Us and paraguay relationship

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us and paraguay relationship

U.S.-Paraguay Trade Facts. In , Paraguay GDP was an estimated $ billion (current market exchange rates); real GDP was up by an estimated %;. The United States and Paraguay have an extensive relationship at the government, business, and personal. U.S.-PARAGUAY RELATIONS. The United States established diplomatic relations with Paraguay in , approximately fifty years after.

Assistance to Paraguay The U. Government aids the Government of Paraguay in stemming corruption, creating jobs, reducing rural poverty, and countering international criminal organizations operating in the country. A particular emphasis is placed on supporting vulnerable groups such as women, girls, indigenous peoples, and youth.


Bilateral Economic Relations Paraguay has a small but rapidly growing open economy with a strong macroeconomic position and the potential for continued growth over the next decade. Major drivers of economic growth in Paraguay are the agriculture, retail, and construction sectors.

us and paraguay relationship

There is a large subsistence sector and a large underground re-export sector, including the import of goods from Asia and the United States for re-export to neighboring countries. The United States is one of the largest foreign investors in Paraguay.

U.S. Department of State

More than a dozen U. More than 80 U. Paraguay and the United States discuss investment and trade priorities under a new Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, a bilateral mechanism to advance common investment and trade objectives.

us and paraguay relationship

The United States has played important roles in defending Paraguay's democratic institutions, in helping resolve the April crisis, and in ensuring that the March change of government took place without further bloodshed.

More than a dozen U. These include firms in the computer, agro-industrial, telecom, banking, and other service industries. Government has assisted Paraguayan development since Its objective is to reduce corruption and strengthen the rule of law. Since Marchthe U. Agency for International Development USAID provides technical assistance in the areas of democracy and governance, economic growth, health, and the environment.

us and paraguay relationship

USAID supports democracy and good governance by working closely with the judicial branch and civil society organizations to strengthen the mechanisms that detect and prevent corruption. USAID provides support for small and medium-sized enterprises in Paraguay to increase sales and reduce poverty through job creation with emphasis on rural producers.

This program had been reduced in recent years and was phased out in In response to a growing number of environmental challenges, including massive deforestation and threats to freshwater resources and biodiversity, USAID works with diverse stakeholders to form alliances and mobilize additional resources to support the sustainable management of key and specific vulnerable areas in Paraguay. Department of State, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Treasury provide technical assistance, equipment, and training to strengthen counternarcotics enforcement, combat trafficking in persons, promote respect for intellectual property rights, and to assist in the development and implementation of money laundering legislation and counterterrorism legislation.

The countries also discussed joint work in creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States and Paraguay. The Peace Corps opened its program in Paraguay in ; since that time nearly 3, Volunteers have served in Paraguay.

Department of Defense DOD and the Massachusetts National Guard provide technical assistance and training to help modernize and professionalize the military, including by promoting respect for human rights and obedience to democratically elected civilian authorities.

Putting the training into practice, Paraguay sent its first UN peacekeepers--a company of engineers--to Haiti in December A larger engineering company replaced them in December to continue that work.

History of the U.S. and Paraguay

Paraguayan armed forces have conducted joint training with the United States. In Paraguay agreed to allow U. Before being granted access by Paraguay, the United States had been refused entry rights by both Brazil and Argentina.

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The area is notorious for drug and other smuggling, including trafficking in persons, intellectual piracy, document forgery, counterfeit cigarette manufacturing and loose border controls, especially at the Friendship Bridge connecting Paraguay with Brazil. A priority concern for that region is terrorist fundraising, especially by Hezbollah. Funding from the Enhanced International Peacekeeping Cooperation EIPC program had facilitated the training of over observers and peacekeepers and the deployment of approximately Paraguayans in support of peacekeeping operations in this hemisphere and Africa.

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Separately, ODC has also launched an outreach program, leveraging the State Partnership Program, designed to encourage the military to build institutional links with legislators in part through visits by Paraguayan Congressmen as well as Flag officers from the Joint Staff and Ministry of Defense with their counterparts in the US.