Meet in the leaky cauldron

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meet in the leaky cauldron

At the Leaky Cauldron they meet Mr. Weasley. He mentions that Sirius Black is still at large, and the Ministry is putting all its efforts into capturing him. The other. The Leaky Cauldron was a popular wizarding pub and inn located in London. It was the He also met Cornelius Fudge in a private room for the first time. would at least meet Ron and Hermione tomorrow, on the Hogwarts Express. "And how come You knew I'm staying at the Leaky Cauldron?.

Without opening his eyes, Harry stretched hugely, wriggling his fingers and toes, and flinching slightly at the lingering soreness in his arms and shoulders. I suppose I should get up, the boy thought sleepily, letting his limbs fall onto the bed with a soft plop.

A shower might help with the stiffness. If he hurried he might be able to bathe before Aunt Petunia came to wake him, but he didn't want to move. He was extremely comfortable. Deliciously warm and refreshed.

If he didn't know better, he'd swear he was in his large four-poster bed back in Gryffindor Tower. Since when had he been able to sprawl spread-eagled on his little bed at the Dursleys' without hitting the wall, or having an arm or leg slip off the edge of the mattress? Wakefulness came in a rush. Harry sat up quickly, trying to disentangle himself from the bedcovers, get his bearings, and find his glasses.

Things went much more smoothly once he stopped trying to accomplish all three tasks at once. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Harry slipped his glasses on his nose, and managed to identify his whereabouts as the Leaky Cauldron. He had just started to relax again, when a cheery voice chirped, "good morning!

There was no one in the room but himself and Hedwig, and she certainly hadn't said anything. The snowy owl was still sleeping on a perch by the window, with her head tucked under her wing. Harry frowned in confusion, then it dawned on him who, or rather what, had just spoken. With a sheepish grin, he turned to face the mirror, and replied, "good morning. Harry felt his contented mood evaporate like early morning mist. Last night he had made his bleary way to the Leaky Cauldron.

Last night he had discovered his childhood home empty, and the Dursleys gone. Last night, Tom, the innkeeper, had taken one look at him, and immediately hustled him off to bed. Tired as he was, Harry had been aware of the older wizard's attitude, and had been heartened by it.

Tom hadn't asked questions, or refused him service, or given him frightened, suspicious looks. He'd merely cast Locomotor on Harry's trunk and box while gently steering the shell-shocked Gryffindor up the stairs.

The Leaky Cauldron

When the boy had mumbled something about needing to check in, the old innkeeper had waved it off, assuring him that everything could be sorted out in the morning.

He hadn't even had Harry sign the guest register. The young wizard shook his head ruefully. He supposed he had looked pretty pathetic when he'd arrived. Harry hadn't bothered to close all the fastenings on his cloak, so when he raised his wand to signal the Knight Bus, it was caught by the wind and blown open. As luck would have it, when the Knight Bus responded to his summons, it materialized over a huge puddle, and dropped into it with a spectacular splash.

Caught by surprise, Harry was hit with the backlash, and had been completely drenched. His sturdy cloak had been of little help, held in place by the one closed fastener at his throat, and flapping uselessly behind him like a flag. The only good thing about that entire fiasco, was the talkative conductor, Stan Shunpike, and the driver, Ernie Prang, had been so mortified, they hadn't recognized him. Not, Harry reflected wryly, that he'd been exactly recognizable at the time.

Thinking back, Harry doubted they would have noticed if he'd been green with purple polka dots. Stan and Ernie had been so shaken up by the incident they hadn't even been able to manage a simple drying charm. This was obviously a matter of professional pride. The Knight Bus simply did not soak its patrons. By the way they were acting, Harry imagined it was written as a cardinal rule in some great tome somewhere, entitled Rules and Regulations for Knight Bus Personnel.

The driver and conductor had both fussed and clucked around Harry, apologizing repeatedly for the mishap. Stan fetched a warm blanket for the shivering boy to wrap up in, while Ernie pressed a steaming cup of hot chocolate into his hands. Harry had accepted their apologies, and tried to reassure them as best he could. The anxious pair had been more than eager to let Harry ride for free, but the boy had protested.

It was just a stupid accident after all, and they had done their best to make things right. In the end, Harry had been given a discounted fare, complimentary hot chocolate, and a shiny red toothbrush before the Knight Bus lurched forward with a flash and a BANG, headed directly for Diagon Alley. Pulling his attention back to the present, Harry moved closer to the mirror, and studied his reflection with curious green eyes.

At least Tom was able to manage a proper drying charm, the boy thought gratefully, plucking experimentally at his t-shirt, and running questioning fingers through his dark hair. Harry had been so tired the night before, he'd only paused long enough to shed his cloak, and kick off his shoes before collapsing gratefully into bed.

He had expected, upon waking, to find himself in desperate need of a shower--his hair, skin, and clothing dry from Tom's charm, but grimy and stiff. This wasn't the case, however. To his pleasant surprise, everything felt soft and fresh, as though he'd already changed and showered.

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Tom had apparently slipped in a cleaning charm or two while he was at it. There was no trace of his having been doused with dirty puddle-water the night before. The mirror had fallen curiously silent, which Harry found odd. He hadn't run across an enchanted mirror yet that could refrain from commenting on his hair and clothing, but the awareness was definitely not there at the moment, so Harry shrugged, and moved over to the window. Judging by the sun's position, he'd slept longer than he realized.

It had to be well past lunchtime. Harry frowned pensively as he looked out over Diagon Alley, forcing himself to consider his circumstances. Last night he'd been responding to an acute crisis. He'd been cognizant of his situation, of course, but finding shelter had been his one clear goal. That and keeping his cool.

He hadn't really been in any fit state to make future plans. Harry's frown deepened slightly. Staying calm and focused had been remarkably difficult last night. He didn't understand why, though.

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Every Defense class began with a common theme: The idea was so obvious, it almost didn't seem worth mentioning. Even Hermione, who almost never criticized a lesson, had complained about the Defense professors' fixation on something so simple. Harry and Ron had agreed with her, and they'd had many silly conversations debating whether the Defense professors thought they were all too stupid to remember, or if absent-mindedness was a requirement for the Defense Against the Dark Arts job.

After last night's practical application, however, Harry realized that there was more to it than he thought. Panic--fight or flight--was the body's natural reaction to stress. Staying reasonably calm under stress was difficult, but regaining control after you'd lost it was an act of will. He'd been scared before, even panicked, but not like last night.

meet in the leaky cauldron

Never to the point where his brain had stopped functioning completely, and he'd been at the mercy of his autonomic nervous system. He wondered nervously how long it would have taken him to pull himself together if Hedwig hadn't been there. Harry padded back over to the bed and sat on it, drawing his legs up to his chest, and propping his chin on his kneecaps.

Truthfully, he felt a little shamed by his reaction. Things could have been much worse, after all. He could have arrived at his uncle's house and found the Dark Mark in the sky. He could have peered in the living room window, and discovered the Dursleys' tortured, murdered bodies. It is owned by Caractacus Burke and Mr. Borgin is the only owner to appear in the series.

It was founded by Daisy Dodderidge — in "to serve as a gateway between the non-wizarding world and Diagon Alley. On the main floor, the inn has a bar, several private parlour rooms, and a large dining room. People often stay at The Leaky Cauldron when they come to London on shopping trips. The pub serves as a way of entering into Diagon Alley from the Muggle world for Muggle-borns and their parents both of whom, until the first letter from Hogwarts, have no magical knowledge or means of entering.

The rear of The Leaky Cauldron opens onto a little courtyard, in which a particular brick must be tapped three times to open a path to Diagon Alley.

It sells robes and other clothing, including the standard Hogwarts-required plain black work robes, and dress robes. Inside the shop, Madam Malkin and her assistants will tailor the robes to fit. Malkin is an archaic term for a crotchety old woman. Harry has two meetings with Draco Malfoy in Madam Malkin's shop. This is where Harry meets the first wizard of his own age, Malfoy, for the first time, in Philosopher's Stone.

Harry is rather bewildered by the questions Malfoy asks, because Harry is still unfamiliar with many aspects of the wizarding world. A second meeting occurs just before the beginning of Harry's sixth year, in Half-Blood Prince.

meet in the leaky cauldron

This meeting is far more unpleasant, and escalates quickly into a near-duel before Malfoy and his mother leave in disgust.

Magical Menagerie[ edit ] The Magical Menagerie is a magical creature shop that in addition to selling magical creatures offers advice on animal care and health.

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The shop is very cramped, noisy and smelly, due to every inch being covered with cages. Among the creatures in the Magical Menagerie are enormous purple toads, a firecrab, poisonous orange snails, a fat white rabbit that can turn into a silk top hat, cats of every colour, ravens, puffskeins, and a cage of sleek black rats that play skipping games with their tails.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit the shop in Prisoner of Azkaban, a witch wearing heavy black spectacles helps them. Ollivanders[ edit ] The upper windows of Ollivanders Ollivanders is a wand shop described as "narrow and shabby, with a sign that reads Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since BC in peeling gold letters over the door. The only display in the window overlooking Diagon Alley is a single wand lying on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window. Within, there are countless narrow boxes piled neatly right up to the ceiling and a spindly-legged chair" which Hagrid breaks when he sits upon it.

Ollivanderthe pale-eyed, white-haired shopkeeper, makes and sells magic wands to witches and wizards as they enter school or break their old wands. He remembers every wand he has ever sold.

To determine the best wand for a witch or wizard, Ollivander measures various body parts including, in Harry's case, between his nostrils and then checks the reactions of various wands to the buyer, a process to which he refers as "the wand choosing the wizard".

The shop closed when Ollivander went missing in Half-Blood Prince, Voldemort having ordered his Death Eaters to kidnap him to attempt to discover more about the link between his own and Harry's wand.

Harry rescues Ollivander in Deathly Hallows. Potage's Cauldron Shop[ edit ] Potage's Cauldron Shop sells different varieties and sizes of cauldronsincluding copper, brasspewtersilver, self-stirring, collapsible, and solid gold, according to a sign outside the shop.

Hogwarts requires its students to have a size 2 pewter cauldron as listed in the Philosopher's Stone book list. The store windows often draw young customers to gaze longingly at the merchandise. Its most famous items on display are the Nimbus and the Firebolt broomsticksboth of which Harry would eventually own.

The Firebolt is a national racing broom that professional leagues use. What are they, and where specifically has he seen them? Why does Hermione buy so many books? Why is Scabbers looking so sickly? Why would such a "dangerous" book be assigned for the "Care of Magical Creatures" class? Who might have assigned it?

Why was Harry actually relieved to see that the "Monster" book was on the school list?

meet in the leaky cauldron

Fred and George have bewitched Percy's prefect badge. Is their replacement caption valid or is this just a mean-spirited prank on their part? How long before Percy is likely to notice?

What might account for Percy's changed behavior? Why does Hermione decide to buy a cat rather than an owl, especially one that tries to attack Ron's pet rat? Why would Hermione's new cat, Crookshanks, only want to attack Scabbers, and not any other animal?

How does Ron feel about that? As Harry spends time alone in Diagon Alley, what comparisons and contrasts might he make between the Muggle and Wizarding realms? If Harry is so convinced he is seeing death omens, why does he fail to tie that to Sirius Black, who is supposedly hunting him? Weasley disagree about what Harry should be told regarding Sirius Black? Who is right, and just how much should Harry be told about this? Greater Picture[ edit ] Intermediate warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level.

As Voldemort openly returns to power later in the series, we learn that Florean Fortescue has apparently been captured. One has to wonder why the Death Eaters would attack a harmless ice cream merchant, though his knowledge about medieval Wizardry, as evidenced when he helps Harry with his homework, could be a factor.

Also, Fortescue may be related to Dexter Fortescue, a former Hogwarts Head Master whose portrait hangs in Dumbledore's office; one supposes that this connection could also have some bearing on Florean's later disappearance. Alternately, Florean's disappearance could be intended to highlight the random violence and disappearances that occur under the tyranny of Voldemort and his minions.

This is left unexplained, however. Harry's relief that Hagrid's gift is a required textbook for the Care of Magical Creatures course, rather than something to aid Hagrid with a potentially ferocious new pet, will be short-lived when he learns that Hagrid is that class' new teacher.

Whatever fear Harry may have had about Hagrid having a new "pet" will likely be magnified many times over when he realizes the curriculum will probably include dangerous magical animals. The conflict between Scabbers and Crookshanks comes to a head with Scabbers' disappearance and apparent death around April.

meet in the leaky cauldron

This results in an extended estrangement between Ron and Hermione. This will be particularly upsetting for Hermione, who had just reconciled with both Harry and Ron following an unfortunate falling out she had with the two boys.

When Scabbers reappears in June, we discover that Crookshanks' distrusting him is wholly justified, so much so that before accepting a new pet, Ron asks for, and receives, Crookshanks' approval. It should be noted that Crookshanks is something other than an ordinary cat: As mentioned in the Analysis section, the Magical Menagerie's clerk mentions that Ron's rat is superannuated. Scabbers has been Ron's for at least two years at this point, and was in the family long before that.

We can guess, from events at the end of this book, that Scabbers will have joined the Weasley family some eleven years before this story, and this is significantly longer than the normal lifespan for rats, as the clerk points out.