When did bianca and reese first meet

Bianca and Reese are still living happily ever after - AfterEllen

when did bianca and reese first meet

Bianca and Reese storyline from All My Children. time in Paris where she has met and shares a home with a successful architect, Reese Williams. as well as the first legal same-sex wedding and marriage, on an American soap opera. Yes, All My Children actually seems to be letting Bianca and Reese have a fairly normal relationship — at least as normal as is possible for a. Reese Williams and Bianca Montgomery are fictional characters and a lesbian couple from the . While bringing their ideas together, they tried to make sure they did not make Reese into Zach Slater comes to Paris and meets Reese. . Reese and Bianca are the first same-sex couple to become engaged for marriage on.

Zach and Reese worked closely together while Zach's wife Kendall was in a coma. Erica suspected that Reese was attracted to Zach and tried to protect both her daughters from the pain she believed Reese was about to inflict on their family. Erica planted doubts about Reese with Bianca but the women remained engaged. Bianca and Reese were reminded how much they meant to one another after Bianca's brother Josh returned to Pine Valley.

He posed as an architecture student and questioned Reese about the casino's security.

when did bianca and reese first meet

Josh returned later and attempted to rob the casino but his plans were thwarted. He briefly took Reese hostage at gunpoint but he was shot before he could escape with her.

Bianca and Reese were grateful they each escaped unharmed and eagerly anticipated exchanging wedding vows alongside Ryan and Greenlee. The connection between Reese and Zach remained strong even after Kendall emerged from her coma.

Kendall immediately sensed the closeness between her husband and Reese and heeded Erica's words of caution regarding her. Kendall was also angry when she learned that Zach had fathered Bianca and Reese's child and she used her anger as a reason to force Reece and Bianca out of her house.

Reese and Bianca moved into a suite at the casino as their wedding day drew near.

  • Bianca and Reese are still living happily ever after

At the rehearsal dinner, Kendall and Erica made it clear to Reese that she was not being welcomed into their family with open arms. Reese reacted to the pressure and calmed herself with a few drinks. Zach found Reese and offered her comfort and they kissed. Immediately afterward, they admitted it was a mistake because they were in love with other people.

Reese Williams and Bianca Montgomery

Although Reese and Zach had agreed to keep their kiss private, they were unaware Ryan witnessed it. Ryan shared what he saw with Greenlee and she refused to be married alongside Reese and Bianca.

Greenlee claimed she was ill and she and Ryan pulled out of the double wedding but Bianca and Reese carried on with the ceremony. Zach and Kendall did not attend the ceremony but Kendall showed up at the reception. She announced that Greenlee had been killed in an accident and was presumed dead and it was Reese's fault. Kendall explained that Greenlee had taken off on a motorcycle after she learned about the kiss between Zach and Reese and had been forced off the road by an oncoming car.

Bianca was shocked by the news about Greenlee and Reese's involvement with Zach and she pushed her away. Bianca returned to Paris and Reese worried that Bianca would keep their daughter from her. She planned to quietly leave town until she found a surprising ally in Adam Chandler. He encouraged Reese to remain in Pine Valley and he offered her a place to stay.

Reese and bianca storyline?

Reese decided to stay in town to prove her love for Bianca by showing her she was committed to a life with Bianca in Pine Valley. In her quest to regain access to her daughter, Reese repeatedly asked Zach to speak to Bianca on her behalf and continually refused to become involved. During one of their heated conversations, Reese fell backward into a glass table and it shattered.

Fragments in the table flew into her eyes and rendered her temporarily blind. Reese underwent surgery to restore her vision and she emerged from the surgery with a new attitude. She confronted Kendall and Erica and promised them that someday she would be married to Bianca regardless of how they felt about her.

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Zach and Reese rush to the hospital to see Bianca, and Bianca explains that she saw them embracing. She asks if they are in love. Zach and Reese say no.

when did bianca and reese first meet

Despite this, Bianca is furious with Reese and does not want to talk with her. Reese frustratedly leaves the hospital and sends Bianca a note saying she plans to leave. After reading the note, Bianca hurries home to convince Reese to stay; she says that she loves her and knows that she is not romantically interested in Zach. Reese says that she would not have left, regardless. Zach and Reese continue to bond, and Reese and Bianca continue planning their wedding.

However, tragedy strikes when Kendall and Bianca's brother, Josh Maddenis killed by Zach after Josh has taken Reese and his family members hostage. Zach is determined to have Josh's heart be donated to Kendall, who needs a heart transplant to save her life.

Ericathe siblings' mother, makes the painful decision to take Josh off life support and donate his heart to Kendall. Kendall awakes from her coma days after her transplant. She is told of having been recently comatose, about her heart transplant, that Josh is dead and she has his heart, and of Bianca's engagement to Reese.

Kendall is naturally overwhelmed by all the news, but handles it well. When she is told of Zach having fathered Bianca's second child, she seems numb to this news also. Her family had thought she would take this particular news badly, but Kendall seems okay with it. Greenlee Kendall's best friend and Erica, however, are the only ones to believe that Kendall is not okay with Zach being the father. Kendall moves back home not long after being awake from her coma.

when did bianca and reese first meet

Reese can sense that Kendall is uneasy with her and Bianca living there. She talks with Kendall alone, but it is apparent that Kendall is distant. After their conversation, Reese leaves the room and Zach comes in.

when did bianca and reese first meet

Kendall tells Zach that she wants Reese and Bianca out of their home. Zach later obliges Kendall's wishes and sets Reese and Bianca up at his casino to stay.

Reese and Bianca get into a fight while there, but later reconcile. The day before Reese and Bianca's wedding, Kendall refuses to attend the ceremony. Zach tries to convince her to change her mind, saying that she is acting childish, but Kendall explains that he and Bianca betrayed her.

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Bianca receives word that Kendall will not be coming to her wedding and immediately rushes to Kendall's home to insist she attend. Kendall says that she will only come to the wedding as long as Bianca promises to leave for Paris soon afterward and take Reese and baby Gabrielle with her. Later that night, Reese and Bianca have a wedding rehearsal. Kendall picks up a wine glass and makes a snarky toast to Reese and Bianca but particularly to Reese. Reese becomes upset; she grabs a bottle of wine, a glass, and walks off.

Bianca follows her, but Reese wants to be alone. Zach later finds Reese and consoles her. He pulls her into a hug and then kisses her passionately; Reese kisses back.

After a few moments, with Ryan having witnessed their kiss, unknown to them, they agree that the kiss never happened and that they already have people they are deeply in love with. Ryan later confronts Zach about the kiss, but Zach says it was nothing and nonchalantly walks away from Ryan. On their wedding day, Reese and Bianca are blissfully happy before the ceremony.

Bianca feels that maybe she should stay in Pine Valley. She later tells her mother this and says that she will stay, which Kendall overhears and subsequently decides not to attend the wedding after all. Without Kendall, Reese and Bianca exchange wedding vows on February 12, Ryan, however, has called off his wedding with Greenlee after seeing Zach and Reese kiss. He tells Greenlee that he knows Zach and Reese have been sleeping together and that he does not want to be married next to them, but promises her that he will give her the wedding of her dreams.

Greenlee then tries to get in touch with Zach; she wants to know if he has really been having an affair with Reese. When Greenlee cannot get in touch with Zach, she drives off on her motorcycle in search of him. Also on the road are Zach and Kendall in a car arguing.

Kendall ends up in the wrong lane and nearly hits Greenlee. Both try to swerve out of the other's way, leaving Greenlee to drive off the road. When Greenlee's body is not found, she is presumed dead. Reese, Bianca and others soon find out about Greenlee being missing. Ryan tells Bianca that Zach and Reese have been engaging in a sexual relationship with each other. Bianca goes to Reese to tell her that their relationship and marriage is over.

She later sends Reese annulment papers, and returns to Paris with Miranda and Gabrielle. On April 24,Bianca comes back to Pine Valley after having discussed with Zach the reasons she left. After later talking over her and Reese's relationship problems with Zach and Kendall, the couple reconcile and hope that they can work their relationship out. They return to Paris together with their children, and later remarry.

InBianca returns to Pine Valley for a family emergency, and soon wants to stay. After Reese decides that she is not coming back to Pine Valley, Bianca decides to end their marriage for good and now is single. Reception and impact[ edit ] First same-sex marriage and critical praise[ edit ] Reese proposing to Bianca in American daytime's first same-sex marriage proposal.

They had an actual kiss — a real one, not a peck on the cheek," stated Warn.

when did bianca and reese first meet

Giuliano released a statement in honor of the milestone: The CNN report featured positive and negative thoughts about the wedding.

Regardless of this, they applauded ABC for featuring the ceremony. Fans immediately began speculating on who the sperm donor was, which caught the attention of soap opera press, LGBT press, and other media outlets. TV Guide reported that "nobody knows [Bianca's] in town until her brother-in-law finds her under the rubble".

And wait until everyone finds out who the 'father' is. Fans theorized that Bianca wanted a baby closely related to Miranda and asked Zach to father the child. If Bianca were already pregnant when she got to Pine Valley, then Zach could have "donated" last time Bianca was in town, even though the timing within the series did not correlate with this.

Bianca and Kendall have a strong, very close relationship. Bianca wanting a baby closely related to Miranda, whose father was a rapist and whose grandfather was a mass murderer.