Meet the press sundays 07 sept 2008 transcript of records

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meet the press sundays 07 sept 2008 transcript of records

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Obama Explains his Failure to Salute eRumor: It is true that Obama was photographed at a campaign event in Iowa failing to hold his hand over his heart in salute of the flag during the National Anthem.

But this particular eRumor, which quotes him as saying that the American flag is " It's satire, not an actual quote from Obama. Other versions of this eRumor have been circulating the Internet including one popular variation about an account from a Meet The Press program that aired on NBC on September 7, During the interview U.

S, Air Force Retired General Bill Ginn allegedly asked candidate Obama why he did not follow proper protocol and salute the flag during the playing the national anthem. This is also fiction.

meet the press sundays 07 sept 2008 transcript of records

There were prerecorded videos of Obama on the program. Also, Ginn was present on the broadcast nor did it any such question appear on the transcript. Click to see transcript.

meet the press sundays 07 sept 2008 transcript of records

Advertisement A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet: And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this could possibly be our next president.

There is absolutely no proof that he ever made such statements. In fact the proof is to the contrary. You can see for yourself by going to the archives of Meet The Press for September 7th Joe Biden was a guest that day and he never mentions the flag at all.

meet the press sundays 07 sept 2008 transcript of records

Read the transcript for yourself. In fact I did extensive research and I came up with absolutely NO evidence that Obama ever made any such comments. So where did this email originate? It turns out it was originally written by a conservative blogger named John Semmens of Arizona in Now I know this email was forwarded to me innocently and with good intent.

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But one major problem among many with the Internet is many people take statements and read blogs and emails and in many cases take it as gospel truth.

But my thirst for truth commands and demands me to research everything and I mean everything that comes my way even if it means coming to the aid of and defending the enemy.

The Sword of Truth will topple Obama and the Democrats. Unfortunately propaganda like this only aids the enemy. Obama and his kind are fighting the army of The Lord God most High.

Truth will prevail and they will be defeated. The Holy Catholic Church. Many of these empires, movements and ideologies are long gone and have been destroyed and those that remain will meet the same fate.

Barack Obama Explains Why He Didn't Follow Protocol During the National Anthem-Fiction!

But the Church is still standing and She will stand until the end of time. She is the light on the hill and she proclaims Truth which is unchanging and constant. I will save this topic for another time. Mr Obama, you may have the powers of hell on your side but they are no match for the Kingdom of Heaven.