Doctor who fanfiction all the companions meet me in st

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doctor who fanfiction all the companions meet me in st

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Doctor Who, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add your own favorite fanfic to the. 11/OC -Time Lady- If the second-to-last thing the Doctor expected in the Byzantium she meets the Doctor and finds herself in the middle of all the calls she used to make. . Try and Stop Me! by salt'and'pepper'pig reviews. Jaime Wilson is an ordinary girl who just so happens to meet the Doctor in St Hopes before Martha. When she meets the Doctor her life changes. The Youngest Companion { Doctor Who/Matt Smith Fanfic} . A doctor who fan fiction: All rights to the writers of Doctor Who and BBC, except for Meeting The Doctor - A Sort-Of-Matt Smith St.. The only things in this story that belong to me are the characters (such as Rose.

I'm not looking for a doctor. I am a doctor. It's what happens when I die. Didn't I ever tell you that? You most certainly did not! This," he turned to the others. Martha, this is River and Clara. Are you gonna come with us? And it happened again! The Doctor saw nothing out of the ordinary. Until he saw her.

He shut the door. The Doctor opened it and Donna Noble fell inside. Martha, do you think you can do anything to help?

Rose Tyler was walking through a park in her parallel world. It was a lovely park, full of trees and statues and water. She walked up to one of the statues. It was interesting, for it looked simultaneously peaceful and sinister. When she opened her eyes she was on a busy street.

People were speaking with American accents and it looked like she was in the past. Needless to say, she was confused. She walked back and forth a few times, trying to figure out exactly where she was.

She was beginning to wonder if she had gone mad. There was no way that she could have been transferred like this by blinking. She was in a park. It was just a statue Without her knowing, a woman had walked up behind her. His whole face is different now! It's all-" "I think we're missing the main issue here," The Doctor said flatly, an eyebrow creeping up. In truth, Rose was stunned by the Doctor's change. She'd seen him do it before, and knew it meant he'd nearly become a different person — the only thing still in tact was the memories.

She was nervous and afraid to glance at him, scared to see what might be in his eyes. She was terrified to know if he still cared about her or not.

doctor who fanfiction all the companions meet me in st

She hardly dared to wonder what he might be thinking. We have a problem. The three of you should not be here. Martha should be at Torchwood, Rose should be in an alternate universe, and if Donna's here, then she should be He studied the results of the sonic's scan quizzically. Nothing of the stuff afterward? It's hard to explain Why aren't you dying right now? In truth, Donna felt tired and irritated, and the well-styled sweep of the Doctor's hair hovering above her face wasn't helping much.

She could hardly begin to worry about how she'd gotten here. All her thoughts were focused on the fact that the Doctor she had known so well, the man she'd wanted to travel for the rest of her life with, was now a completely different person. It wasn't just his appearance — his personality was ever so slightly changed.

doctor who fanfiction all the companions meet me in st

So, please, if you want to see the idea of the reunion fic live up to its full potential of interesting episodic plots spliced with domestic, everyday life on the TARDIS and well-paced arcs for dynamic, complex characters not to mention an actual balance between all the characters eventuallystick it out until the second part, 4 Doctors, 12 Companions, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Yes, I know at the beginning there is no character balance at all and the whole thing for a long time is basically all-about-Clara, but it's really good in the later chapters, and there's less stupidity, and everything makes more sense. Other information is that Eleven and Clara are together and stay together from more or less the very outset, but many more characters get added in the early stages of fic, like Jenny the Doctor's daughter coming back and eventually becoming a very developed character for whom I'm writing her own spin-off fic called Jenny Who?

And when you get far enough along, I actually start proofreading. If you have any questions about, say, where this fic is going, feel free to PM and ask me questions like, "Will they ever get superpowers?

Just read Jenny Who? Sorry about the gross, way-too-long author's note, too, but don't let the lower quality of the first chapters turn you off before you get to the bits that are actually good that I worked genuinely hard on.

DAY 1 The Three Doctors Clara The TARDIS kitchen was empty aside from the small form of Clara Oswald, and was silent aside from the steady hum of the oven, which was from a time further ahead than she was used to, but with a certain sleek simplicity that might allow even someone as culinary-handicapped as her to make something at least halfway edible. She sat at the small table in the equally small kitchen she didn't know why the kitchen was so small, she had never felt the need to ask her host if he made his own meals, and she didn't think she yet trusted him enough to let him try and cook for her, however many times he offered at the secret worry she would give herself food poisoning with her feet up on yet another small chair, old and wooden and mismatched to the cushy red thing she was burrowed into with a yellowing book on her knees.

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She was engrossed more in the act of staring at the words other than actually reading them, letting the black marks imprint nonsensically onto her eyes without making the slightest indent into her attentions, as she was truthfully stuck in playing out a memory of a few days ago involving the wondrous sights of a star system - the name of which she could shamefully not pronounce in fact, she could hardly even remember what letter it started with.

She was having a bad day when it came to words, and had been skimming back over the same paragraph for a quarter of an hour or so, something in the back of her mind preventing her from moving on.

She reached for a mug without moving her eyes from the page, and frowned when her fingers closed upon thin air, and when she peered over the top of the book and with one of her feet pushed herself back into an acceptable sitting position, she saw she was a good few inches to the left with her grasp, and she sighed and reached for it again, a little surprised it was cold.

She looked inside and saw it full to the brim with milky, beige tea, but she had left it without drinking and it had melted back to room temperature and had developed a film over the top. There was a jerk and she grabbed the table to steady herself, but with her other hand the mug of tea smashed apart on the floor, and part of her suspected the spaceship to be trying to get on her nerves again.

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She didn't know what had been distracting her from reading her book in the first place, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling she was late or forgetting something. Yet in the end, she resolved to fold down the corner of the book that at that moment she could scarcely recall the title of, but it may have been something by Jane Austen she'd probably reread a hundred times anyway, and she left it on the table. For a few moments, all was still, and then sparks flew somewhere to the right of the inside of the room ahead and she was thrown leftwards into the silver wall, and knew it was not, in fact, the TARDIS trying to disturb her, but something serious was going on.

He kept glancing at the console nervously, the monitor facing away from her so that she could not see whatever he could. But his arm was bathed in a repeated, crimson flash of light, so she assumed it to be some kind of dire warning. And it was this defensiveness that lead her to believe it was probably his fault entirely.

Probably something is going on, but I don't quite know what!

doctor who fanfiction all the companions meet me in st

But just one, sort of, it's very complicated! The Doctor and Clara looked at him, the intruder, in his pin-striped suit, with his long brown coat, his white but grubby high-tops with his gel-soaked hair.