Touka and kaneki relationship tips

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touka and kaneki relationship tips

Kaneki in turn viewed her as someone important to him and tried to put her out of harm's way. He responded aggressively to anyone who had. Initially, the two maintained a neutral relationship between that of waitress and After regaining his memories, Kaneki met Touka in Cochlea and he He provides advice to Kaneki when the latter faces a crisis, and told. Touka Kirishima: The series' heroine and Kaneki's senpai in compulsory to heal by forming a parent-child relationship with his senior partner.

Since Amon only becomes more prominent in the series with time, Kaneki's kindness looks to have longstanding consequences.

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However, things go from bad to worse when Kaneki gets captured and tortured by an especially nasty Ghoul named Jason. Kaneki had already been struggling to reconcile his morality with his new cannibalistic existence, but he goes a bit bonkers after this hellish experience, flipping to instinctive brutality as his way of navigating the world.

At this point there's a deviation between the anime and the manga — in the anime, Kaneki takes Jason's place at the Terrorist Ghoul organization Aogiri Tree, while in the manga he forms his own vigilante task force. Either way, his motivation is the same: All in all, this change doesn't end up making much difference, because the story's outcome is the same. Kaneki is routinely manipulated by more experienced players, and Anteiku is destroyed in a showdown with the CCG that's gradually arranged by Aogiri Tree as part of a bid for power.

Kaneki Almost Dies While Trying To Protect Pregnant Touka

In the middle of this battle, Kaneki has another mental breakdown, as he realizes that cutting himself off from his new family to protect them by murdering all of their enemies was not the best way to handle things. In a moment of repentance for causing Anteiku's downfall and the death of his best and only human friend Hide, Kaneki allows himself to be struck down by the CCG's champion investigator, Arima. The season ends there, on a note of ambiguity regarding our hero's fate.

Fortunately, it turns out that he's just fine! Well, depending on how you define "fine". The poster for Tokyo Ghoul: We'll also have to see how much this new season retcons things fromsince it made a few choices that were incompatible with TG: While the story is simple enough to summarize, Tokyo Ghoul has a bazillion characters doing anything at any given moment, and enough of them are going to be relevant in this new season that you'll definitely need a glossary. Here's the rogue's gallery, sorted by each character's factional allegiance: Headquartered at a coffee shop, they're eventually destroyed in a raid at the end of the second season.

The series' heroine and Kaneki's senpai in compulsory cannibalism. She has a rough and tough exterior but can be surprisingly nice once you get to know her.

Extremely protective of the people she cares about. A kind and gentle girl who becomes the first person to befriend Kaneki in his new life. When her mother is murdered by CCG investigator Kureo Mado, she and Touka are forced to kill him in turn, initiating Hinami into the violence that follows life as a Ghoul. An upperclassman at Kaneki's college and one of the first Ghouls that he meets. While they were enemies at first, the two come to an understanding in order to rescue Nishiki's human girlfriend.

A quiet older brother figure in Anteiku. He still hangs out with Touka post-time skip. Anteiku's boss and owner.

touka and kaneki relationship tips

He advocates for peaceful relations between humans and Ghouls, using his exceptional strength to maintain Anteiku's status as a neutral power in the Ghoul turf wars. Some time in the past, he fathered a half-human child, who's currently the Aogiri Tree member Eto.

Unfortunately, they don't care much to distinguish between violent and non-violent targets. A young investigator and the series' deuteragonist.

Touka Kirishima

While he starts out the series hating Ghouls due to a traumatic experience in his childhood, his encounters with Kaneki have led to him question that hatred. He's left distraught after the death of his first partner and surrogate father-figure, Kureo Mado. Afterward, he forms a strong quasi-romantic bond with his new partner, Mado's daughter Akira. He's MIA after the final battle. A talented young investigator who takes up her father's position after his death.

While she starts off resenting Amon for failing to save her dad, they end up working through their grief together and form a strong personal bond.

touka and kaneki relationship tips

She survived the final battle. A strange young man who was raised by Ghouls to participate in gladiatorial death matches. At some point, the CCG rescued him and decided to put his psychopathic skills to use in hunting Ghouls. While his trauma has left him with a childish demeanor and morbid interests, he begins to heal by forming a parent-child relationship with his senior partner. While that partner is left comatose following the final battle, Juuzou lives to fight another day.

A good-natured young investigator from the same graduating class as Akira who harbors an inferiority complex to her and Amon. He takes out a surrendered Kaneki during the final battle.

Besides participating in basic turf wars, they seem to be cooking up a greater scheme for even more power.

touka and kaneki relationship tips

They're led by two legendarily dangerous Ghouls: This executive of the gang has the appearance of a small and friendly woman. In the second season, she's revealed to be Yoshimura's half-breed daughter, as well as the most dangerous Ghoul ever encountered by the CCG, the One-Eyed Owl. Unfortunately, that objective was woefully idealist, as Kaneki has lost several comrades in successive battles.

Even the kind Hide died in his arms TT. Massacre after massacre, Kaneki has been able to survive and become a leader and symbol of hope in the underworld. It was not an easy path from outcast to respected ghoul.

Because Touka has a harsh double life amazon jp What about Touka then? Well, she has been a fugitive for most of her life.

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The CCG targeted her family, killed her father, and keeps tracking her! So, although Touka knows how to conceal her ghoul abilities well, she is in constant alert. Just imagine going to high-school and having a part time job as a waitress while you have to be ready for a deadly attack on you all the time. Our Touka is a ghoul who has been treated unkindly even by a bird she was raising when she was little.

As for the ghouls, Touka is viewed as a cold person who pushes others especially Kaneki to not be weak. For her, to keep their identities secret is a priority, and that is why she is also very effective in battle.

touka and kaneki relationship tips

Touka can be very violent towards enemies when there is danger! However, with time she becomes a little bit warmer. Thus… once she treat Kaneki more, would it not make sense for her to be more empathic with him? He has become a more proactive guy after all.


Just give Kaneki a chance, Touka! Because tough love gets tiring over time amazon jp Actually, Touka beats the hell out of Kaneki the very first time they met because he is the only half ghoul in existence and Touka distrusts others easily, so… they are an explosive combination. Touka even bullied Kaneki at first in the beginning for his being a half ghoul and lost patience for his ignorance of the underground world.