Imelda may meet you at the moon chords

Smotherin' Me Lyrics & Chords By Imelda May

imelda may meet you at the moon chords

Chords for Imelda May - Meet You At The Moon. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose, capo hints. items Shop meet you at the moon imelda may sheet music, music books, music With vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, leadsheet notation and guitar. Chords for Meet You At The Moon by Imelda May. Find the best version for your choice. Chords and tablature aggregator -

For more information, visit CampJam. But since that time, another of the guitar's greatest legends has been working harder than anyone to keep Les Paul's legacy alive and well: Bonds, Brian Setzer, and Trombone Shorty. Jeff Beck guitar tab and video lessons Right from the opening strains of "Baby Let's Play House," featuring Darrel Higham on spot-on '50s-style vocals, you're transported to a time of AM radio, sock hops, muscle cars, and milkshakes, not to mention tons of twang and reverb.

Beck and the Imelda May Band's ability to capture the very essence of that vintage sound is simply amazing, and their execution flawless. Of particular note is Beck's ability to nail the vibe and structure so perfectly while injecting so many of his own signature elements into the solos and fills.

Imelda May - Guitar Chords and Tabs with Lyrics

If you're a Jeff Beck fan but not all that familiar with rockabilly, you've got nothing to worry about—Beck is simply sublime. Personally, I was very interested to see how Beck would handle the jazzy Les Paul tunes, and not surprisingly, he was impeccable. Speaking of Mary Ford, Ms. May's powerful yet warm vocals are nothing short of special here.


Dinner and a movie? Still being rather embarrassed by my recent financial shortcomings, I focused my portion of the conversation on playing Sherlock Holmes with her life. Where did she grow up? A few miles north of me. What were her interests aside from Imelda May and foreign films about the psychology of cyborgs? Painting, playing jazz on her upright bass, and dabbling in a few artistic ventures.

imelda may meet you at the moon chords

Was she close with her family? As close as any rebellious Japanese girl in her early-twenties could be, she supposed. The interrogation I held over the plate of grilled salmon lasted over three hours. When I asked Hana about this night months later, she said she never once felt like I was digging. She said it was a welcomed change of pace to be out on a date where someone took a genuine interest in her life, instead of trying to show off in hopes her pants would reciprocate in that fashion.

The night came to a close with a kiss, and future plans already made. On our third date, things got raw. It was a night or so later, and this time I could not avoid the questions that had been building up in my head. I would love to say I built up to them slowly, but the reality is I blurted each of them out.

What are we doing here? How far will this go? Where do you see us going from here on out? Hana nearly choked on her sushi, but revealed the sweetest smile I had ever seen. As it would happen, even after my lengthy questioning over our last meal, she still had some secrets. She too was a fiction writer, and she too was getting similar images: She confessed they were never so clear, but it was quite a relief to have met someone who saw everything the same way, yet so different.

A year down the road, I found myself looking at diamond rings.

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In all my years I never imagined finding someone quite as perfect as Hana. She was my muse, my confidante, my push to go out and be a better person, and most importantly, she had become my best friend in the world.

imelda may meet you at the moon chords

I thoughtfully browsed the selection the tiny downtown jeweler has to offer. I found a perfect ring, one with five small diamonds set into a crescent.

The generous clerk was nice enough to let me hold it for a closer inspection.

Imelda May

I closed my eyes and as per usual, the images came rushing. These images, however, were most unsettling.

imelda may meet you at the moon chords

For the first time in many years, I felt heartache. I saw myself propose. I saw her say yes, in a thousand places, in a thousand ways. I heard the wedding bells. Then I saw the crash. I hear her fret over the bills. I see her slam the door. I feel the rain on my skin as I run after her in the wrong direction. I smell the salt of my tears as I pine for her.

I snap back to realty as I hear the ring hit the counter. In that moment everything changed. I took her on one final outing, beneath the clock tower in our town. Our words were few and far between, and our gazes hardly met.