Tommy and kimberly relationship

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tommy and kimberly relationship

As friends and when in a relationship, Tommy and Kimberly just made each other happy and their special bond carried their romance throughout all three. *Note: Let me make this clear right now that this page is a separate page devoted to Kim and Tom's relationship and has nothing to do with the MMPR: Power of. Kimberly "Kim" Ann Hart is the first Pink Ranger and the first Pink Ninja Ranger of The letter breaks Tommy's heart and leads him into a relationship with her.

Kim's parents are away at a doctor's convention in New York. Diane and Steve are really concerned about her, but they don't know what to do about it. Diane does call Jennifer, but also lets her know that she can handle this situation.

tommy and kimberly relationship

This situation only gets worse. By Thursday, Kimberly bones are starting to show. Diane doesn't know what to do.

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Kim is so brokenhearted, she refuses to eat. Friday comes, and Kimberly is too weak to go to school. So Diane does go to the school, she tells Mr. Kaplan what has been happening and that she can't come to school for a while. Tommy doesn't see Kimberly in the halls or in the classes he has with her.

He goes to talk to Mr. Kaplan tells Tommy about Kimberly's condition. Tommy stops off at the Youth Center to get Kimberly a hamburger loaded with mustard and then heads over to see Kim.

When he got there, he went right up to her room. That's another thing, whenever one of them was down, the other always cheered them up.

Tommy and Kimberly's Relationship Chapter 9: Adoption, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

That's the way to go in a relationship. Tommy looks so hot in the hat! I think he does anyway! My favorite picture of all time! It marked the beginning of a relationship that would become the very first Here's one last happy pic of Tommy and Kim kissing under the mistletoe.

tommy and kimberly relationship

After Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers he had lost hope of ever coming back to the team. Yet, thanks to Zordon, Tommy came back stronger than ever as the White Ranger, hoping to fight alongside his friends and win Kimberly's heart once again.

Tommy and Kimberly's Relationship Chapter 2: The Breakup, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

Once Tommy was revealed the new powerful White Ranger, Kim fainted from disbelief. When she woke up, she looked into her lover's beautiful chocolate brown eyes and thus their romance continued.

He saw them coming towards his car. This was definitely the downside to be living next door to his parents. If he tells his parents that they don't like this. His and Kimberly's parents will make them move back home until they are Kim looked in the mirror and saw the two sleeping girls who are exhausted after their day of shopping.

Tommy stopped the car in the driveway. Robin and Patrick saw the girls. How did anyone let you two adopt? He regretted saying that, the moment the words left his mouth.

How responsible can 2 teenagers really be, to adopt 2 small children? Kimberly took Melody out of her car seat and went around to the other side of the car to grab Cassidy's carrier. After Kim went inside, Tommy was standing their alone with his parents.

tommy and kimberly relationship

Tommy knew this wasn't going to go good. He is still seventeen, and his parents can still force him to move back home. Tommy followed his parents into his old house and they laid into him. The house will still be there after you are Kimberly and I are perfectly capable of caring for the girls. Any problems and you will be back to living here and we will take care of those girls.

Tommy got home and Kim was waiting for him. Your parents will probably also be watching us as well. Mom wants us to move in there.