Fairly odd parents meet the oddparents

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fairly odd parents meet the oddparents

Watch free The Fairly Odd Parents online videos including full episodes and clips only on Nick Australia. The Fairly Oddparents - Videos. All. Games. The Fairly OddParents is a Nickelodeon animated television series created by Shiny Teeth/Odd Odd West []; Cosmo Con/Wanda's Day Off [] Timmy's Secret Wish; When Losers Attack; Meet the Oddparents Timmy: Oh Magic 9-Ball, when will my parents get back from the movies?. General Trivia Appearances Images "Meet the OddParents" Images by Character Image Galleries Prev. Ep.'s Images /// Meet the OddParents's Images \\\ Next.

And these are High Definition photos of you two sneaking into an R-rated movie! Well, well, well, what's this?

fairly odd parents meet the oddparents

Hammer and his friend, Mrs. I'm Cosmo, and this is Wanda! Those are Timmy's dolls! Have you met Wanda? You know you're only supposed to do that outside or at Timmy's house! A stupid ten year old boy!

And I'm not interested in girls, and I won't be until I'm A stupid eleven year old boy! I am totally into the idea of you giving me to Tootie. This way, she'll always have a little piece of you that she can smother and choke with love. That was an oddly specific action phrase. I put the "man" in mandible! When it rains, it melts! Evil redheads make boy bands say "Ewwwwww. Honey, you've outdone yourself again!

What do you call this? Cold cereal and milk. I'm falling in love with you all over again! Did you notice all of those nice things Timmy has? I don't remember getting him those nice things. Why don't I have nice things?! I want some nice things! And where did you get Internet? Our son is the WallWall-Mart shoplifter! You don't think I stole this stuff, do you?

That's it, young man, you know you're not supposed to make your father scream like a girl three times in one day! Cosmo had food poisoning.

Your puny slideshow does not amuse me. I'll get my camera! Leave this law-abiding grey child alone! Timmy, we love you and they just want to help! Do you love me enough to give me a chance to show you that you're wrong? Well, all right, son. One chance, but if you're wrong it's off to the clink Why don't I get to go to the nice clink?! Mom and Dad break into Timmy's room with a tank he had wished for Dad: Where'd you get the nice tank, son?

They drive out of the room and over a car Mom: Was that the Dinkleberg's car?

fairly odd parents meet the oddparents

That's what I was aiming for! I have a five o'clock shadow! And it's only 7 A. The pure, unadulterated PG horror! Timmy, remember- we love you I goofed up this world. Now, I'm ungoofing it.

While on the phone AJ: Are you playing the Crash Nebula video game?

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Shouldn't you be studying? Timmy hangs up AJ: Hey genius, you missed the receiver. Timmy hangs up again Timmy is studying for his quiz: Hey, wanna play the Not Study Game? How do you play? Cosmo after shoving Timmy's textbooks off the desk: Shouldn't you be rescuing a calculator from a tree? I don't know anything anymore!

Welcome to my world! And don't make him re-live Super Toilet! It took the plunger My Dad loves me!

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How do you know he's not lying? How do I know you're not? Well, [turns back to its regular self] I'm a bike. If I could just light these candles, we could eat! Did it ever occur to you we're in a fishbowl filled with water? That's why I'm trying to light these candles.

Somebody's got to dry up all this wet food! Hey guys, what's new? Talking to Cosmo as Timmy Mom: Oh, sweetie, you feel warm, and you look positively green! Those are all the symptoms of steamed broccoli! And the salad shooter! What are you doing up this late? It's way past your bedtime! No "buts", young man. You march straight to bed, and don't make me get the giant robot in here.

What are you doing in here? You were just in there. Well, that settles that. But you know you're not supposed to eat sweets this late at night You know, sweetie, running away from your problems never solved anything. But it's great cardio - run, Timmy, run! Where is the American cheese? You have a hog in your pants? Then you get extra credit! Turner One come, in! I'm Anti-Cosmo, [pouring tea] I'm not an idiot in any way whatsoever. I saw her and no other Hugs Poof, eyes start to water Be strong Lets go.

In "Boy Toy", when Timmy realizes the absolute hell that Tootie lives with Vicky every single day, realizing he's getting off easy. This on top of his remorse for his absolutely cruel treatment of her because of her Stalker with a Crush tendencies convinces him to Pet the Dog.

This is exactly what I was trying to prevent! In "The Switch Glitch", Timmy wishes he was the bad babysitter to give Vicky a taste of her own medicine. It ends with Vicky crying and Timmy laughing, but then he stops, wondering why he's not happy with getting revenge on his tormentor. Wanda points out that he didn't; he just used their magic to make her cry. And then Vicky gets Cosmo and Wanda after they are reassigned to her.

Welcome to the corner of Pay and Back! In "Fairy Idol", the moment where Timmy finds out that Cosmo and Wanda can't be his fairies anymore, even if they accepted his apology, the only thing they can do is walk him home.

They get better, but its still a sad moment. Can we take the long way home? In the same episode, when Timmy thinks Cosmo and Wanda are dead.

They get better, but still. Just Fairy Idol in general. Even if it does have some funny moments, it's probably the most depressing Fairly Odd Parents special ever.

Meet the Odd Parents

In "A Wish Too Far! It also means that he even has to lose his popularity. Thankfully, Timmy learned his lesson, and Cosmo and Wanda give him one more chance to be with him. Remy's response is just heartbreaking. I care if you do! My parents are never home! I never get to see them!