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Lyrics to How Your Love Makes Me Feel by Diamond Rio from the Greatest Hits album Jump in the car Buy an ice cream And see how far we can drive before it melts kind of feelin' There's Written by: TREY BRUCE, MAX BARNES Meet in the Middle · Mirror Mirror · Mama Don't Forget to Pray for Me · Norma Jean Riley. "How Your Love Makes Me Feel" is a song written by Trey Bruce and Max T. Barnes, and recorded by American country music group Diamond Rio that reached the band's second number one hit and their first since "Meet in the Middle" in Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Desktop Central answers queries that you may have about Desktop Central. Send us an e-mail message.

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Which exe should I download, a bit or bit version? You can choose to download bit or bit based on your OS architecture. On August 9,Johnson was injured in a carpentry accident in Arkansas a day before his 41st birthday, severely cutting his left thumb.

On September 6, four weeks after Johnson's accident, Williams was water skiing with his family in Cookeville, Tennessee as his boat came forward at high speed when his wife was picking him up. The propellor slashed Williams' legs and he was rushed to a hospital for his injuries. Meanwhile, Olander discovered that he had a lemon-sized tumor that was pressing against his esophagus.

The tumor was never successfully diagnosed, although it ultimately vanished. Diamond Rio After Olander, Williams, and Johnson had recovered, the six musicians set to work on their debut album. In doing so, Johnson soon discovered that the injuries to his hands had altered his dexterity on the mandolin, and threatened to walk away after Powell offhandedly remarked that he would have Roe dub in his own tenor harmonies instead of having Johnson sing them.

Truman and an employee of Arista had found "Norma Jean Riley", which was originally titled "Pretty Little Lady" until DuBois remarked that the lady in the song should have a name: He recalled a letter sent to him by a female fan who had run away from home and chose to return after hearing that song, and said that "We already didn't wanna do the drinkin' songs and stuff The title track co-written by Billy Crittenden, later a member of the vocal group 4 Runnerreached a peak of No.

Because the band had taken a longer period of time to choose songs for Love a Little Stronger, they considered it a superior album to its predecessor;[5] Mansfield shared a similar opinion in his review of the album, stating that "Spurred by the relatively lackluster performance of Close to the Edge Diamond Rio explored the musical possibilities of its talents rather than digging for easy commercial success.

IVDiamond Rio's fourth album, was released in It was the "first country release recorded entirely on a digital console";[48] specifically, a Fairlight console which recorded the album directly to a hard drive. Produced by DuBois, Clute, and the band itself, it was also their first album not to have Powell as a co-producer. According to DuBois, Powell left this role on good terms, as he "saw a need to go in a certain direction, and the guys saw a need to go in a different direction.

Diamond Rio was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in Aprilbecoming the first band in fourteen years to be inducted. Regarding the song's popularity among fans who have used the song to cope with personal losses, Prout said, "Actually, 'One More Day' was recorded as a love song. And every event of that year, the song took on a different meaning to different people We hear quite often in e-mails and people talking to us in shows. If you're asking how it makes us feel?

Souther and Linda Ronstadt for the Urban Cowboy soundtrack. Chris Neal of Country Weekly thought that the album showed a greater musical variety than its predecessors, specifically noting the "spoken-word verses" of "Here I Go Fallin'", the "Hearts Against the Wind" cover, and the Wright duet as standout tracks.

Although they did not want to confront him about it for fear of "bruis[ing] his ego",[63] they eventually convinced Roe of his problems by listening to concert recordings together. Roe also consulted unsuccessfully with vocal coaches and throat doctors at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The band attempted to cover up Roe's problems by removing certain songs from concert set lists, lowering the key on others, having Truman sometimes take the lead vocal, and using pitch correction software, but even these did not fully correct the issues.

She determined that Roe was over-compensating for a small degree of hearing loss typical of musicians who have performed live for long periods of time, thus tightening muscles in his throat and diaphragm and causing him to lose pitch. Although Roe was initially "cynical" toward Sheets's coaching, she was ultimately successful in restoring his voice. The band originally conceived it as a double album, featuring traditional country on one disc and more pop-oriented country on the other, but according to Prout, this concept did not fully materialize because "country music has blinders on as far as what's acceptable — and what isn't", although Olander and Williams noted that the idea allowed them "more leeway in choosing songs".

The real challenge is outdoing yourself and coming up with fresh concepts. The selections on this album seem to be the fruition of that search for musical renewal".

He cited "Beautiful Mess" and "I Believe" as standout tracks. Like their first Greatest Hits album, this compilation included several new songs as well as the band's greatest hits; one of these new songs, " God Only Cries ", was released as a single, peaking at No.

The Star Still Shineswhich they recorded in Olander's basement studio. Roe said in an interview with CMT that "we just didn't try to copy anybody else.