Xena and aries relationship


xena and aries relationship

Meanwhile, Ares-Xena "shippers" saw Ares as redeemed by his love for Xena and many blamed subtexters for the show's failure to take the relationship further . Fanpop original article: I here to talk you the truth behind Xena & Ares relationship from the Smashed hit. Ares' relationship with Xena grew more complicated: he was still trying to win her back to the fold, but also tried to form an alliance with her to fight the demon.

She sees a group of village girls being attacked by a band of warriors. In the group is Gabrielle. Xena saves the young women and Gabrielle is left in awe of the Warrior Princess's abilities. Gabrielle follows Xena in a quest to persuade Xena to let her be her traveling companion. During the episode, Xena turns to her home town, Amphipolis, where she eventually reconciles with her mother, Cyrene. When Xena privately confides with Lyceus that it is difficult to be alone, Gabrielle—who is silently standing in the doorway of the crypt—tells her, "You're not alone.

Over time, Gabrielle becomes Xena's dearest friend. Subsequent travels and hardships[ edit ] Gabrielle and Xena become best friends, soulmates and indeed constant companions over the many adventures that follow.

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Each of the women learns from the other; Gabrielle becomes a warrior on behalf of good not evilwhile Xena develops a softer and more loving personality to balance her warrior's heart. Xena's subsequent life is marred by many tragedies.

Her son Solan, who never came to know her as his mother, is killed by HopeGabrielle's demonic child, [11] with the help of Callisto ; and Xena nearly loses Gabrielle more than once. The instances where Xena and Gabrielle almost part ways tend to result from the outside manipulations of others.

The most serious of these is, of course, the death of Xena's son at the hands of Gabrielle's demonic child, Hope. After this, Gabrielle, consumed with grief, journeys to stay with the Amazons. Xena, in turn, locates her and tries to take Gabrielle's life by throwing her over a cliff while she is in a weakened state. Xena fails in doing this, and subsequently, both women reconcile with the help of the spirit of Xena's son Solan.

Specifically, Solan creates the land of Illusia wherein, through music, both women express their grief and anger, not so much with each other, but with the traumas they have each endured. It is here that Xena confesses that she did indeed kill Ming Tien, and she admits to Solan that she is his mother and sings to him, asking forgiveness.

After this, they travel together again. Soon after the start of her journeys with Gabrielle, Xena runs into Areswho has evidently known her since her warlord days and he tries to seduce her into joining him as his Warrior Queen, efforts that she repeatedly thwarts.

He and Xena spend a night together before Marcus has to return to the other side. She sets out without delay to help her dear friend but insists that she must deal with this alone and that Gabrielle stay behind. In spite of her best efforts, she is too late to save her mentor and friend Lao Ma from being tortured to death by her own son, the emperor Ming T'ien and is crushed with the loss.

Caesar, himself, is betrayed and killed by Brutus. This event would have long-lasting effects for all involved. Essentially speaking, Callisto, now a good angel, implants her soul in Xena's unborn baby with Xena's tacit acceptance, destined to be born and fulfill her new destiny. Unfortunately, mother and daughter would have little time together, as the gods were bent on destroying the child to save themselves, as she is prophesied to bring about the Twilight of the Olympian gods and the birth of "Christianity".

In order to save her child, as well as herself and Gabrielle, they fake their deaths, [19] but their plan goes awry when Ares buries them in an ice cave, where they sleep for 25 years.

During that time, Eve is adopted by the Roman nobleman Octavius who provides for her every need and makes certain that she receives the best of everything. She grows up to become Livia, the Champion of Rome, and a ruthless persecutor of Eli's followers.

Eve's ruthless behavior may be due to the influence of Callisto's soul, but this is unclear, particularly since Callisto was purged of all the evil within her when she became an angel.

Xena fights a Japanese army by herself and they kill her. Xena, now a spirit, fights and kills Yodoshi. Xena decides to stay dead so the souls of the 40, she accidentally killed years ago can be released into a state of peace. The series ends with Gabrielle on a ship, holding Xena's ashes, and speaking with Xena's spirit. One such life is that of Arminestra, an Indian holy mother who leads a movement that preaches peace, and yet another is a woman named Melinda who, during World War II, uncovers the tomb of Ares and is possessed by the spirit of Xena to stop the God of War.

In many of those lives, she will walk a path together with her soulmate Gabrielle, furthering the cause of good against evil. Skills and abilities[ edit ] Xena has many skills that she acquired during her extensive travels to many parts of the ancient world over a period of many years. In particular, she has shown remarkable skill and prowess in hand-to-hand combat, displaying numerous acrobatic tricks and the ability to disable or otherwise kill multiple opponents at one time.

Xena has an extensive knowledge of first aid and herbal remedies that rivals that of any professional healer. Xena's signature weapon is the chakrama razor-edged throwing weapon which she often uses for ranged combat. She is usually able to deflect the chakram back towards her, allowing her to catch it. Besides being a formidable weapon, the chakram has other uses such as distracting enemies or quickly cutting distant targets such as ropes.

After breaking in half, Xena reforged her chakram as a design-variation with diameter "handles", called the " Yin-Yang " chakram. Along with her sword and chakram, she has also shown great proficiency with other weapons such as batons, daggers, and whips.

Throughout the series, Xena often utilized a signature war cry, "Alalaes". Her cry was an alternate pronunciation for "Alale" or " Alala "who in Greek mythology was the female personification of the war cry.

She has the ability to analyze her enemy's tactics and effectively formulate a response. In responding to her enemies's attacks, she shows a great deal of creativity and ingenuity; at times, she has worked with little or no resources and limited time.

Xena is well versed in military tactics such as forming a defensive perimeter, building defensive fortifications, organizing and leading troops, and cutting an enemy's supply lines. She also repeatedly demonstrates a talent for disguises, infiltration, and cryptography.

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Although the majority of her skills are martial and mental, Xena does have some supernatural abilities. On three occasions, she used telekinesis and energy projection thanks to Lao Ma's teachings. Xena also once possessed the power to kill gods through her daughter, Eve. Outside of these specific powers, Xena knows the rudiments of most other forms of magic, enough that she can effectively battle or outwit magic-wielding opponents.

In other media[ edit ] Xena has appeared in all of the series spin-offs, usually as the lead character. The animated movie Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus marks the first appearance of Xena outside of the television series. Warrior Princessoriginally released by Topp and Dark Horse Comicsand inDynamite Entertainment acquired the rights to the book upon its discovery that the show still had many fans. This resulted in Dynamite Entertainment's spin-off comic book series Xena: Contest of the Pantheons and Dark Xena.

This last takes place after the television series ended.

Evolution of the Ares–Xena Relationship

Warrior Princessand a selectable character in The Talisman of Fate. Xena has enjoyed a particular cult status in the lesbian community. I took him away from you. I kept hoping that maybe I'd run into him, somewhere. Understand -- understand myself. I know that will never be.

xena and aries relationship

If Xena is not a demigod, she should not have been able to win. Does Ares decide to reward her brilliant stratagem of claiming him as Daddy?

Does he, deep down, have a soft spot for her? Is he worried about the damage he could do to her if he used his full power? Perhaps that is why Ares gets such a nervous look when Xena challenges him, prompting Alecto to ask what he is afraid of. Or could it be all of the above? When the god warns his new protege Agathon not to underestimate Xena as others have, the brash young warlord retorts, "No, no, no, no, War God, nobody underestimates Xena.

You've got a hot spot for the killer babe, and when push comes to shove, you follow your, uh, lower instincts, know what I mean? Later, he visits the Warrior Princess to deliver a warning: I'm not gonna make any deals this time. I promised Agathon I would not interfere. If you attack, he's gonna kill you. We do not know if he is trying to stop Xena from messing up his plans or from getting hurt.

When push does come to shove, he does not intervene as promised, and thereby allows Xena to kill Agathon. Maybe he is simply swayed by her argument that a warrior whom he has to bail out is not worthy of his patronage, which would mean that his earlier warning to Xena was indeed for her benefit, and not Agathon's. Perhaps there is something more going on as well. But as always, ambiguities abound.

Xena and Aries--Aries Mourning Xenas Death----

Ares emerges here as the ultimate survivor, an opportunist who is willing to kneel before Dahak to save his hide but may well be playing his own game. When Ares tells Gabrielle that if she does not stop Xena from killing Hope, Xena will die under a deal he has made with the Fates, is he protecting Hope or making sure Gabrielle is the one who kills her? When he brags to Xena and Gabrielle about having sired Hope's demon child, is he genuinely gloating, or putting on a show for Dahak while priming Gabrielle for the kill?

The suppressed emotion in his voice as he bids Xena good-bye and says, "It's been fun" is unmistakable. Were They or Weren't They? How well did Ares and Xena know each other before the Warrior Princess turned away from the dark side? True, he has been wearing a hood, but Xena does not seem to recognize his voice either, though she does figure out who he is.

Her remark, "I used to wonder what you looked like," further suggests that she has never laid eyes on him before. While Ares says that he wants her back and that he has "missed" her, he may be talking about her having been "with him" in a symbolic sense when she served War. In support of this theory, it should be noted that none of the "Evil Xena" flashbacks show her with Ares. That can't be good for you. I wasn't the easiest warrior you ever dealt with.

Love/Hate Relationship With Xena & Ares

No, no, you never let me get away with anything. You had the nerve to question me and you never took what I said at face value. After tricking her adversary Mavican, the War God's right-hand woman wannabe, into asking for Ares' help and ensuring that he gives up on her, she explains to Gabrielle, "Years ago, Ares said to me that anyone who asked for his help doesn't deserve it.

When Ares tells her that he did not know who Livia was and "it wasn't personal", Xena replies, "It doesn't get more personal than when you corrupt my daughter the way you did me". Evil Xena and Ares did know each other, and he pursued her sexually, but without success.

When Xena, ostensibly, offers herself to Ares, he says, "I have desired you from the very first time I saw you in battle. And now, after all these years, after all these games, the cat and the mouse, will I, won't I - 'Ares, I'm yours, take me'? After Iolaus follows Callisto back in time but fails to stop her from killing Alcmene and preventing Hercules' birth, he tracks her to her next stop, just before Evil Xena's troops ravage Cirra. We see Xena in her tent, abusing a groveling king who has come to pay her tribute and chatting with the God of War, who sits behind her.

While this scene takes place in an alternate time-line in which Hercules was never born, it happens at a point in time when Xena was still a vicious warlord in the "real" world as well, before she would have met Hercules and seen the light.

Until then, her life in the alternate universe should have been no different than it "really" was, and if so, the scene can be regarded as an Evil Xena flashback showing her with Ares.

xena and aries relationship

The only possible counter-argument is that in a Herc-less universe, Ares would have had more time and energy to play with his "number one femme". Yet surely, his skirmishes with Hercules could not have kept him that busy. A Creation Entertainment photo from this scene shows Ares, evidently wearing nothing but a dreamy expression on his face, with his legs draped around Xena, who is adjusting her leathers and smiling a catlike smile.

Obviously, a scene cut from an episode cannot be considered a part of "canon", but it still raises the question of whether Xena and Ares were almost shown to have been lovers.

Cruel, heartless, merciless -- Xena!