Up ellie and carl relationship with god

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up ellie and carl relationship with god

If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, would He really create a world like this What I thought was the most touching was Carl and Ellie's relationship!. Ellie Fredricksen is Carl Fredricksen's late wife in Up. Her idol (along with Carl) was Charles F. Muntz. Her life with Carl and subsequent death were what inspired Carl to embark on his adventure in the film. Today, I've decided that I'll be discussing about the lovely and heartwarming relationship of Carl and Ellie from Disney•Pixar's "UP". Anyway.

up ellie and carl relationship with god

Carl and Ellie are soulmates and it was if they were destined to grow old together, which is something so pure and true to real life and is all in all breathtaking to watch. Their relationship is truly one of the best subjects incorporated in UP and I should also note here that their relationship is one of the key reasons why UP is one of my top favorite Pixar movies.

They started out as the most unpredictable of friends as children and as they grew up, their relationship blossomed magnificently.

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We watch Carl cherish a simple yet special and meaningful little grape soda bottle cap given by Ellie in their youth, and throughout their time together and even after her death, he treasures this simple object with all of his heart because of the fact that his true love had gifted him it.

In my opinion, they have such a pure and heartwarming relationship full of joy and happiness for the time that they were together.

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Carl never stopped loving and treasuring Ellie even after her decease. She was his true love, and Carl was hers. Carl cherishes everything that reminds him of Ellie and wishes to carry out and succeed in accomplishing their goal in life of reaching Paradise Falls and living their together.

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Along the way, of course, we see him learn to let go of his past and have a new adventure and appreciate the surrounding people who care about him like Russell, Kevin and Dug. Despite Carl learning this new lesson of going out to have a new adventure, he never forgets Ellie and always remembers how much she loved him and he will always love her no matter what. During the beginning of UP, we watch them have lovely and sweet picnics together, have bundles of fun building and designing their dream home, as well as enjoy their jobs together.

Contents [ show ] Up Ellie was Carl's childhood sweetheart and wife. Her idol along with Carl was Charles F.

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Her life with Carl and subsequent death were what inspired Carl to embark on his adventure in the film. Biography Early Life Young Ellie In her youth age 8Ellie met Carl who was 9 and they instantly became best friends; she passionately shared with him her dreams of travelling to South America, along with her desire to move her clubhouse -- an abandoned house in the neighborhood -- to a cliff overlooking Paradise Fallsmaking Carl promise to help her; a moment that left a deep and lasting impression on him.

Adult Life Ellie lying down next to Carl as a young adult Years later, Ellie and Carl as young adults married each other and decided to turn her old clubhouse into their new home, then became employees of the local zoo a zookeeper and a balloon salesman respectively. Their marriage was a happy and loving one, and they looked forward to starting a family together.

Alas, Ellie suffered a miscarriage and learned that she was sterile and could not have children; the tragedy broke her heart.

up ellie and carl relationship with god

Carl then showed Ellie her old Adventure Book to remind her of the childhood promise that brought them together, quickly bringing her out of her depression.

Over the intervening years they made several attempts to save up for the trip, but other pressing needs in their lives forced them to keep spending their earnings.

Ellie and Carl in their elderly years Death Ellie eventually forgot about the promise as her and Carl's marriage continued to flourish blissfully into old age.