Harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction

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harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family - Harry P., Ginny W., Dudley D. - Chapters: 7 The Dursleys sat in their perfect living room, in their perfect house, perfect " Well, you already meet Lily," Harry told him and poked her nose. Lucky for her that Harry cooked ten meals to Ginny's one. You're about to meet your great aunt and uncle," Harry said, not moving to take off. Ginny cleared her throat, reminding Harry that she had not been formally She didn't seem the least bit offended by Vernon Dursley. "Actually.

Ginny cleared her throat, reminding Harry that she had not been formally introduced. Aunt Petunia, this is my wife, Ginny," he said, putting his arm around Ginny, "and our son, James. Petunia merely sniffed, then with a jerk of her head led them to the sitting room. There seemed to be an overgrown walrus on the couch, which turned out to be Uncle Vernon. His face, purpler than ever, swiveled around to survey Harry.

The beady eyes narrowed as they fell on Ginny, the baby in her arms, and the obvious pregnancy.

Harry then introduced her and James once more. Vernon turned his head back, which Harry took as a cryptic direction to sit on the loveseat opposite the couch. As he and Ginny settled down, Petunia sat primly in an upholstered chair. After considerable silence, Ginny decided bravely to strike up conversation. Harry had to fight the strong urge to get to his feet and hex Uncle Vernon into eternity.

Sensing this, Ginny laid her arm across Harry's legs. Her help may have been for her own reasons but he couldn't be upset about a mother desperate to find her son.

The first few days after the battle were the hardest as family and friends of the fallen converged on Hogsmeade. On Harry's suggestion, many of the dead were given the honor of having Hogwarts being their final resting place. Dumbledore's tomb was no longer alone as the honored dead were laid to rest in one funeral procession after another. Harry himself had spoken during Fred's funeral, talking about the almost-brother he knew and loved.

The next day he spoke once again as they laid Remus and Tonks side by side.

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He spoke of the honor he felt being part of their lives. He also attended the funeral of Colin Creevey.

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His father didn't want his son so far from his Muggle family so the story was spread that Colin was killed in a car accident. Harry tried not to think about the story he'd been told by his aunt and uncle about how his own parents died. He knew that Colin's family were only trying to make sense of such a tragedy from a world they didn't understand. Now things were somewhat settling into an almost-normal pattern.

Harry was staying at the Burrow offering and receiving comfort where he could. He and Ginny began taking long walks every evening, getting away from the eyes of the rest of the Weasley family. Slowly he told her about the nine months they were apart, sparing no details with the exception of Ron's brief departure and telling her for the first time about the horcruxes. Ginny listened in horror when she found out the lengths Voldemort when to in order to become immortal.

When Harry told her about Voldemort's 'unintended' horcrux, she needed to sit very suddenly along the peaceful, wooded lane where they were walking. The very idea that Harry was carrying around a piece of Voldemort's soul!

Yet it explained so much! His ability to see in Voldemort's thoughts and being a parslemouth! Harry's old insecurities surfaced and he wondered to himself if that would be too much for her. Would she would not be able to touch him knowing that he was part of something so horrific? But no sooner had he though this, she took his face in between her hands and kissed him, hard.

Soon the kiss softened and he felt the relief wash over him. Now life was starting to grind forward again. George went back to his joke shop to assess the damage.

He came home that evening with a worn look on his face and quietly pulled Ron aside to speak privately. The next day the rest of the family and Harry went to Diagon Alley and helped with the cleanup. The three former employees of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes were on hand as well and the day was productive.

Harry noticed that Ron and Hermione speaking seriously throughout the day as they worked. Finally around suppertime, Ron approached George and spoke softly to him. George started to smile, the first they'd seen since before the battle and called everyone to attention.

And also," George put a hand on Ron's shoulder, "I would like to introduce you to my new partner!

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Harry watched as Ron's face got as red as his hair and then Hermione ran to hug him and kissed him in front of everyone causing several people to start wolf-whistling. Harry quickly glanced at Mr. Their smiles were evident, even from across the room. A few days later, Hermione went to the ministry and took a portkey to Australia. Three days later, they received news that she had found her parents and successfully removed the memory charm she had placed on them to keep them safe.

She said she was going to stay with them for a few weeks. Not only to spend time with them but to help them decide if they should return back to England or stay. They had grown to love Australia over the last year. Ron wasn't happy about her lengthy absence, but he understood her reasoning and tried not to complain. Besides, George was keeping him busy at the shop. It was obvious that Ron didn't have Fred and George's brilliance when it came to inventing their merchandise, but George had admitted that he did show promise.

Ron's self confidence had grown in the last few months and he seemed ready to grasp the bright future that was available to him. Now Harry was getting ready for another difficult task. He had sent a note to his Aunt Petunia asking if it would be alright if he came back to Privet drive and retrieved the rest of his possessions, if they were still there.

harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction

The Dursley's had returned two weeks ago to their home to find it none the worse for wear. The Death Eaters must have realized that no one would come back to that house as long as Harry was alive so, other than a walk through ransacking the place, they left the home intact. Dedalus Diggle had returned to No. He had also checked the place from top to bottom for any 'unpleasant surprises' that the Death Eaters may have left.

The entire house was clear. Harry's trunk and the possessions he felt wouldn't be necessary while hunting Voldemort were still in his bedroom.

At first he thought of leaving the whole mess there. But upon reflection, he remembered the golden egg from the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, his quidditch robes, his spellbooks and cauldron. He came to the conclusion that those things were an important part of his life and he wanted them back.

So once more, he planned on going to Privet Drive. He had used Muggle post to send the letter and, thanks to the ministry, he had a London address that his aunt could mail the reply. Her note was short saying that Saturday at 3 would be fine. They would expect him then. Harry had told his plans to the Weasleys that morning as they all sat the table eating breakfast when Ginny declared that Harry wasn't going without her.

She had fully expected an argument from Harry and was desperately trying to come up with a good reason for her to come along. She really did want to see where he had lived. She had never been to a Muggle home before. Weasley reached into his pocket and said, "I guess I got this going again right on schedule.

Harry turned them over in his hand and looked Mr. Since I didn't have anything else to do, I spent a lot of time working on it.

Weasley smiled and nodded. Apparition or even a portkey would be safer…" But Harry's face was glowing. Weasley, "And I'll promise I'll be careful, Mrs.

I'll put a balancing charm on it while we're on it. Weasley put her hands up to silence everyone and kept saying over and over, "I just don't know…" "Please mum? Standing up next to her and looking her straight in the eye, Harry said quietly, "Please Mum? She wrapped her arms around him tightly and gave a soft sob.

Everyone was completely silent. All right," she said weakly as Harry hugged her. His wife had a temper streak to rival her mother's. Harry laughed to himself.

harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction

Ginny's tone of voice would warn any sane person to keep their mouth shut but apparently their son had not figured out that Ginny was at the end of the rope. His five year old daughter hugged him a bit, but before she could answer, his seven year old son, Albus, said "Mum sent James to his room without dinner. He wrecked the vase in the middle of the floor with his broom after mum warned him again no flying in the house.

He peered out of the cupboard longingly, his stomach aching as Dudley smiled and chomped on a burger, chips dropping from his hand. What he would do for just one chip Wondering how much longer they were going to keep him in here….

Harry got up without a word and filled a plate with food as Ginny came downstairs. Her smile froze as she saw the look on Harry's face as he brushed past her. Harry took the plate to his son's room. His heart ached even more as his son raced towards him and hugged him. Harry watched, slightly heartsick as his son gulped down his dinner.

This was the first time either of his parents had contradicted a punishment that the other had given. Harry climbed the stairs calmly and went to the kitchen. I will go get more from the store. If there isn't enough money for food, let me know I will get more from the vault or work overtime.

You know James acts up. Weren't we just talking about how the usual punishments aren't working anymore and we need to try something different. More than that, next time they don't like a punishment they will just go to you! Ginny stared after Harry, perplexed, as he started to walk away. Sure Harry was the moody one in the relationship.