Meet the heisman commercial

Nissan Heisman Trophy

meet the heisman commercial

USC Trojan Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen is one of to meet college football legends and former Heisman Trophy winners, get. Hilarious new Nissan 'Heisman House' commercial trolls Tim Tebow NOW WATCH: Meet the year-old who's the youngest female broker. Charlie Ward took a rare break this summer to meet up with a few old commercials for the Nissan Heisman House that will air on all ESPN.

Nissan TV Commercial, 'Heisman House: Part Mascot' Featuring Herschel Walker [T1] -

Charles Woodson leads the charge in "Calling All Heismans" to this year's campaign. Baker Mayfield Sandwich 15 seconds, to debut in Sept.

Baker Mayfield plants a flag to claim his food in the Heisman House kitchen.

meet the heisman commercial

Bo Jackson's all-around skills are put to the test in the world of board games. Is there any game he can't master?

meet the heisman commercial

Fans can download them at NissanHeismanHouse. For the 12th straight year, Nissan will provide college football fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite Heisman Trophy candidates. Nissan's fan vote — the voice of the public — is cast along with other Heisman voters from sports journalists and previous Heisman winners.

This year, fans can vote through Twitter or at NissanHeismanHouse. Last year, nearly 1-million consumers used the configurator on NissanUSA. As in previous years, the Nissan Heisman House Tour, featuring a simulated Heisman House, will travel to different college campuses throughout the U.

Nissan’s “Heisman House” Social Media Campaign #HeismanHouse

The Tour provides fans an opportunity to enjoy the Heisman House living room, take photos with the trophy, and meet Heisman Trophy winners as well as ESPN on-air talent. The tour's first stop is South Bend, Ind. Notre Dame matchup Saturday, Sept. Former running back Ricky Watters, a member of Notre Dame's national championship team, will appear from 3: For information on the entire Nissan lineup, visit NissanNews. Lack of consistency across all social media platforms affects its fan base to follow the campaign.

meet the heisman commercial

The social media account can be promoted on the NissanUSA social media accounts as well as its main Nissan website. It will also make it easier for fans to revisit the post and potentially share or repost on their page. Finally, posting more from the time the campaign was launched and leading up to the championship play off game.

The biggest threat that the Nissan Heisman House need to address is the lack of focus on a social media platform. If I were to base their main social media platform on views, their main social media platform would be Facebook or if it were based on the number of content posted, it would be YouTube. Its main website contains all of the content, but was not shared consistently in all social media platforms. Apparent Time Frame The apparent time frame follows the release of the first commercial.

The following commercial was aired on September 3, The airing of the commercials also correlates with the posting of the videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

However, outside of the sales perspective, the Nissan Heisman House campaign can improve its engagement with the trial phase such as finding new ways to reach their audience and keeping their attention. The Nissan Heisman House solely relies on its commercials. The trial phase will allow the company to generate other types of content besides videos.

How the Campaign Unfolded The campaign unfolded by sharing its release date of the first Heisman House commercial on August 31, The videos were shared at the same time across social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

YouTube and Facebook received more views while Twitter and Instagram struggled with likes and retweets.

Nissan’s "Heisman House" opens with epic food fight and hilarity ensues

When I initially collected data on October 9,The Nissan Heisman House hadsubscribers however, looking at their subscribers on November 6,it has decreased. While the number of subscribers dropped, so has the number of views as it reaches to the end of the campaign.

Although its views dropped during upcoming weeks in the campaign, their use of the social media channel was successful. It has increased 0. Their Facebook account has a large fan base which also reflects on the other five videos posted.

Collected on October 9,the first Heisman House video shared received 9.

Nissan’s “Heisman House” Social Media Campaign #HeismanHouse | Social Media Case Studies

There were only a total of six Facebook posts related to the Heisman House campaign. However, with just a little amount of post, the Facebook channel reached a large audience based alone on its views, likes and shares. On October 9,their Instagram account hadfollowers. On November 6,the followers increase 5. However, with its increasing rate of new followers, the social media account did not take advantage by posting more on the Nissan Heisman House campaign.

However, there were only eight post related to the Heisman House Campaign. Twitter had the second most followers out of the four social media channels. On November 6,its followers increase 0. Although with that many followers, its likes and retweets does not reflect on their post.

meet the heisman commercial

For example, the first video posted only received retweets and likes. However, their Twitter account posted 10 posts which is more than Facebook and Instagram. They shared all of the videos found in the YouTube channel. How does this campaign compare to others in the same product category? The two are sports related and showcases its vehicles in comedic commercials. It was a memorable moment that helped launch Kia Motors success.

Although its duration only last during the college football season, their reach and engagement proves otherwise. The Nissan Heisman House Campaign is measured based on interaction metrics.