Zim and dib relationship marketing

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zim and dib relationship marketing

See more. Adorkable Gir Invader Zim Vinyl Decal. $, via Etsy. AWWWW. Gir From Page 68 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages. Dib and Zim are usually portrayed as mortal enemies, sometimes as rivals, and occasionally reluctant allies. As the series progresses, they both develop a. Dib,. Simkin, Pride and Ferell (), define sponsorship as, “the financial or material support of an organization. .. marketing relationship not donation.

Since he ruined the first Operation Impending DoomZim is twice as determined to earn the respect of the Almighty Tallest. On Zim's very first day of SkoolDib immediately spotted him as an alien, causing Zim to panic.

However, when the other skoolchildren did not believe Dib, he calms down.

zim and dib relationship marketing

Throughout the series, Zim views Dib as nothing more than an annoyance, never regarding him as an actual threat to the mission, until late in the series. At times, he does acknowledge Dib's genius, however, this is usually followed by an insult, degrading him for constantly being caught.

Later in the series, Zim begins to associate taking over the Earth with Dib's defeat, with good reason; Dib is the only one defending the Earth.

zim and dib relationship marketing

In vice versa, he sees getting rid of the child as a ticket to the quick conquering of Earth. In the cancelled episode " Mopiness of Doom ", it would have been revealed that without Dib to try and stop him, Zim would become bored and lethargic, losing all motivation for taking over the Earth. Zim seemed very excited that Dib had returned to his old self at the end of the episode. However, despite seeming to need Dib in order to be motivated to take over the Earth, ZIM has no qualms if physical harm were to come to Dib.

In fact, it seems to bring him great joy and entertainment. In Issue 13 of the comics, Dib had been abducted by aliens. They threatened to hurt Dib if Zim did not give them his humongoserum. Zim also mentions he plans to destroy Tak after using her to study human affection, which hints that he has never cared for her at all. An early unpublished animation shows Zim kissing her hand out of respect, and her smiling and giving him a big hug before they walk off together, but Jhonen immediately disapproved it and it was left out of the final version of the 'love montage'.

Unseen Events Had the series continued, Tak would have reappeared, making her a recurring villain trying to get in Zim's way. In " Top of the Line ", she would have entered a competition among the other Invaders, during which their SIR Units would be put through a series of tests like a dog show or athletic competition. Because the script was never recovered, her interaction with Zim during the course of the episode is to be determined. Also, Tak would've been accused of conspiracy to commit genocide on her own people in exchange for Zim's defeat, which he would immediately accuse her of treason.

Yet, it's unclear if Tak would have sided with Dib and the Resisty. Zim recognizes her ship during both encounters he has with it, although he makes no comment on her or how Dib got the ship. Facts of Doom Outside of the Invader Zim universe, fans like to ship Zim and Tak together as if they were in a relationship. This pairing is known as ZATR. Accordingly, he had filled out to match his new height.

Dib had been impressed, he had to say, by what Irkens looked like when at human proportions. Zim had a shapely, slender form with curved hips and a rounded bottom.

The human had been unable to stop grinning as the alien had stood up and examined his body. He hadn't noticed that his uniform had torn around the seams until Dib had gasped out in shock all over again. As the uniform had been nearly ripped off, Dib had gotten to see just what Zim looked like naked. He had stared, speechless, at the surprisingly attractive slit that smoothed up the other's front. Before he could take a closer look, however, Zim had figured out he was basically naked and had quickly clothed himself in a spare jacket that he'd used as a disguise in the previous years.

The thing at been tight around his hips, but covered his privates. Shortly thereafter, Zim had radioed in to his Tallest to receive new uniforms and everything, as well as to explain his increased height. From that moment on, the war between the two seemed to become an unspoken matter.

On Dib's part, he was far too curious about Irkens to want to kill the only one he knew.

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For Zim, he needed help adjusting to human life more then he'd assumed, so he kept around the only one he could trust. They both knew that perhaps one day they would be facing each other with lasers and guns again, should the Armada ever actually arrive.

Until then, though, they shook hands on a truce. To that end, they both decided they needed some sort of leverage over the other to continue with their brutal friendship. Zim had implanted a chip into Dib's neck that would blow the human's head off should the signal from Zim's Pak shut off for over a week; that was only possible if the alien died. Dib, on the other hand, had taken several photographs of Zim without his disguise and of the Voot Cruiser that proved without a doubt that he was an alien.

Should Zim ever betray Dib, he could turn him in and he would be dissected. Should Dib ever betray Zim, his head would explode a week later. To sweeten the deal, both of them had given the other coordinates to their home town as well as some juicy gossip. Dib admitted that he had sabotaged the launching of an alien communicator because he wanted to be the first to communicate with aliens.

Zim confessed to having cheated his way through his piloting exam by blowing up his trainer because he wouldn't be allowed to become an Invader with shoddy piloting scores. With that blackmail in place, the two's relationship had evolved from a screaming match to a bittersweet friendship.

The two still got into tiffs about Earth and human things. However, they also goofed off by playing virtual video games by launching mini Voot cruisers into space and piloting them from their own homes. They scribbled notes back and forth from class to class about idle gossip. Zim introduced Dib to the Tallest and enlisted him in spying on the other Invaders. Dib taught Zim about Earth and asked him to help play pranks on school bullies.

Together, they grew up during a six year long friendship. They had inside jokes, memories, and secrets that they kept between just the two of them. They called each other at random when bored, visited the other's house for long periods of time, and even developed pseudo pet names; Zimmy and Dibbie, respectfully.

They had, dare he think it, become friends.

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For that reason alone, Dib didn't do anything remotely paranormal while he sat on that metal block something in the middle of Zim's base. He twirled his fingers around the silky smooth black locks of the wig still held in his hands. The alien, though, typed away on the massive keyboard in the center of the control station. An Irken symbol then appeared on the screen much like a dial tone. There was a pause, then an alien dressed in a jacket that covered his mouth appeared on the screen.

Dib arched an eyebrow at the random communication tech, briefly wondering if Zim was having issues sending out a signal to his mothership.

The tech stared at Zim for a second before both hesitantly saluted one another out of respect for the other's position. Dib snickered under his breath, having dealt with Zim's antics long enough to be used to his frequent changes in pitch and habit of speaking in third and first person interchangeably.

Clearly, this alien was not, for it took him about three tries to get out what he was attempting to say, he was so flustered, " The Tallest are not aboard the Massive, Zim. He waved his hand dismissively at the tech, " Impossible. The Tallest would never leave on the day of my report. You must be mistaken.

I demand you patch me through to them and cease with these silly little games," " Zim. Dib wanted to tell the tech to save himself the trouble and just cut the transmission, but he didn't. He knew better then to interrupt one of Zim's intergalactic phone calls. I'm telling you, they're not here! I have other calls to patch through!

Zim was beginning to grow agitated, his antennae slicking back in apparent anger. The human smiled to himself as he petted the wig in a semi amused way, " So, have a good day," " No! He blinked and stared up at the thing in shock, his face nearly blank of all emotion. Letting out a wild, meaningless wail, he slammed his fists into the dark glass, " No!

zim and dib relationship marketing

I prepared all night looooong for this transmission! I have the Dib! I have a really cool introduction! ZIM demands that you listen to him! He knew Zim was attempting to radio back into the Massive, but he wasn't entirely sure he ought to. If the tech had been telling the truth, then there simply was no point. If he had been playing a joke, however, the last thing the Tallest needed to see was Zim furious and cussing should he establish another connection.

Thus, Dib slipped off the random block thing and shuffled over to where Zim was typing rapidly on the controls, " Hey, maybe they really weren't there? They are the leaders of an entire race.

Zim and Professor Membrane's relationship

They're probably busy," " Nonsense, Dib-human! My Tallest, too busy for Zim?! Dib swatted his hand away, which earned him a darker glare. Jerking away from the human, Zim continued to try to get in contact with his leaders. Dib let him try for amount a minute longer, then reached out and snatched up one of his wrists, " Enh?

Why're you touching Zim? There was a fitful struggle that began almost immediately, " C'mon, Zim! You can talk to them later! They'll be worried sick if they don't hear from me on time! The human merely rolled his eyes at that, " Oh, would you just leggo, filthy human boy?! Your grip is too tight! And you're ruining my gloves!

Zim stumbled backwards a couple of bouncing steps, then he steadied himself.

zim and dib relationship marketing

He marched along with Dib down the hall, although he had a pout on his face. Ignoring the expression, the younger pulled the wig over Zim's antennae much like a baseball cap. The other gave him a look, his gloved hands roughly adjusting the wig, " Stupid space boy," " Don't mess with me, worm," Zim hissed, pushing his hair out of his pink eyes.

Dib was unfazed by the tone.

zim and dib relationship marketing

Seemingly aware of this, the alien just sighed as he took the lead for the maze like trip out of the base. There was a brief silence in which the only sounds were their hollow footsteps on the cold metal below. Then Zim yawned a little, stretching out his arms, " Wanna go play with the weasels?