just for having nine tails" he said sadly "I never knew my parent's, they died the day I was born, so I was raised in an orphanage for a few years.

Eventually they kicked me out so I lived on the street. One day though, I had enough of the village so I left and travelled. Of course I was still young there so I didn't take any supplies.

I found myself in the Valley of Peace one day and started my new life. Eventually a man and his daughter found me and took me in. Ever since then I have been making ramen and now I'm here trying to learn Kung Fu" Tigress was surprised at what Naruto had said. Their lives were similar, and she always thought that nobody would be the same as her "The reason I am not leaving is because if I give up then I would be proving those villagers right, and that I can't do anything.

I just can't do that" "So when I told you to leave In truth I was planning on leaving until Oogway spoke to me and then you. So if anything I should be thanking you," he said with a smile. I'm s-sorry for everything that happened" she said clearly not use to apologizing.

Naruto chuckled and motioned for them both to go back to the temple. Tigress sat against a wall with an amused smirk and Viper was sitting in front of Naruto, holding a picture of an animal "It's just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this fur" Mantis stabbed him again causing Naruto to yelp.

Ok" said Mantis, realizing where to go next. Can't see it" said Naruto before getting stabbed again. Through his wall, Crane said, "Yeah, were not really suppose to talk about him" "Well, if he's going to be staying here, he should know," said Tigress.

They called him a prodigy, a genius. He even mastered the Thousand Scrolls of Kung Fu" said Tigress "But to Master Shifu, he was more than just a student, he was his son" Naruto's eyes widened at this "Shifu found him as a cub and he raised him as his son. And when the boy showed talent for Kung Fu, Shifu trained him. He believed in him. He told him he was destined for greatness.

But it was never enough for Tai-Lung" she said frowning "He wanted the Dragon Scroll, but Oogway saw darkness in his heart and refused" "What happened then? He laid waste to the Valley. He tried to take the scroll by force. And Shifu had to destroy what he had created. But how could he? Shifu loved Tai-Lung like he had never loved anyone before" she continued with memories of her trying Kung Fu "Or since. And now he has a chance to make things right. To train the true Dragon Warrior," she said looking into his eyes "Unfortunately you treat things like a joke" she said with a smirk.

Naruto was about to say something before his face froze in a funny way "Oh! I accidentally tweaked his facial nerve! He meditated and chanted "Inner peace, inner peace" his ear twitched but he thought nothing of it "Inner, in-in-inner peace" His ear twitched again and he shouted "Would whoever is making that flapping sound quiet down!? He turned around and smiled seeing the familiar duck "Oh, Zeng.

I could use some good news right now" he said making Zeng freeze. Oogway was standing next to the tree, going through a Kung Fu stance until he was interrupted "I have There is just news, there is no good or bad" said the turtle. Your vision was right! Tai-Lung has broken out of prison! He's on his way! Master, that fox is not the Dragon Warrior!

He wasn't even meant to be here! It was an accident! Shifu sighed, "Yes I know. You said that already. Twice" Oogway chuckled "Well, that was no accident, either" "Thrice" muttered Shifu. Look at this tree, Shifu" he said indicating to the tree next to them "I cannot make it blossom, when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before its time" "Yes, but there are things we can control" said Shifu before he kicked the tree, making multiple peaches fall out "I can control when the fruit will fall" One peach then fell and hit Shifu's head, causing Oogway to chuckle "And I can control He then sliced it in half with a chop and landed "Where to plant the seed" he finished before punching a hole in the ground.

He quickly grabbed the peach seed and threw it into the hole "That is no illusion, Master" "Yes" said Oogway, walking forward "But no matter what you do that seed will grow into a peach tree.

You may wish for an apple or an orange, but you will get a peach" "But a peach cannot defeat Tai-Lung! To believe in it" "But how?

Promise me you will believe" "I will try," said Shifu. Suddenly, sakura petals started to gather. You can't leave me! Hearing a noise, she turned and saw Naruto "Hey" he greeted. She just nodded and turned back to look at the moon, with Naruto joining her after a minute. Smiling he shrugged "To be honest, I don't know" She turned to look at him "I don't know why I told you. I just had this nagging feeling in the back of my head, screaming at me to tell you" He looked at her "You didn't have an easy life either, did you?

It wasn't very good though because everybody was terrified of me. But that was only because of my temper and monstrous strength. I always got in trouble. One night I left my room and tried to play with the other children but they ran away from me because of my fangs and claws. I was sent to my room after that because I lost my temper. Eventually the caretaker's called Master Shifu for help and he visited me.

He talked to me and managed to convince me to try dominoes. It was a game where you have to be very patient and careful.

But because of my strength I, either, broke the pieces or knocked them over" She chuckled "I was a very impatient child so I always lost my temper. Thankfully with time, I managed to play dominoes without doing anything wrong. I even showed everyone at the orphanage and they all became my friends because they got over their fears. But the parents didn't so I was never adopted. Master Shifu took me in after a while and now here we are" "We did have similar lives," commented Naruto.

They stayed silent after a while before Naruto stood and stretched "Come on" "What? Naruto grabbed her hand and pulled her up to stand "Let's go" He started pulling her along the roof. In response Naruto jumped off the side of the roof with Tigress along with him. When they landed Tigress looked around and saw that they were in a sparring ring "Let's have a spar" said Naruto jumping back and into a stance. It took Tigress a moment before she realized what he said.

Smirking she took her famous Tiger style of combat and waited. After a few minutes of simply staring at each other, they both ran at the same time.

They traded blows, Naruto taking them rather than giving them. This lasted for over an hour and neither lost their smiles. Eventually they had to stop, because they were both out of breath "Are you alright?

They walked over to a bench and sat down "Are you feeling better? So I sparred with you to make you feel better" "Oh And you expect me to stop him!

He did it before so he can do it again" "Oogway cannot! It was then that everybody noticed Shifu holding Oogway's staff, they widened at this before they all lowered their heads "Our only hope is the Dragon Warrior" "But what about us? This is what you trained us for" "No! This is not your destiny to defeat Tai-Lung, but his!

A real warrior never quits! Without moving form his spot, Shifu used the staff and brought Naruto back around.

Besides, you never believed that I was the Dragon Warrior! But now I ask you to trust in your master as I have come to trust in mine" "You are not my Master! You knew I wanted you gone yet you stayed!

He immediately saw Tigress staring at them from a distance and could tell that she could hear them "I stayed to prove that I am not the Dragon Warrior but simply Naruto" "But I can change you. I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! Naruto glared at Shifu, and it made the master take a step back "You can't! Tai-Lung is on his way here right now! You do not have the time to train me and you know it! So how are you going to turn me into the dragon warrior?

He realized what he said and sighed "I don't know" "I thought so," Naruto said softly. He walked and Shifu didn't stop him this time. Naruto took a step past Shifu before stopping, so their backs were to each other. He looked towards Tigress again and could tell she was sad "Train Tigress, she is the true Dragon Warrior and God knows she deserves it" he said taking another step "Goodbye" and Naruto left the temple.

Naruto continued to walk and only managed to get to the middle of the village before Tigress stepped out of the shadows "Where are you going? I am going to fight Tai-Lung," he said seriously. I don't have anything left in this world apart from Ichirakus," he said, before seeing Tigress looking hurt. Naruto's eyes widened at this "Don't leave this village. You still have a chance if you can give Shifu a chance" Naruto stayed silent before taking a step forward.

Seeing this Tigress stepped into his way "Please move, Tigress" "No" she said. His vision became hazy "I'm sorry" he heard Tigress say before falling unconscious. She quickly caught him and held him. She then pulled out a dart from the back of his neck and looked, seeing the rest of the Five appear. Mantis was also holding a blowpipe, showing he was the one that fired the dart.

Without saying any words, Tigress motioned for the other's to go on a head. They did so and she sighed, before turning towards a restaurant, Ichirakus. She dragged Naruto towards it before knocking on the door.

After a minute Ayame answered it "Hello? Her eyes finally focused and she gasped seeing Naruto unconscious "Naruto! Can you please show me to his room so I can lay him down? She went inside Naruto's room and frowned seeing it so bare. She laid him on his bed and looked at him "I'm sorry it had to come to this but it had to be done.

Thank you for everything" she said smiling before leaving the room. When she left the room she turned to Ayame "Can you please tell him that I am sorry and that I hope he make's the right decision?

I'll tell Naruto that you apologized" "Thank you. Goodbye" said Tigress before leaving. However, her mind was thinking over what Ayame had asked. His room at Ichirakus. It took him a moment to remember last night's events.

Frowning he stood up and looked in the mirror "I'm sorry" he heard Tigress's voice in his head. He sighed before opening the door and going down stairs. When he entered the room, he saw Ayame walk up to him "How did I get here? She wanted me to tell you that she is sorry and that she hopes you make the right decision," she answered. They stayed silent for a moment "She seemed really concerned and sad for you" said Ayame "Can I ask what happened?

And if I had to guess, then Tigress and the other Five went to face that threat. I was planning on going, but that turned into me arguing with Master Shifu and hurting Tigress" he said remembering seeing the hurt in her eyes.

He turned and looked out the window and stared at the temple "I guess she was right" "About? It was only now that Shifu wanted to properly train me" "You might as well go now," said Teuchi.

I'll come back soon and I'll even try to bring the Five as well," said Naruto before leaving. He sighed before going to the temple. He felt sad because he felt like he failed Oogway. He then heard a noise, which peaked his curiosity, so he went inside the temple to find out what it was. After a few minutes he opened the doors to the Training Room, believing this place contained the noisemaker. But he found it strangely empty.

He looked around and could only see the training dummy. He heard the noise again and turned towards the bedchambers. After another few minutes he entered the building and followed the noise until he found himself next to the kitchen.

It sounded like someone was fighting inside so he looked, only to see Naruto smash through a cupboard and pull out a box of biscuits. He sighed before putting it back and glancing towards the door. He froze seeing the red panda "What? I do this when I'm bored" he replied "But I can't find the damn fishcakes" "Oh, never mind then" said Shifu turning around and walking away. He stepped past the door before looking at Naruto "I just thought you someone else.

The fishcakes are on the top shelf," he said walking away. What Naruto didn't know though was that Shifu hid himself against the wall. Widening his eyes Naruto ran for the shelf. All Shifu could hear was some smashing and Naruto jumping. He quickly ran into the room and widened his eyes in surprise.

Naruto was doing splits on a shelf and growling as he went through the shelf. He turned and stared at Shifu "You lied to me" he accused. I mean, how did you get up there? A cookie rolled across the ground and landed in front of Shifu. Naruto, however, stopped and looked around before his eyes stopped onto a cart "Faster! He then grabbed the cart and made it take a sharp left turn, into an alley. Naruto was going to fast as sped past the alley, until Viper latched onto a post and grabbed Naruto's tail "Hold on!

He and the Five were nearing the Wolf Boss as they all entered a market. The antelope, that was pulling Boss Wolf's cart, looked around fearfully before the wolf picked him up "Watch out! Seeing this, Naruto lent left, causing the cart to run through a stand and for him to grind against a wall "Now that wasn't very nice!

Before Naruto could do anything, the Five ran forward and pushed everything out of the way "Thanks! Seeing that Naruto was still catching up, Boss Wolf shouted "Maybe something smaller! This caused it to lean left and go onto bamboo scaffolding.

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Boss Wolf laughed when he saw all this. One of the bunnies moved so Naruto could see a little, and he widened his eyes "Cute bunnies, off the face! Thinking quickly, he slammed his left foot onto the left wheel. Sparks were made as the cart spun off the scaffolding and onto the roof next to the scaffolding "Fire! Looking, Naruto saw that his left foot was on fire. On the ground, Tigress looked around "We've lost them! Suddenly the cart flew up throwing Naruto and the bunnies into the air, which allowed one if his tails to put the fire out.

Fortunately the cart landed on two parallel wires. Naruto grabbed the handle and flipped, using his tails to catch all the bunnies before dropping him back into the cart. He looked up and saw that they were about to slam into a building "Crane, catch! Crane caught five with his hat easily and the last bunny with his right foot.

The cart slammed into the building, smashing it into pieces. He landed on the grow with one wheel. Blinking he used his foot and started to push it forward. He growled though when he saw he wouldn't be able to catch up to Boss Wolf "Guy's, I need a shove!

She was flung and as she neared Naruto, used all of her strength to palm strike him. Because of the strength, Naruto shot off like a bullet towards Boss Wolf. He was so fast that he even left a trail of fire behind him. Boss Wolf shouted in surprise as Naruto slammed into him.

They both started trading blows as they stood on the one cart "Is that all you got? Sign after sign started hitting Boss Wolf in a comical way. More signs started hitting Naruto in the head. He shouted in surprise, as a large column was about to slam into him, until he and Boss Wolf started falling down steps.

Seeing the wheel and Boss Wolf bob up and down, Naruto had an idea. He used his tails to keep him steady as he took a stance, with his fist forward. Because of the cart, Boss Wolf's face kept slamming into him making him repeat "Ow" over and over again.

When they reached the end of the step's they came across a large ramp and the cart shot off it. The second they hit the ramp, the cart fell to the ground but Naruto and Boss Wolf flew threw the air.

As they were about to hit the ground, Naruto grabbed the wolf's arm and spun them around so Boss Wolf's front was aimed at the ground and Naruto had his knees in the wolf's back. When they hit the ground, it created a large shock wave that made a small dust cloud.

Naruto stood and saw that Boss Wolf was unconscious. Hearing running footsteps, Naruto turned and was hugged by Tigress "Naruto, are you ok? Doggy here won't be getting up for a while though and seeing where we landed, we'll be at the palace in no time" answered Naruto.

The Five then looked around and widened their eyes when they saw an army of wolves surround them. What are you going to do now? Naruto smirked and then did something that no one expected.

He put his hands into the air and shouted, "We surrender! This is what they used with Tai-Lung, isn't it? At last we meet! He then frowned and said "No, no, no" He then went through another stance and finished, saying "We meet at last! Greeting's fox, we meet at-" he turned and almost jumped when he saw the Soothsayer standing there. If anyone should be afraid it's-" The Soothsayer interrupted "You" Shen jumped back slightly "Don't even think about it" he warned seeing her glance at his weapon.

Outside the Tower, Naruto and the others entered the courtyard where they gazed at the tower. As they walked Tigress warned "I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook instant ramen raw by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water" "Now that I regret" said back Naruto as he shuddered "This plan will work" "How?

He regained his footing before looking at the small trench that his got caught in. Looking up they all widened their eyes as they saw a damaged hammer with a red ribbon around it. Boss Wolf stood next to the hammer and patted it before chuckling "Keep moving" he ordered.

They entered the Tower and Naruto groaned, "What's wrong? At the top, Shen and the Soothsayer stood with a gorilla. They all heard someone approaching from the stairs and Shen pulled out a knife "Hey, how's everything going? A wolf poked Tigress with a staff and she kicked it away, making the wolf jump back. The Soothsayer's eyes widened when she saw Naruto.

Shen's left eye twitch at how casual Naruto was. He quickly composed himself before saying "Greeting's, fox. We meet at-" "Yo" said Naruto with a grin "You got any ramen? She then grabbed him and started looking at him more closely "Hey, enough with the poking around" he said.

Viper quickly whispered, "That's a lady" Naruto's eyes widened at this "Oh! The beard threw me" The Soothsayer started to stroke her beard "It's kind of misleading," he admitted. He calmed down but still looked angry "Bring the prisoner's to me" he ordered. Naruto and the others were then placed in front of the cannon, on their knees.

They couldn't help but gawk at the sight of the weapon "Do you actually believe this it the warrior destined to defeat me? Shen laughed again "Oh, look at him. A lifetime to plot his revenge and he comes to me on his knees" Naruto looked confused "A lifetime? As they were talking, Viper used her tail to try and unlock Tigresses cuffs.

Shen then started to laugh, "What's so funny? Shen answered happily "The very thing that you do not know! Shen then whipped out a knife and pointed it near Naruto's eyes "The only reason you are still alive is because there is no reason to kill someone who cannot defeat me" Shen then began to laugh.

Shen stopped laughing but held a smirk "Take aim" he ordered. The cannon then aimed straight at Naruto and the others, as Viper tried to free Tigress. Shen laughed but stopped when the cannon didn't fire "Well, light the For some reason though, the cannon would not lite not matter how many times Boss Wolf tried.

Suddenly Mantis appeared on the cannon and kicked the fuse out of Boss Wolf's hand and shouted, "Fear the bug! Seeing Mantis, everyone looked at the cage that he was suppose to be in, in Naruto's hands.

Only to see the cage broken apart with Naruto smirking. Tigress suddenly roared as her cuffs broke off. She punched Monkey's off and then he punched off Vipers. She then sliced Cranes cuffs off allowing him to swing his wings around and knock the closest wolves unconscious. Tigress then quickly destroyed Naruto's cuffs and they all took a stance "Get the weapon! She flipped in the air and drop kicked the cannon into the air, as Naruto ran at Shen.

Mantis jumped after the cannon and kicked it towards the ground, where it smashed through the floor. Naruto then jumped at Shen and when he landed, on top of Shen, the peacock spread his feathers.

Naruto glanced at it and widened his eyes as more memories flashed. He saw himself running through a blazing forest. It then changed into Shen, in the middle of the village, ordering wolves to burn everything. What caught Naruto's attention though was that Shen was standing above a monkey that wore red and white robes. The monkey was covered in blood and wasn't moving.

Naruto gasped as he stood up, allowing Shen to stand as well "You Yes I was" Shen then ran to the open door, that lead to a balcony, and jumped. Using his feathers he flew to a factory in the distance. A gorilla got behind the Soothsayer and picked her up, leaving the palace. Naruto ran to the balcony and glared at Shen's flying form "You just let Shen get away! When Shen landed on the factory, he looked and glared at Naruto "Fire!

No, he's got way more" commented Mantis. They all had to jump back as the bombs hit the balcony that they were standing on. It caused an explosion that pushed them away. When they landed, Crane looked and winced as he felt his wing damaged "My wing! Acting on instinct, Naruto used his tails to grab the sides of the floor and dangle in the air "Somebody help me up!

Use the ropes" Naruto nodded and they all jumped. They all either jumped to each floor or grabbed onto the ropes that held the lanterns. From the factory, Shen said "Run, run, little fox! A cannon fired another bomb and hit the building, along with other bombs. Naruto slid down a rope but it was too short so he fell and landed on his back. The others landed safely as he rolled onto his front. Tigress put Crane down and ran to Naruto "Naruto, come on. We need you to focus!

More cannon's fired and hit the building, blocking the exit and causing it to start falling "Damn it, were trapped! Tigress looked around and then said "This way! When they got outside, they saw an entire army of wolfs on the walls, surrounding the tower, all holding flaming bows and arrows. They fired and Tigress grabbed a block of wood and used it to block the arrows that would have hit her "Get back!

She ran a little and looked around. When she got an idea, she caught an arrow that would have hit her face, without looking. She ran back to the others and quickly grabbed Naruto's hands "The only way out it up! Tigress pulled Naruto out, and then threw him up. She didn't let go however and used the momentum to throw herself up. They continued this, travelling up the building, and let go when it was safe. When the others caught up, they all ran to the end of the tower.

Seeing a bomb heading towards him, Monkey ducked and used Crane's hat as a shield for his head. When the bomb flew past, Monkey lifted his head with a smile, not knowing that he lit the hat on fire. When they neared the end, Naruto shouted, "Here we go! They dodged the flaming arrows as they got close to a building. They all landed safely and quickly ran away, avoiding more arrows.

Seeing that they ran away, Shen kicked a gorilla in the nose "You idiot! Shen jumped down into his factory and shouted, "Call in the wolves! I want them ready to move! We're loading the ships now" Seeing that the wolf isn't moving, Shen shouted "Now! Move, move, move, move! A wolf on the top of the factory howled, signalling for all the other wolves to gather at the factory. Naruto and the others sneaked through the alleyways avoiding the wolves "This way" said Tigress as she led the way.

They eventually stopped near a corner and waited for the two wolves to leave. Once they left, the group ran inside Gongmen Jail and hid. It's chaos up there! What happened to stopping Shen? Looking hurt, Tigress said "Fine. They will keep you far from danger" She indicated to Masters Croc and Ox.

Don't" advised Viper, only for Tigress to take a stance. Naruto growled and ran at Tigress. He threw a punch and Tigress countered by grabbing his fist and spinning him around, then threw him into the air.

He landed on the ground but got back up. Everybody watched as Naruto was again thrown back, but this time he slammed into the side of the jail that held Masters Croc and Ox. Naruto landed on his side and panted "Stay down" pleaded Viper. Naruto stayed silent for a moment, his eyes were now red had slits from his anger "You want to know why?

He took a deep breath before shouting "He was there! Shen was there when I watched my entire village burn to the ground! I don't care if I have to fight all of you; I'm going to Shen so I can know. None of you can understand" Tigress had tears in her eyes from this.

Her love was threatening to fight her just to know a few answers. She clenched her eyes shut as she balled her fists "Tigress don't! But everyone was surprised when she instead embraced Naruto. This caused him to freeze, his eyes returning to normal, and for everyone's jaw to hit the ground. Tears fell from Tigresses eyes as she hugged him "I do understand" she whispered.

She pulled back and looked sadly into his eyes "But I can't watch the one I love be killed" This made Naruto widen his eyes but he didn't say anything "Were going" Tigress said to the rest of the Five before they left. Naruto just stood there, not knowing what to do "Don't worry," said Ox silently "You're better off here" -Shen's Factory- As the wolves worked on creating more cannons and ammunition, Shen was speaking "You were wrong, Soothsayer.

We sail to victory tonight" He glanced at the goat "Your magic fox is clearly a fool" "Are you certain it is the fox who is a fool? Because of the heated blade, it set the map on fire " Will the subjugation of the whole world finally make you feel better? Shen smirked and gave a shrug "It's a start. I might also convert the basement into a dungeon," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He sighed before saying "The dead exist in the past I must tend to the future" It almost sounded as if he was trying to convince himself that what he was doing was the only way "Set the Soothsayer free" he ordered to a gorilla "She's no use to me" "Goodbye Shen.

I wish you happiness," she said sadly. And I will take mine" The Soothsayer was then escorted out of the factory by the gorilla. Once past they hid behind some barrels near the door to the factory. They watched as wolves ran around and cannons being moved before the doors shut. Tigress growled, "If all of those weapons leave the building, China will fall" "We bring down the building," said Viper with the others agreeing.

Mantis then got their attention "How about this? He then rubbed it and made a small explosion that covered his face in charcoal "This will work" "Alright" said Tigress "Let's go" "I can't feel my face," complained Mantis.

None of them noticed as a figure jumped onto bamboo scaffolding that was next to the factory. It was Naruto and he landed in front of two wolves and knocked them unconscious. Using this to his advantage, he grabbed their heads and made it look like they were walking and grinning. Naruto continued walking until he saw an open window. He went up to it and placed the two wolves on crates before jumping to the window.

And just in time to because a gorilla just picked the wolves up, thinking they were slacking off. When Naruto got through the window he looked around the factory carefully. No matter where he looked, he saw wolves working on making cannons and ammunition "Move you dogs!

Naruto narrowed his eyes before quietly climbing the ladder next to him and neared Shen. He thought he had the advantage until he heard Shen chuckled "Greetings, fox" Naruto turned and saw Shen as the smoke disappeared.

Shen spread his tail feathers and Naruto saw the symbol flash. He growled before shouting, "Tell me why you were there that night! A large smelter slammed at where Naruto was, causing him to hold onto the dangerous equipment.

Outside the factory, the Five had a cart full of barrels that was set alight. They burst through the factory doors and threw the cart away "Here's your New Year gift! They heard a shout so they turned "Naruto?! Naruto tried to hold on but his grip was loosening. Shen chuckled "Are you willing to die to find out the truth? He ran at the peacock and tried to kick him, but Shen caught the foot and slammed it down. He then used his tails to sweep Naruto off his feet and over the edge.

Grunting, Naruto landed on a conveyor belt and Shen followed by jumping. Looking behind him, Naruto saw that he was nearing a fire pit so he had to act fast. The Five ran after Naruto but wolves kept getting in the way "We got them, go! Naruto ran but he kept nearing the pit. He tripped up over an object and he grabbed a prong.

The belt moved him and he fell over the edge but he used his tails to hold him, so the belt moved him away from the fire pit. Shen looked pleased as he stared at the flames, believing that Naruto was dead, but a voice from behind stopped him "Looking for me! It eventually moved to show Naruto looking annoyed "That was not timed well" with that Naruto jumped at Shen.

Seeing this, Shen threw knives at Naruto only for them to be deflected. He ran at Naruto and jumped over, just as wolves grabbed Naruto. They were all knocked away and Naruto continued to run at Shen "Naruto! Get away from him! Naruto climbed up a ladder and saw an opportunity so he threw the prong, that he still held, and made it catch Shen's neck onto a box "No more running, Shen! Fill some crater in your soul? Well here's you answer," He panted again "That village hated you, they wanted you dead for what you resemble.

But here" he said slicing a crate open to reveal a large cannon "Let me heal you" Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the cannon. Shen grinned like a maniac as he ignited the cannon and let it fire "NO! She watched in horror as Naruto flew through the sky and into the distance. He landed and at that second, lightning roared across the sky.

He gasped and fell to his knees when he sensed something wrong. He looked towards the sky in fear, hoping that everything is alright. He gazed painfully at the sky before landing on a shore. Just before he fell unconscious he saw a figure walk up to him. A few hours later he woke up when a drop of water landed on his head. He looked around and saw the Soothsayer watching a small fire, with her back towards him.

He looked a bit more before noticing that he was covered in bandages and that he had needles sticking out of him in places. He looked at the Soothsayer again and shouted in surprise when she was standing next to him. He hissed in pain when he hit his left arm against a wall. He looked at the goat again and saw her holding a hot drink "No thank you" he said only for her to put a needle on his head that forced his mouth open. She poured the drink in his mouth and removed the needle, making Naruto swallow the drink "Ugh" he made a disgusted taste when he swallowed.

You would have died had I left you in the water" said the Soothsayer as she walked back to the fire. They were at, what Naruto presumed, the edge of a forest and there were many abandon buildings. Plant life has grown over almost everything so it was safe to say that no one lived here anymore "I'm surprised you remember so little" she said sadly "But then again, it has been over ten years" Naruto winced and clutched his head as memories of people screaming flashed through his mind.

He got up and shakily walked outside the building "Perhaps you do remember," said the Soothsayer as she watched Naruto.

Memories flashed through his mind and showed him people walking around the village happily, as he gazed across the village with a smile. He remembered that he was about thirteen at the time and that he promised to do anything to protect the village "This was a thriving village" said the Soothsayer "Young Shen was in line to rule Gongmen City.

But he wanted more. I foretold that someone would stand in his way. A Leaf villager" Naruto looked at the goat in surprise "But I never could have foretold what came next" Naruto's head began to throb as he remember the village being consumed by fire. Wolves ran around torching houses and slaughtering villagers.

He remembered Shen ordering the wolves to kill everyone. Wolves were about to kill him until the leader of the village stopped them. He ordered a dog with gravity defying silver hair to take Naruto away and protect them "Stop fighting" advised the Soothsayer "Let it flow" Naruto felt a drop of water land on his head. He looked up and remembered what Shifu was going to teach him. He closed his eyes and started going through the stance. Naruto had his palm up towards the sky and a raindrop floated above his hand.

As he went through this, he let his memories return. He remembered him and the dog running through a blazing forest, avoiding the wolves that ran after them. Naruto made the rain drop move across his arms as he remembered dog placing him in a boat. The dog looked at him with an eye smile before telling him something that he felt was right 'Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends and comrades are worse than scum.

Never abandon them Naruto, fight for them with everything you have' he thought, remembering the dogs words. He watched as the dog caught the wolves attention and how he sacrificed himself so he would live. The memories finished as he placed the raindrop onto a plant that guided it to the ground. Naruto panted and kneeled to the ground "Your story may not have a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story.

Who you choose to be," said the Soothsayer as she smiled. Naruto smiled as more memories flashed through his mind. He remembered how he entered the Valley, how he met Teuchi and Ayame, going to the Jade Temple, being chosen as the Dragon Warrior, training to show who he was, learning Kung Fu, getting the Dragon Scroll, defeating Tai-Lung, and having the entire Valley bow to him.

He then remembered his times with his friends, and his kiss with Tigress, then all the times he spent with her being happy. He looked to the ground as tears flowed from his eyes "So, who are you, fox? He smiled as he stood "I am Naruto" he said "And I am the Fox Dragon Warrior" He opened his eyes to reveal his pupils being slits but full of determination. Boss Wolf put a flame near their faces, showing their defeated faces.

But Tigress was worse. Her eyes looked dead as she gazed at the water "Such sad, sad faces" mocked Shen "But now is a time only for joy. You are going to be part of something beautiful" Shen finished by whispering in Tigresses ear. She growled in pure anger "Once we reach the harbour, in front of the whole world, you and your precious Kung Fu will die" He turned away "Then China will know to bow to me.

So sad" "We cannot give up hope," said Monkey "Naruto would want us to remain strong and never give up. Animals gathered on the bridge and watched, terrified of what's happening "Lord Shen, what about the bridge? Shen never let his gaze move "Nothing stands in my way" he said. A cannon moved and aimed at the bridge "Fire! The animals quickly moved before the cannon destroyed the bridge.

Everybody looked around before seeing a figure on top of a building. The figure was wearing a black cloak that reached his shins and had red clouds on it as well. He was also wearing a straw hat that had tassels covering his face.

He moved his hand and removed the hat, letting the moonshine on him. He looked at the wolves "Take aim and fire! He quickly started to jump down the building as the cannon tried to follow. When he reached the ground, Naruto jumped onto the boat and started to beat the wolves, whilst the cannon continued to follow.

Naruto jumped onto a cannon and blocked a wolfs strike. He kicked the wolf off the cannon and punched another wolf away. He then caught an axe and then threw it towards his friends "Monkey!

a new path Chapter 1, a Naruto + Kung Fu Panda Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

He swung it around and sliced the chains off, freeing the Five. They jumped to Naruto as wolves ran at him. They all punched the wolves away and Tigress spoke "I'm glad you're alright. So what's the plan? They then jumped at the wolves and started making their way through. A wolf with two swords jumped at Naruto but he quickly grabbed the wolf's legs and slammed him to the ground "Viper! She ran through the pack of wolves and Viper made the wolf attack the others.

Naruto jumped to another boat as Master Ox appeared, ramming into may wolves "Master Ox! Naruto turned to see someone fighting their way through a pack of wolves. The animal jumped into the light and Naruto smiled "Master Shifu! Tigress went to the back of the ship and stepped onto the bridge when the ship slammed into it.

Naruto followed to the next to boats and use his strength to pull them both "Crane! Crane flew above the boats and flapped his wings, creating a shockwave that pushed the two ships forward. It then slammed into the first ship and blocked the path. Because of the force, Naruto was thrown into the air and landed on the bridge.

Most boats couldn't stop in time and crashed into each other, making wolves fall over board "No! Naruto the others then jumped from the bridge. They landed on a boat and started beating every single wolf they came across, whilst heading towards Shen "Why aren't we firing?! They're getting close," answered Boss Wolf. Shen looked and saw Naruto staring at him with a smirk, all the while fighting wolves "Fire! In anger Shen threw a knife at the wolf but Naruto saw this and quickly threw a piece of boat that blocked the attack.

Boss Wolf was surprised and fell back off the boat by it, so Shen jumped onto the cannon and aimed it. Once it was ready he ignited the cannon. The firework exploded upon impact, destroying the boats that blocked the way, letting more boats through. Naruto was thrown out of the harbour with the others, including Boss Wolf. He sadly watched as boats sailed from under the bridge and winced from the pain in his back. Looking around he saw Tigress holding onto a plank of wood. He slowly swam towards her and held her paw "Tigress?

She weakly looked up but did not have the strength so she laid her head again. The boats stopped in a massive line that threatened anyone. Naruto looked straight at Shen and glared, who just smirked in response. He pushed Tigress away and then slowly swam to an upturned boat and stood on it. Not seeing Tigress try to reach for him. Shen laughed seeing that Naruto was still trying to fight "As you wish" the peacock grumbled "Let's finish this" he said to the other wolves.

Every single cannon was then aimed straight at Naruto who just stood there. Tigress and the others watched in horror and fear, hoping to not see Naruto bombarded by the monstrous weapon. Then Naruto closed his eyes and went through a stance that made Shifu widen his eyes. Naruto's stopped and waited for the right moment "Fire!

One cannon fired and the firework flew straight at Naruto. In Naruto's mind he saw the firework as a water drop and chanted 'Inner peace' in his mind. At the very last second, he brought his hand up and caught the firework, he then threw it behind him making it explode in the water. Everyone's eyes widened when they saw this but were even more surprised when Naruto opened his eyes to reveal blue eyes with slits. From the distance he stared straight into Shen's eyes as he extinguished the fire in his hand with a flick of his wrist "Again!

Another cannon fired and Naruto caught the firework, he juggled it about and threw it, making it explode on the water near the boats. Another cannon fired which Naruto just sidestepped "Kill him! A cannon fired and Naruto caught the firework and threw it back near the boats.

Two more were fired simultaneously and Naruto jumped over them, he then caught a third shot and spun around in the air. He threw it back and threw every other shot back near the boats. Shen watched in rage as the fireworks were thrown back at the boats, destroying them "What?! He saw the fox go back into the original stance, waiting for another firework "Keep firing!

This time when Naruto caught it, the force pushed him back. He gritted his teeth before jumping into the air, the water spinning with him as he spun. Shen's eyes widened when the light from the firework made a fox head design with nine spinning tails around it. Naruto then jumped form the boat and flew straight at Shen's boat.

After a few minutes, Shen looked around from the ground he was lying on. He saw that every single one of his ships were destroyed and that his own cannon destroyed and hanging above him with a few ropes holding it "How did you Naruto looked at Shen, his eyes back to normal, and answered "What do you mean? I scarred you for life" Naruto smiled "You were right about one thing. My village hated me" Shen looked at Naruto in confusion "Only a few people cared about me and they died by your hand.

I guess if it wasn't for you then I wouldn't be here" Naruto then looked around before his eyes landed on his friends "I wouldn't have found a family or a home" He then looked straight at Tigress who smiled at him, and he smiled back "And I wouldn't have found the one I love.

It was because of them that I was able to fight you and defeat your so-called unstoppable weapon" "I don't understand," said Shen as he stood. That is why it is called the present' He meant that we have to let go of the past, forget about the future, and concentrate on today. You have too let go of the past because it doesn't matter and it never will. What matters now is what you choose to be now," said Naruto wisely.

The fox dodged the strike and jumped back with Shen following. Naruto spun around Shen who slashed at his cheek, making it bleed. Shen then threw the knives and Naruto slammed his foot into the floor of the boat.

A piece of wood smashed up and Naruto used it to block the knives. Shen then grabbed a sword and jumped at Naruto with a strike. He rolled out of the way and Shen cut a rope. Naruto continued to dodge the strikes and Shen never realised that he was cutting ropes. Naruto rolled out of the way from a horizontal slash. He looked up when he heard a noise and saw the broken cannon falling. Without thinking, Naruto jumped off the boat as Shen looked up. His eyes widened before closing to accept his fate.

The cannon exploded and threw Naruto near the harbour of Gongmen City. He emerged and the city animals cheered in happiness.

Hearing steps, Naruto saw Tigress on a boat next to him with her paw out stretched. He smiled and took it, letting her help him up "You did well" she said with a smile.

Naruto smiled himself and pulled Tigress into a kiss that surprised her, but she did enjoy it. The Kung Fu Masters watched and their jaws hit the ground again in disbelief, although the Five should have been use to it by now. When the kiss ended Monkey, Viper, and Mantis all jumped at Naruto and hugged him as they all fell over.

Naruto laughed and saw Shifu approach "It seems you have found inner peace" he said proudly before putting on an annoyed look "And at such a young age" "Well, I had a pretty good teacher," said Naruto with a smile before he pulled Shifu into the hug. Naruto looked and smirked before looking behind and saw Shifu standing on the dock with a smile. A few people tensed when they saw the wolf but he looked sad and hopeful.