Bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

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bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

“The Bachelor” Season 18 premieres Jan. 5, at 8 pm EST on ABC. 1 Lucy, This Californian "ocean person" thinks she deserves to be. Whether we like it or not (and we like it), a new season of The Bachelor is almost upon us and that means it is time to meet the women that. Vying for Chris Soules. By Mike Krolak | Dec 4th, Which one of these lucky ladies will land The Bachelor? Or will Chris even find his match here?.

bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

In my fan questions section below, I'll talk about how hard it is to remember everyone that first night. The Bachelor Season Premiere Recap: Shows what a stand up guy he is. We've never seen anyone do this in the past and trust me plenty of people forget to say their names so it tells me that he really is a caring guy.

I found this story to be so endearing and special. But what makes me nervous about this is I fear that she'll give him the DVD too early and then get sent home.

I think that would be really sad. Don't do it Clare! I like her sense of humor. I mean she did come out of the limo preggers after all! An enlightened child, prancing through the mansion without a care in the world. My favorite line of hers was, "I didn't wear shoes because I didn't want to be too tall. She is almost TOO carefree. So much in fact that I worry she'll say whatever she wants without a care in the world and end up insulting other people.

I'm sure you're all with me when I say that there is just something a little off with this girl. I got SO many tweets last night telling me that Nikki and I are basically the same person — sisters — doppelgangers — clones! Since I watch with the west coast, I didn't know what to think, so I had to wait to watch to see for myself. And after watching I feel like she looks like a mix between me and Courtney Roberston.

I have to admit his first impression rose pick—Sharleen The opera singer — seemed like an odd choice to me, and many of you on Twitter felt the same. But who knows what he was thinking when he choose to give it to her. Everyone gives it for different reasons. I gave mine to the person I felt in my heart that I would end up with. That said, I know that Jillian Harris gave hers to someone for a funny reason I don't remember exactly what she told me but I know she didn't take it too seriously—she was just having fun with it!

My guess it was because she seemed so nervous and awkward. He probably wanted to make her feel more confident.

bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

Plus I think he saw something in her that was similar to him. They are both a tad awkward in an adorable endearing way right? A lot of you are concerned that Sharleen seemed too unsure about Juan Pablo.

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I think it's refreshing to see someone so cautious and unsure of the situation. What I don't love is when girls say they want to marry Juan Pablo before they even meet him. THAT'S what's weird to me. And she's obviously not super comfortable competing for one guy with all those other girls. When Juan Pablo came back with the 1stimpression rose and she said, 'Seriously? I love that about her!

'The Bachelor': Meet the 29 women competing for Arie Luyendyk

What I don't love about her—the fact that she keeps saying "Thank you sir" to him. Now that's not quirky, endearing-weird…that's just weird-weird. Maybe she reads a lot of "50 shades of Grey" and likes the whole submissive thing?

You guys tweeted me these questions last night and I have some answers for ya… Marknado markt25hb asks: AliFedotowsky eonline is the initial meet as awkward as it looks? Honestly my first time out of the limo almost seems like a dream to me.

You're so nervous and everything is so new and strange. But after the initial meeting, you basically forget the cameras are there and things feel more normal and less awkward.

Well, as normal as you can feel dating a guy with 24 or 26 other women. AliFedotowsky eonline I noticed a lot more diversity Sean's season. Do the guys or girls request certain types, physically?

You can't really request whom you want as contestants. Like you can't say, 'I'm only attracted to Latin girls, so just give me Latin girls,' but the producers do ask what kind of people you are attracted to. You can be specific or vague. All I said was, 'Don't give me a bunch of hotties that can't carry a conversation.

I want funny, smart, quirky guys! AliFedotowsky Do the producers ever suggest to the Bachelor which girls to choose on the first night to make the season interesting?

On the first night you can barely remember everyone. I also might be in the minority, but I beg of you to really give Bachelor Arie and his season the chance that it deserves.

bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

I understand your irritation and feel your concern, yet I ask you to trust me as we navigate this journey together. We want Arie to find true love. And we want him to kiss as many girls along the way in order to find the one. Brick walls are not mandatory, but appreciated. Most of the time, this exercise proves to be a fruitless endeavor.

Prepare your cheat sheet, people. The girls could easily be mistaken for a Benaton ad if this was Several list Crazy, Stupid, Love as their favorite movie. There seems to be an addiction to avocados.

Buckle up, dear reader.

bachelor 2014 meet the ladies

On paper, Ali seems normal. She even admits that her love of Nickelback is embarrassing. He was too busy sucking face all the livelong day for me to gauge if he has a funny bone. Finally, Amber is all about acting, which makes me wonder if she is here for the right reasons right reasons or a ticket to Los Angeles, courtesy of a race car driver.

The only question mark I have about Annaliese is her forced expression. The smize is just not there. Hopefully Arie will see beyond the glassy eyes and pursue at least a conversation on night one. I think she can win him over with her charm…just like the real Anna did with Kristoff. Moreover, Ash is all about Brad Pitt.