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Meet the Parents movie YIFY and YTS subtitles. A modern comedy classic with emotional depth.8/ With a hero called Gaylord M. Focker, you might expect. Download subtitles meet the fockers [dvdrip][][eng][bugzbunny]srt - meet the Analyze that (), meet the parents () si meet the fockers online hd Scurt 2 sf sport 8 thriller meet the fockers vezi seriale online hd filme si. In Washington usually you come to the table, and everyone meets, and no one changes their mind. But with us, you have something else.

One of the funniest comedies of the year, De Niro and Stiller make the perfect comedy pair. The main character in "Meet The Parents" is a Chicago-based male nurse, Greg Focker pronounced just how it is spelled who realizes how unlucky a person can be.

He is about to propose to his schoolteacher girlfriend, Pam Teri Polowhen her sister Debbie Nicole Dehuff calls and explains that her new fiance, Dr.

Bob Banks Tom McCarthyreceived a blessing from her father before he asked the question. This information makes Greg reconsider his method of choice, and instead jumps at the opportunity to meet Pam's overprotective parents when they fly to the east coast two weeks later to arrange Debbie's wedding.

At the airport, the attendants loose Greg's parcels. Thus he arrives without any luggage. Once at Pam's parent's house, they exchange greetings and aquatint themselves with each other. Pam's parents, Jack and Dina Byrnes Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner learn about Greg's unusual last name, that he does not like cats, and is a male nurse, all facts that do not settle well with Pam's father.

Greg does manage to gift Jack with a pleasant supply of rare flowers.

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However, even though Pam explained to Greg that her dad is in the hobby of rare flowers, he does not seem too impressed. Even More complications ensue, especially when Greg learns of Jack's peculiar behaviors and suspicious gadgets, such as a polygraph and hidden cameras placed in every room of the house, as well as meeting Pam's brother, Denny Jon Abrahamsand Debbie's soon to be in laws, Larry James Rebhornand Linda Banks Phillis Georgeand Pam's wealthy ex-fiancee, Kevin Rawley Owen Wilson.

Soon, Greg's chances of receiving Jack's permission to wed his daughter become less and less probable as his bad luck only manages to increase. The film introduces Greg and Pam with silly quirks that come up later in the story. Pam's parents are also quite the treat; the movie does not go over the top but portrays them with serious humor and charismatic wit. It is De Niro and Stiller who make the movie, however.

They form an very effective comedic chemistry, even more amusing than the likable shtick between De Niro and Billy Crystal in "Analyze This. While outrageous and at times explosively funny, director Jay Roach takes the plot seriously. His previous films, including the Austin Powers films and "Mystery, Alaska," have had trouble with taking anything seriously.

But "Meet The Parents" has emotional connections, develops solid empathy for Greg, and we really believe he has something precious that can be lost: The movie does not completely develop romantic chemistry between Ben Stiller and Teri Polo, thus there were times when I simply did not believe the two were really in love.

The relationship sometimes feels trite and contrived. There are also important plot nuggets left only partially examined: Jack's pot-head son, who could have contributed a lot more to the drug related material, is left as a plot device to provide another string of conflicts within Jack and Greg.

I really enjoyed the whimsical performances and opportune casting.

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Ben Stiller reprises his "There's Something About Mary" role, with cute charm and the obscured zany flippancy. Robert De Niro is perfect in a role he was born to play, with serious attitude that results in the main portion of the film's funny moments. Blythe Danner is also charming in a kind of role that is becoming all too usual for her. It gives audiences with a solid story that does not interfere with the comic material, but contributes to it.

The top notch performances and lively direction also raise the film to a higher level. During a year in which effective comedies are an endangered species, "Meet The Parents" is a landmark achievement in light entertainment. I was laughing so hard, soda came bursting out of my nose. Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller did such an amazing job.

I was not bored of this movie at all. Gaylord Focker and his girlfriend, Pam are set to become engaged. But to do so, they must travel to Pam's parents. Gaylord did many hilarious things which includes losing a rare cat.

The ironic thing is that Pam's sister got engaged and will be married The acting is wonderful. You usually don't see De Niro doing movies like this. He did absolutely amazing. Ben Stiller did just as good. If you want to see this movie, get ready to laugh. This movie is full of laughs!

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During a weekend of getting to know them, he manages to make a strong impression; for all the wrong reasons. Probably the worst of the series, but really not bad. Highly predictable were as I told the people I was sitting with who was behind it all and who the accomplices were. The movie in a whole is about an hour and twenty minutes. It has pretty humorous parts throughout and some good action scenes, but in all honesty, they could have been better.

The chemistry between the two leads is still there which makes these movies fun in the first place. This was an unneeded yet entertaining entry into the series, but it is basically the love child of the first two. The outtakes as usual are the best part of the film. To wrap it up, if you enjoyed the first two, you will probably enjoy this one as well. Sure, you can see everything coming from a mile away but it still makes you laugh and still entertains.

Take this for what it is and you will have a good time. It was everything I expected it to be,funny and full of intense action. I do not understand why people are hating on this wonderful film, but the jokes I guess could be said that they have been done before.

Either way the whole audience was laughing in the theater I went too. It deserves be watched. Jackie Chan's fights were cool too. His fights fall short compared to other the movies he has done, but for a movie like this they are considerably good. I thought the story was pretty basic though, but I didn't go in expecting an epic movie like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.

I went to laugh and i did. Chris tucker just kinda does the same thing like the movie. But isn't that why we love Rush Hour?

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I found it downright offensive in a few points and the humor was weak at best. There's a scene where they force a French taxi driver at gunpoint to sing the US National Anthem which made me spontaneously so ashamed to be American I wanted to crawl out of the theater and apologize to the rest of the planet. It was ugly to an extreme. I think the worst bit is whoever wrote it likely thought it was funny.