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Karaoke Catalogue Love Me. Feat. Puff Daddy, Mase. & Notorious B.i.g.. 1. Only You. 12 Stones It's Love. Gazza & Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner. Lindsay From The Candy Store On The Corner To The. Karaoke catalogus I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Liquor Store Blues Lindisfarne Meet Me on the Corner. (Duet) If We Ever Meet. Bee Gees, The Me) Hi. Berry, Len. Black, Clint ( Christmas). Streisand, Barbra & Neil. Wilson, Jackie. Estefan, Gloria .. A Different Corner. Les Miserables Bargain Store, The Gazza & Lindisfarne. Travis.

But just to pick up on your first point above. What is an official archive? I don't think so. This film and the others purchased from the same collector are no more safer in the hands of Kaleidoscope. For me the big difference is that paintings are not copiable except as forgeries, which people seem not to want; and also as prints ; there is always only one in the entire world, and it is unrealistic and pointless to hope that the museums of the world would acquire, between them, every possible painting of cultural value.

They certainly wouldn't have room to display them all. It is in the natural order of things for most of the world's paintings to reside in private hands. When you have a good print of a painting, a work of art, it can be almost as good as having the real thing.

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But the one thing a print can't do is convey a sense of scale of the artwork, nor show the three dimensionality, the brush strokes, finger prints etc This year I was privileged to have examined first hand a collection of John Constable paintings which are rarely displayed. A quite remarkable experience. But I take your point.

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Film, on the other hand, is infinitely copiable. If there is only one copy of a particular thing in the world, and it is in private hands, then the person who has it can either lend it to be copied, or not.

In the first instance, the value that the film brings to the world is vastly increased because it might now be released on DVD or online for many many people to appreciate and enjoy. Moreover, distribution to this vast audience is a very feasible proposition. The original owner, moreover, gets to keep the original item and enjoy it directly just as much as they always did except of course for any enjoyment derived from knowing that no one else can see it without their cooperation.

This is a big transformation in the status of the film. I think it is always a big deal, and not at all hollow. Well, as I have outlined above, what happens to the film now remains to be seen. It is certainly no safer where it is now. Yes, it may reach a wider audience, but that is nothing to do with the criticism I have for the wording.

I think that does in fact detract from, as you describe it, its now transformed status. And yes, hollow is I think the correct word! Paul Paul Vanezis wrote: I'm wondering if that sort of distinction downplays or ostracizes the archives of the private collectors.

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It's a bit of slap in the face if a well known respected collector is told: It was now 9. The audience loved it. Chris's lovely voice soared once again as she sang the next track 'Farewell, Farewell'. Prince Albert's rescue of a young soldier from the gallows is the theme of the next traditional song 'The Deserter'.

The audience went wild cheering and prancing along as Swarb led us with his frantic fiddle playing. The historic performance was over and as the applause rang out over the field I'm sure I saw a shooting star streak across the sky above the stage. Soon Richard Thompson returned to the stage with his band and proceeded to play songs from his latest album Sweet Warrior and classic cuts from his impressive back catalogue.

At 11'oclock on Saturday morning the gates to the field were flung open once more and festival goers raced to take up position in front of the stage with chairs, flags and quantities of liquid refreshment to see them through another gloriously sunny day. At midday Danny Thompson today's compere introduced Richard Digence.

Giveway comprising of the four Johnson sisters from Scotland entertained with traditional Scottish Folk songs, haunting airs and lively jigs. Iain Matthews founder member of Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort took to the stage with keyboard player Mike Roelofs and with a little help from Simon Nicol and harmonica player Julian Dawson played a super smooth set. He rounded off with his famous sixties hit 'Woodstock". Incredibly the next band The Strawbs were appearing with their original line-up from and as such this was their first ever gig together in the UK!

They launched into their greatest hit 'Lay Down' which sounded as good as ever. Dave Cousins centre stage animated as ever led his excellent band through a blistering set that was very well received.

Unfortunately even though we bayed for more there was no time for an encore. Richard Thompson joined in for 'Walk Awhile' and a curtain back stage fell away to reveal a first for Cropredy a large video screen.

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Things slowed a little with Chris Leslie's 'Port Merion'. Then all of a sudden Dave Pegg admitted that they had run through all of the rehearsed set and needed to fill time with some requests from the audience. Then we were back on schedule and 'The Ballad Of Matty Groves' made it's second airing this weekend accompanied by a humourous video of the main pratagonists played by plastic Lego figures. This brought howls of laugher from the audience.

It wasn't quite over yet and Fairport and all their guests joined in with 'Best Wishes' a beautiful song from their latest album which contains the line "Long may the music keep you under it's spell". Fireworks blasted from the roof of the stage and everyone sang along to the always emotional 'Meet On The Ledge'. As the applause died away and people slowly made their way back to camp under a starlit sky it was time to reflect on the wonderful memories of probably the best Cropredy Festival ever!