Meet the beatles first album value guide

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meet the beatles first album value guide

CAPITOL RECORDS FIRST ISSUE LP ALBUMS GO TO OUR "MEET THE BEATLES" BACKGROUND INFO PAGE FOR COMPLETE AND AUTHOR OF " THE BEATLES RECORD PRICE GUIDE" SERIES OF BOOKS. PRICE: $4, How much are worth and valued your rare and collectable vinyl and cd by MEET THE BEATLES Record Album LP ST 1st Edition NO BMI ASCAP 3 Blue. Some old records fetch £, others - such as a Blur LP worth £70 - are fast risers. Ian Shirley, editor of Record Collector's Rare Record Price Guide, said that Mr Shirley said a copy of the first Beatles album, Please Please Me sell for £ one from the Eighties or Nineties might only reach £”.

Here are his 6 top tips. Check whether an album has the lyric sheet, poster, stickers or other extras.

The Beatles - With The Beatles (1963)

From our experience, anything missing will devalue the record. A mint record is one where both the sleeve and record look as though they have just arrived from the factory. If there is anything amiss, the record will not be graded as mint and therefore will not command a top price.

Look for a good clean sheen on the vinyl Any marks should be obvious.

meet the beatles first album value guide

Use a good cleaner, we recommend Near Mint or lighter fluid. Apply both with a soft, lint free cloth. Also, make sure that the edge of the sleeve hasn't been clipped, unscrupulous sellers will often cut a ragged edge clean with a guillotine or sharp knife to make records look more presentable. Store your vinyl upright in a cool dry place Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this will cause the covers to fade and the vinyl to warp. Buying PVC sleeves and poly lined inner sleeves are both good long term investments and will keep your vinyl in tip top condition.

If a sleeve has been signed check its provenance carefully. Roosevelt spent the long ride back reading Anna Karenina.

meet the beatles first album value guide

He was a war hero. After the Spanish-American War broke out inRoosevelt insisted on serving and eventually became colonel of the First U. At the Battle of San Juan Hill, he led a charge with a skeleton crew of men, holding Spanish soldiers at bay and keeping position until they were relocated by superiors.

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meet the beatles first album value guide

Vice President Roosevelt became president in immediately following the assassination of sitting president William McKinley. Kennedy was 43 when he was sworn in; Bill Clinton was He was a dedicated environmentalist. A lover of the outdoors, Roosevelt made protecting the natural wonder of American territory a priority.

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MEET THE BEATLES : Vinyl CD Price Guide Collectors Value

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