Vince mcmahon and shane relationship

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Vince And Shane McMahon's Relationship

vince mcmahon and shane relationship

We're live from backstage at RAW in Baltimore as Mick Foley is joined by Shane McMahon. Foley says this is pretty big and Shane is excited. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Vince McMahon's Relationship With His Vince, Shane, and Stephanie have not only overseen hundreds of. So throughout this list, we shall take a look at 18 little-known facts about the relationship between Shane and Stephanie with their father, Vince.

The best solution Vince could find was to allow his kids to hang out backstage at WWE events from a very early age. There are pros and cons to letting young kids hang out with violent brutes, but one pro at least is that all the kids are going to be safe, since everyone knows their careers would be over if anything happened to them.

Another pro for young Stephanie at least is that she would go on to claim Andre The Giant was her best friend. Of course, most fans would think Stephanie has since made a more significant wrestler friend, and more on that later.

Raven has a reputation as a heavy drinker and partier in general, and Shane would try to match Raven in his indulgences and often wind up excessively drunk very early in the morning as a result.

Vince told Shane to cut it out, and never really forgave Raven for allowing Shane to hang out with him. Of course, that one later turned out to be a test, and Vince went on to give the couple his blessing when they proved their love by defying his orders. Vince accomplished this by putting both of his children to work practically as soon as they were capable of doing so.

vince mcmahon and shane relationship

Shane talked about the backstage atmosphere after the match in Montreal. He said that Vince took it on the chin like a man like he should have. Mick asked about the final Nitro. Mick said that he saw Stephanie in tears because the war was over. Shane talked about his relationship with his dad.

Vince was the best man at his wedding.

Vince was tough on him because his expectations are extremely high. He said that the wrestling business needed a little boost.

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He thinks Vince was hurt, shocked and proud. You can accept it or not. The conversation turned to the match at WrestleMania with The Undertaker. He and Taker are friends and they would always talk about a singles match but it never panned out in the past. He said that Taker was flattered that he would have the confidence to have the match with him. About 7 minutes before his entrance at Mania, he asked his kids to come out with him. Shane said that he got choked up seeing his kids running down to the ring with him and he was so proud to be out there.

Shane talked about the changes in the product and the new generation and he feels that the product is starting to get the buzz again. Mick asked about the jump off the cage at Mania and said that everyone thought it was a bad idea.

Mick said that he was terrified in when he flew off the cell but Shane knew the price he would pay.

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Shane did it because he felt that the match needed it. Before Mick could switch to the final topic, Shane decided that they would go longer than the allotted time on the network. This meant he got dragged into the Attitude Era's rock and roll lifestyle which tended to involve heavy drinking and big parties after shows, which often led to trouble.

This was something that Vince did not approve of in the slightest.

vince mcmahon and shane relationship

While Shane had to work hard being a referee and setting up the ring, Stephanie was also made to pay her dues, working in the WWE offices completing a bunch of different tasks in order to work her way up the corporate ladder.

Stephanie worked for the WWE sales office in New York where she was a receptionist, a creative designer, and a producer before she ever made it onto TV as an on-screen character.

vince mcmahon and shane relationship

But even though Shane is close with many high profile names, he chose his own father, Vince McMahon to be his best man for his wedding, showing just how close the pair really are. You can only imagine how amazing the best man speech would have been from Vince, with his promo abilities he would have been able to tell some incredible stories that surely left the guests in stitches.

As you can see in the photo above, Vince used Stephanie to pose with different wrestlers shirts in order to help sell them to people, putting his daughter to work at a very young age and teaching her all about the working life.

While people might see it as cruel that Vince had Stephanie working from as young as she was, it is also sweet that he thought she was pretty enough to do the job and it will no doubt have taught her plenty of life lessons.

vince mcmahon and shane relationship

Well, Shane McMahon went one step further and got his friends jobs as professional wrestlers. This is how the Mean Street Posse was created, with Vince giving Shane's friends; Pete Gas and Rodney an opportunity, with the third spot being filled by an independent wrestler.

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