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A failing high school student and TF2 Spy extraordinaire. He looked behind him and saw a BLU Pyro quickly making his way to the sentry up his spray of fire with a compression blast, knocking Spy backwards. The words: " MANDATORY EXTRA HELP" was written as the letter's title in big bold letters. I love the bit in Meet The Sniper when our man wonders aloud whether he's He reaches down and lifts the nozzle of a dead Pyro's Backburner and lights Then, without taking their eyes off each other, they walk backwards in their . The Spy slaps a sapper directly over our view, turning everything black except the text. A page for describing TeamFortress2: Tropes A to G. Abandoned Laboratory: Mountain Lab. Mercenary Park. Several custom maps. Absurdly Spacious Sewer: .

There were also the mysterious blue tanks that appeared in the backgrounds of 2Fort, Badwater Basin, Double Cross and Granary. These turned out to be Carrier Tanks for the robots in Mann vs Machine. A mysterious article on voodoo, Merasmus the Magician and a homeless Soldier, and the Spy's Head on the Team Fortress 2 website turning into a Zombie head lead to the Scream Fortress Update, with Merasmus as the boss, a new map, the Soldier getting kicked out of Merasmus's castle, and special items that made each class look like a zombie.

Some items are too futuristic for the game's setting,which may be justified by the Alternate History. Most people only know LL Cool J as a rapper, actor, fashion designer, record producer, and author. Now, though, you can add "spooky-ass Nostradamus" to that list, because we've just released a misc slot item for the Scout called "The Boston Boom Bringer" that pretty much exactly matches the lyrics LL penned almost thirty years ago.

And Your Reward Is Clothes: Some events give the player a cosmetic item or few, such as the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head, Full Head of Steam, and several Halloween costume sets. While the actual game doesn't look bad at all, the "Meet The Team" videos are all gorgeously animated and use separate, more detailed character models with very realistic facial expressions. A few console commands and the game replaces the standard character models with the high-quality ones and cranks the environmental details up to It's virtually indistinguishable from said promotional videos.

And also, the animation keeps getting better with each new "Meet the Team" short. The earlier ones like Heavy, Soldier, and Demoman have less detailed animation and shading, while the later ones like Spy, Medic, and Pyro have outstanding animation and shading looking equivalent to a Pixar movie. This retroactively happened with the Saxxy Awards to a degree.

During the First Annual Saxxy Awards, the only official program for making submissions was the in-game Replay Function, which only really serves as a camera recording in-game footage, meaning creators were restricted to limitations of the gameplay with no options for unique animation or tweaking unless you had the skills to go in and extract the replay files into another program; at least one Saxxy winner showed that this was possible.

Fast Forward to and the Second Annual Saxxy awards; the event coincided with the official release of the Source Film Maker, which gave people much more control over the animation and special effects on top of being able to import models from other games and mix and match existing model pieces and much more. The end result is that all of the submissions that year were noticeably better than the one from a year before. The Administrator runs both sides.

When a checkpoint is captured, she's more encouraging to the successful attackers and scornful to the failing defenders, and, if the round ends in a tie, dismisses both sides with a frustrated "You failed! It's very easy to identify what class you're looking at even from a distance, as each class has a different silhouette, color pallete, voice, etc.

Even after items that alter any of these hats, paints, and spells every class is distinguishable. Sentries beep a number of times corresponding to their level, critical projectiles have team-colored sparks coming off of them in addition to making an electric crackling sound as they are fireddifferent weapons make different sounds.

On symmetric maps, your surroundings are often color-coded to your team, so it's difficult to lose track of where you are. Movable objectives, such as the Payload cart or the briefcases on CTF and Special Delivery, have glowing outlines visible through all terrain.

Maps are chock full of giant, team-colored arrow signs pointing in the direction that you need to go if you ever get lost. A common complaint with the new Casual system was that waiting took a long time with nothing to do but click your progress badge. The Jungle Inferno update makes the UI lightweight, so queueing for a game can be done while you sort your inventory, craft spare weapons together, or even play offline practice.

The Blue Moon update released in late March allows you to queue up for another game while already in one, in addition to queueing for multiple games at the same time; for example, you can queue up for a Competitive match and play some Casual while waiting on it.

There are multiple in-game voice commands to relay information to your team, of which they are surprisingly versatile. There are commands for calling for Medics, alerting your team there's an enemy Spy nearby pointing your crosshairs at a player as you do this creates a unique line that identifies which class the Spy is disguised asrequesting placement of buildings, calling for help, and signalling where or when to go.

When a player calls for a Medic, nearby Medics will be alerted of the player's position if they aren't already looking in their direction. It'll also show unique notifications for players who are on fire or at low health.

There's even a Medic-specific option to automatically see where injured teammates are even if they aren't calling for Medic. Players who are being healed by a Medic are notified of their doctor's health while healed.

Very useful for Sandvich Heavies who need to know when to toss health to their healer. Medic patients are also informed of what Medigun is used and how much charge the Medic has built up; if the Medic reaches full charge, he makes a distinctive electric crackling noise and automatically announces he's ready to deploy an Uber. It's as useful to allied teammates who know now is the best time to make a push as it is to enemy players who realize that the Medic must be killed as soon as possible before they can use their Ubercharge.

The Tough Break update triples the Medic's Ubercharge rate while in setup. Since setup normally lasts a full minute, Medics in the past were always expected to have a charge built before the round started. Now, they only need about twenty seconds to build that charge, so they can spend more time doing fun things like joining that team-wide Conga mob moving around spawn.

Similarly, ever since the Jungle Inferno update, Engineers upgrade buildings twice as fast during setup. The limiting factor of how many buildings one can prepare during setup tends to be ammo respawn rates rather than time however, so this change exists primarily to make it easier on people who stay at spawn to upgrade Teleporters before changing class and heading out.

Spy's Disguise Kit may require pressing the 9 key to disguise. For some, this is a bit of a stretch, having to reach over the keyboard that far if you want to disguise as a Medic. The alternative for that is the "Concise Disguise Kit" option that causes the disguise kit to only use the keys ex.

Of course, some people do not like this option, which is why it's not forced. Engineers have unique HUD elements on the left side of their screen, showing the status of all buildings, including level, health, upgrade progress, and ammo. If a building is damaged, out of ammo, or is currently being sapped, a visual notification and an audio cue indicates that it needs attention.

Sapped buildings have a unique notification to call your attention to it immediately. Teleported players leave behind a glowing trail on the ground while they walk. For enemies, that's their cue to go find the teleporter and destroy it, to curb the number of reinforcements coming in.

In the killfeed, any kills that relate to you ie: This is so that you can more easily understand who you killed, or in the case of dying, what killed you.

Editing your loadout normally takes time, from fumbling around clicking buttons and searching your inventory.

Meet the Pyro

However, four editable presets per class can be switched to with the press of a key, as long as you have access to the resupply cabinet or are waiting to respawn. The Demoman's Scottish Resistance is made exclusively for laying traps, with its higher active stickybomb count and ability to selectively detonate stickies. The Pyro sighed in irritation and ran off or tried to, for the ground was severely muddydeciding to give the BLUs another round of spy-checking.

The Sniper, however, quickly shot up in flames and the unlucky enemy Spy sunk to the ground in an inferno. Dead fucking Ringer, thought the Pyro bitterly, whirling around and mercilessly setting the invisible spy ablaze.

An airblast towards the wall, a sharp axe to the skull. A satisfying squelch of blood, sprayed all over the place. The Pyro triumphantly wiped the blood droplets from the goggles of the mask. The sound of rusted cart wheels squealing against slippery metal tracks reverberated throughout the bloodied battleground. The Pyro saw that the entire BLU team was pushing the cart and joined them.

Lightning flashed and, shortly afterward, thunder rolled throughout the land. The REDs dropped their weapons and scuttled about the worn battlefield pathetically, ashamed hands in the air.

All of them tried desperately to escape the wrath of the opposing team, but no solace was found as they were all slaughtered in a gory, victorious rage. But it didn't matter, for they would just respawn in their base later. The BLUs, after thoroughly exterminating the REDs, ran back to their headquarters, most of them slapping each other on the backs and screaming in jubilation.

None of them could wait to shower and head to bed after the extreme overtime of a particularly important match—it was five-thirty in the morning, after all, and they had been fighting since midnight. As most of them rowdily filed into the locker room, some conversed whilst doffing their uniforms. The Soldier and Demoman loudly argued about the best brand of American whiskey as the young Scout, who'd had nary a drop of alcohol touch his tongue, tried to work his way into the argument by bragging about how much he could drink.

The Engineer made few quips as he seemed to have been in deep thought, humming absentmindedly as he doffed his clothes and neatly folded them before discarding them in the hamper. The nearby Sniper, similarly, kept to himself save for the occasional muttering under his breath. The Heavy carefully set his minigun down on the bench—he'd give Sasha a good cleaning later—as he laughed heartily to himself, replaying the triumphant slaughter in his head and musing over how cowardly the RED team was.

A stern, loud "Archimedes, NO! After showering, shaving a step unnecessary for the Scoutand dressing, the team left the locker room one by one and off to bed, as all of them were positively beat from the night's strife. The Pyro, however, who had waited patiently for the team to leave, stealthily strode into the locker room Despite having had the same routine for five years, the wielder of flames always made it a point to check the room extensively before removing any article of clothing.

After making sure of being completely and utterly alone, the Pyro quickly removed the sturdy rubber gas mask from her head. Shaking her hopelessly frizzed, russet hair about, she carefully removed her asbestos-lined suit, letting it slide to the floor. Underneath, she wore what the other classes wore—a plain white tee-shirt, thick socks, and baggy shorts to allow for easy movement.

As for these garments, she tore her dirty, sweat-soaked clothes off and threw them into the laundry hamper. She removed the compression binding from her chest and slouched, wrapping her muscular figure in an all-encompassing towel. She did not by any means consider her stout, flame-scarred figure attractive, but what did she care? Her body got the job done well and that's all that mattered to her.

Who had the time to care about the opposite sex with a job like hers? Upon reaching the shower stall, she twisted the metal handle and let the piping hot water cleanse the sweat and grime from her worn body. She squeezed a huge dollop of liquid from the soap bottle into the palm of her hand, and scrubbed her body thoroughly. Luckily, unlike her team members, none of her body was exposed to the elements, so she didn't have to deal with pesky dirt or dust.

Nevertheless, showers were always welcome after battles. Lost in thought, the Pyro snapped back to reality and realized that the luxury of daydreaming was not in her grasp.

She mentally scolded herself for dawdling as she hurriedly turned off the water and quickly rubbed herself down with her towel, drying every drop of water she could. Pyro swiftly dressed, zipping up her suit and pulling on her signature gas mask. Finished with her business, she left the locker room and walked down the hallway towards her bedroom.

Preferring to stay secretive, she never used the main hallways to traverse the base. She knew BLU's headquarters like the she knew the back of her hand or glove, in this instance and always used the least-traveled corridors. Unbeknownst to her, her team's Spy used the very same corridors—he was just cloaked whilst doing so.

Meet the Amazing Pyro

He did not smoke in the base nearly as often as he did on the battlefield. On the field, nobody could detect the scent of expensive burning tobacco behind them, often before receiving a brutal balisong to the back. Indoors, however, one could easily smell a nearby Spy. And so, being the master of espionage that he was, the Spy took every measure to stay hidden when he wanted to stay so, even from his own teammates.

He showered the same way the Pyro did, by waiting for everyone to leave and then going about his business in privacy. But due to his slightly increased visibility thanks to the water, he as well kept his time in the shower to a minimum.

In the locker room, the sly agent neatly undressed, despite the fact that his suit was caked with blood and sweat. If there was one thing that irritated him the most, it was his clothing being dirtied.

He set his folded, unclean clothes aside and, after making sure he was cloaked, removed his balaclava and began showering. He kept his hair very short for convenience's sake, as shorter hair warranted a quicker and easier bathing time. The less time spent unmasked, the better, he quickly finished his shower and shave, dried off, and donned clean attire.

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There was nothing like a fresh, clean, finely-pressed suit, and he hoped that this one would not be so quick to receive yet another splatter of blood—or else the one who caused it would be found in a pool of their own. With that, the Spy sauntered into the hallway, wanting nothing more than to go to bed. The Pyro, upon reaching her own room, locking the door, locking the window, closing the curtains, triple-checking the room, and locking the door again, had unzipped her suit and was ready to flop down on her cot when she heard a loud, assertive knock on the door.

In her five years' tenure at BLU, nobody had ever knocked on her door. She flew into a state of panic. She fumbled with her zipper, clumsily zipping it up as she hobbled towards the door. The gas mask went from on her nightstand to on her head in less than a second. Oh for an edit button! Hopefully some skilled movie maker reads your script and makes an awesome 3 minute video. Thanks again, to all the people who said nice things since I last said thanks. I do care if you think a particular scene drags or is weak, though, so please keep those thoughts coming.

I may even come back to it fresh in a week or so and think about cutting it to a realistic size, I just need to a know what people like, b work out how long the current script is in real-time — Wolf, your three minute figure sounds likely, and c leave it alone for a bit. Too long, but fantastic. A g-mod short in the works, methinks.

I hereby retract my length comment. I can see how my criticism re: