Twilight and spike relationship problems

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twilight and spike relationship problems

Critics often acknowledge but quickly dismiss this issue. allessandra Stanley, and Twilight send to women about “ideal” relationships, Bishop remarks that “the Both Spike and angel—our principal vampire romantic leads in both Buffy and . We accept Twilight/Spike in any kind of relationship. Romantic Put everything in the right folder, be nice, report the problems, and you'll be good to go! And last . How will their relationship change? When Twilight Sparkle woke up that morning, she could see a thick blanket of snow .. "No problem.

However, on this night, something different happened. Twilight was awoken by a very unusual sensation. At first, she thought little of it, simply believing it was Spike shifting in his sleep.

twilight and spike relationship problems

But then, she felt his legs clamp down on her back. Now, she was confused- was he having a dream about riding her? All that confusion dissipated when she felt him grind his hips against her spine. She blushed- oh goodness, he was… he was… humping her! Twilight wasn't sure if she wanted to laugh or cry. She had read extensively on the biology, life cycle, and behavior of dragons after first hatching Spike, to the point where she could quote several books on the subjects almost verbatim.

One of the books had said that dragons started puberty fairly early. Signs of that were apparent- Twilight was well aware of Spike's fixation of Rarity, knew about the numerous pictures of her he kept under the cushion in his basket, and had read more than a few naughty entries in his diary she swore that it fell open on that page when she was gathering Spike's sheets for the laundry. Sometimes, when she woke up in the mornings before him, she would even see his small erection unashamedly standing tall as he slept.

She certainly wouldn't judge him for any of that- she had her own share of diary entries, dreams, and daydreams that she wasn't exactly keen on sharing with others.

twilight and spike relationship problems

Her understanding did nothing to dampen her shock when she heard her own name leave Spike's mouth. She lay still for a few moments, paralyzed with indecision as Spike continued to violate her back. Should she wake him up and embarrass him, or simply ignore it and let him… have his way with her? No, she had to stop him. If she was lucky, maybe he wouldn't even realize what had happened.

She reached back her hoof and gently began to shake Spike. He looked up at her, down at himself, then back up at her. Before she could stop him, he suddenly scrambled to the edge of the bed. Twilight asked, inching closer to him. I won't get upset. Just- …forget about it. Spike was growing up- she had been preparing for this for a long time. She wouldn't judge him because of his hormones any more than he would have if their situations had been reversed. But she was the last pony she expected Spike to have… those kinds of dreams about.

She couldn't imagine what had been going through his head, partly because she really didn't want to, but also because she didn't think he thought of her that way. But if he did think of her like that, then that could- "…Twilight, Twilight! Feeling a little embarrassed, she shook her head and said, "No, nothing's wrong.

Now, what were you saying? Um, let me think…" In truth, Twilight didn't need anything- all she wanted was Spike out of the house, if only for a few minutes. Can you remember all that?

Twilight was finally alone. Almost as soon as the door closed, she rushed up to the bedroom, lifted up the blankets of Spike's bed, and slowly lifted his journal out. She simply stared at the cover for several moments, unsure if she should really do this. This was invading Spike's privacy- if he ever found out what she had done, there was no telling what he might do. She might even lose him.

But she had to know. She just had to. And with that, she opened the diary, and began to read. Unsurprisingly, she opened up to an entry talking about Rarity. She briefly skimmed through it before turning the page to another entry. Another entry on Rarity- she skimmed through, noting that Spike was rather… imaginative. She flipped to another entry. To her surprise, this one wasn't about Rarity- rather, it was about Fluttershy. She flipped through entry after entry. There seemed to be several for every mare in Ponyville: Disappointed, she closed the diary and put it back on his bed.

She was just about to pull the blanket over it when she spotted something- a small notebook, wedged between the cushion and the side of the basket. With care, she lifted it up with magic- the cover was well-worn and the pages were yellowed with age.

It was clear that this notebook was much older than the first. She opened it- to her shock, she opened to an entry talking about her. She flipped to another one. But no matter what page she flipped to, what entry she read, it would always talk about her. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. It was a journal, dedicated to her… and her alone. She flipped to a random entry in the journal. She was surprised- if Spike had been imaginative in the previous journal, he was going all out in this one.

And she was surprised to see just how romantic he was at heart. But looking more closely, Twilight could see that the journal wasn't entirely about her; intermixed with various romantic and… sexual scenarios were entries that left his feelings bare: Anger at himself for being unable to express his attraction to her, fear that she would reject his affections or worse become upset because of them, embarrassment from being attracted to pony rather than a dragon… Twilight had to sit down- she had no idea that Spike had such a strong maelstrom of emotion swirling around inside of him.

How long had he been holding these feelings inside of him? She flipped to the beginning- judging from the childlike, almost illegible scrawling she found there, it may have been for as long as they had known each other. As she read, trembling, she eventually came across what appeared to be a letter, addressed directly to her. Dear Twilight, If you're reading this, then you probably already know about how I feel about you.

I really, really wanted to tell you some of this, but I've just been too scared. I thought maybe you'd be angry with me. I even thought you might throw me out if I ever told you how I feel about you.

I know it's not natural for me to have feelings about you the way I do, but I just can't help it. You must think I'm some kind of sick freak and that I need help. But I can't help it. If you could see yourself the way I see you, maybe you'd understand. If you could see just how strong and smart and beautiful and amazing you really are, maybe you'd understand. I love you so much that it hurts.

And I wish that just once, I could tell you that. But I'm too afraid. And I know it's selfish of me to want more than what I have now. You must think- She couldn't go on. She shut the journal, tears flowing freely down her face. There must have been signs, signs that she somehow overlooked, however much she didn't want to admit it.

Suddenly, the door creaked downstairs. Twilight, where'd you go? As she walked over to him, he asked, "What were you doing up there, Twilight? I don't want the snow to ruin it. Anyway, I got the supplies you wanted. There's something I need to tell you. I know I don't tell you very often- well, actually, I hardly ever tell you anymore… but I just wanted to say that I love you.

It's only four words: I love you too. You can do it. But in spite of how badly he wanted to, Spike just couldn't bring himself to say those four small words. She held him for several long moments; eventually though, he said, "…Twilight? I think we should get started on your studies.

She then made her way to her research material and began flipping through a large book. The Life Cycle of Stars. Spike was fast asleep. She sat up in her bed, trying her hardest to build up the resolve she needed for what she was about to do.

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She loved Spike dearly, but it hadn't been in a romantic sense. It wasn't because he was a dragon, or even because he was a baby dragon- more than anything else, it was because she saw him as her little brother. But despite her own aversions, it was clear that Spike didn't feel the same way about her- and from what she had read in his journal, he'd been harboring those feelings for her long before he really understood them.

Twilight shook her head- she had to do this.

twilight and spike relationship problems

Though his journal had given her an idea, she couldn't possibly imagine the loneliness Spike must have felt for all those years. She promised that Spike would never feel that way again.

Spike was sprawled on her mattress snoring- she couldn't help but notice how cute he looked as he slept. It made things that much easier. She took a deep breath- it was now, or never. Slowly, she leaned herself down and kissed Spike… on the lips. She pulled away after a moment, and her heart melted as the corners of Spike's mouth turned up in a smile. Before she could stop herself, she bent down again, pulling Spike into a much deeper kiss.

Her tongue probed around his small mouth; it had a rather sharp mineral aftertaste, but right now she didn't mind it in the least.

Twilight had a long list of things she wanted to do in her life- kissing a dragon hadn't been one of them, but if she'd known it would have been like this, she would have added it on sooner.

Meanwhile, Spike was having a most wonderful dream- Twilight had swept him off his feet and was kissing him. He had plenty of dreams like this, but this one was so much better! It felt so real, he could hardly believe it. But suddenly, his eyes opened. He breathed a disappointed sigh now that the dream was over but… but the sensation remained.

He blinked, confused- the darkness above him faded, revealing he was face to face with… Twilight. Wait a minute… Twilight was kissing him! Now he was confused. He tried to pull back, but she was firmly pressed down on him- he brought up his hands, trying in vain to push Twilight away. Twilight was suddenly brought out of her musings by several muffled cries and something pushing against her muzzle. She opened her eyes- Spike's eyes were wide open, staring directly into hers, as he flailed and struggled to push Twilight away.

twilight and spike relationship problems

She hadn't planned on waking him up, but if she played her cards right, then maybe… just maybe, things would turn out okay. She closed her eyes, and deepened her kiss. His struggling slowed before ultimately coming to a stop, and his panicked cries became low, almost pitiful moans of pleasure.

Twilight finally broke the kiss, leaving Spike gasping for breath. As he tried to make his heart settle down, he rested his arm over his eyes and said out loud, "This has to be a dream.

He locked eyes with her again; when he did, Twilight wondered why she'd never noticed just how cute he was until now. But Twilight, I thought-" She silenced him by resting a hoof over his mouth. If there's anything you want from me? Well, your wish is my command. He kissed back, his small tongue dancing awkwardly around her much larger one.

He felt like the luckiest dragon in the whole world and nothing could change that, even if this turned out to only be a dream. Oh, poor thing, he was obviously smitten with her. Then I grabbed all these gems that I was gonna give a certain somepony and started comfort eating. Plus, what happens after you finish this fan-comic? It's not like there is some form of magic communication that lets you spread your story to other ponies.

None of my friends understand the pain of loving someone who won't love you back. Well, except for…" "….

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Except for who Spike? No longer able to suppress his feelings or tears, Spike started wailing. Starlight looked at the weeping dragon with eyes of empathy and stated "I know how it feels to love someone who doesn't love you the same way. With the same pony. Wow, no wonder Starlight was so bitter about him when she first told me and Twilight about him.

Wait, she said it happened twice. It was great, and my old feelings for him started to reignite. I wanted to take our relationship to the next level, I wanted to see if he would like to start a long-distance relationship with me.

twilight and spike relationship problems

Starlight struggled to hold back the tears welling in her eyes. He sounds super-duper happy in his new relationship and part of me is happy that my oldest friend is happy. But…but…" Starlight's sentence was interrupted by tears and sobbing. It didn't last long though.

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The unicorn sighed once again. I know what it's like to be rejected by someone you love. On top of the heartbreak he was dealing with, now he felt awful that his new friend also was going through an incredibly similar experience. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I might be going through a lot emotionally, but I have friends to support me.

Like you, just now. And Twilight has really encouraged me. I know that eventually, when I've grown enough, I'll meet the right pony for me. And the same goes to you Spike.

But it quickly filled him with comfort and helped him realize that what Starlight was saying was true. Things were going to be just fine.

This, in turn, brought a smile to Starlight's face. Which encouraged Spike even more. Wow, Starlight's a great friend.

I can't remember the last time somepony showed this much concern for me! I'm glad I was able to cheer her up and see her…her lovely smile. Almost as lovely as that mane style. Time froze for Spike. Standing there, for the first time, he saw the unicorn before him in a whole new light. Spike rushed into his bedroom. After locking the door, he plopped down onto his bed and sighed.

Why did this have to happen now…. So yeah, if you are one of my long time readers, you may be wondering why I haven't updated my Total Drama fics in over a year. The short answer is I couldn't do that while also attending college and working a part-time job. But now that I'm not working that part-time job I have some more time to write. I'll see if I can get a few new chapters of Total Drama Fan-Fiction Theater written before the end of August, but I want to focus my attention on this story for now.

Speaking of this story, it actually started life in my head as a Total Drama one-shot about Cody. It would have been really depressing.