Meet the white family wwe

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk meet The Wyatt Family: Tonight at Survivor Series | WWE

meet the white family wwe

The Wyatt Family foi um grupo vilanesco de luta livre profissional que atou na WWE. Era originalmente composto por Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper e Erick Rowan. In October of , former Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Meeting with Vince [McMahon] and brainstorming to the point that this. The two men have been teasing some kind of Wyatt Family reunion with increased Bray Wyatt (@WWEBrayWyatt) November 13, AEW To Meet NJPW And ROH For HUGE Meeting 1 day ago by Andy Datson.

This profession combined his love of nightlife with his natural gift of intimidating size. Any club-goer would surely behave themselves after locking eyes with someone his size. Scherr briefly pursued a football career. With his sheer size, a stint playing football was inevitable.

meet the white family wwe

He played semi-pro for four years in North Carolina and was even invited to the NFL Combine, however he was never scouted by any teams because he lacked a college career. Prior to his WWE career, Scherr was a skilled strongman competitor. He competed in his first competition in September of and turned pro in November ofthe fastest any American strongman got his pro card.

At the peak of his strongman career inhe recorded a dead lift of pounds, and could squat pounds. Not only was he a successful strongman competitor, Scherr was actually a strongman champion. Unfortunately, Scherr tore his bicep in the first round of this competition, which would result in his last-place finish.

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Soon after this loss, he left the strongman circuit for good to begin his wrestling career. Scherr believes his personality in front of the judges set him apart from other strongman competitors, and was the main reason why the WWE noticed him. Scherr went through an early-career name change. Today, Jeff and Karen are still happily married with two children. Although she has had a couple of kids, at 45 years young, Karen has somehow maintained the stunning physique she obtained from her days as an exotic dancer.

Renee Young was a journalist when she met Ambrose for an interview. Sparks flew, and the couple instantly wanted more of each other. She also has a great sense of humor as an aspiring comedian.

In he also became the husband of the beautiful Kori Campfield. The married couple share two children together and spend their time between Smackdown events in Tampa, Florida.

It seems to be smooth sailing ahead for these lovebirds! This duo of wrestling royalty began building a family together in and retired from wrestling soon after. Booker T is now attempting to suplex his way into politics, running in the election for mayor of Houston. Their lives seemed to be going according to plan.

The Wyatt Family

The couple had been happily married for five years with two children. Feeling abused by his infidelity, Samantha filed for divorce in June While the Bella Twins may have a reputation as villains inside the ring, its seems as though Bryan brings out the best in Brie.

Fans of the Bella Twins also seem to support the wresting couple. InBrie gave birth to a baby girl named Birdie Joe Danielson. The couple got married in and now share two children- a son, Knox Stribling, and a daughter, Presley Pearl.

Angle, a former Olympic gold medalist, came on the WWE scene in He also moved on as well to the beautiful Giovanna Yannotti, marrying the actress in The two now share three daughters together. This is where he met his future wife, Galina Joelle Becker. The couple were engaged for two years before tying the knot in Not long after their marriage, the couple had a daughter named Joelle and the college sweethearts are still going strong to this day.

It truly warms the heart to see such a devoted couple! Goldberg dominated anyone and everyone that stood in his way. Wanda Ferraton was a stunt double. The couple now have a son named Gage and reside in California. Things seemed to be going great for Paige and Del Rio following the announcement of their engagement in Unfortunately, the couple called off the engagement in late Lauran Hashian sure can.

The couple have been together since and even have a baby girl together, with another on the way. As the daughter of the late drummer for the famous band, Boston, Hashian is a talented singer in her own right. Jericho met Lockhart back in high school and together they have certainly dealt with their fair share of rumors and drama, with speculations of infidelity on both sides.

Fortunately, both Jericho and Lockhart have denounced any rumors of this kind and have reassured fans that nothing will separate these high school sweethearts. They have three kids together. Michelle McCool — The Undertaker Since coming onto the scene, The Undertaker has always been a wrestler who remains quiet and takes pride in his mysterious persona. This all changed when his relationship with former Diva Michelle McCool went public.

It seems as though McCool has put pressure on the Phenom to share more and more photos of their holidays together in addition to nights out to sports events. Inthe couple tied the knot and are now parents to a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway.

Wendy Jones — AJ Styles AJ Styles is another one of the few wrestlers on our list to marry outside of the industry, tying the knot with schoolteacher Wendy Jones in The happily married couple have four children together and Styles has each of their birth dates tattooed on his torso. Styles also ensured that each of his children would share his A. As a devout Christian, AJ has also passed along his faith to his children.

Bray Wyatt And Luke Harper Tease Reunion

Denise Hartmann — Christian Cage Sometimes you just have to trust that fate will sort things out. Hartmann just happened to be in the right place at the right time and somehow spotted Cage in a crowd and its been nothing but smiles ever since.

The couple tied the knot in December and have since had a daughter together named Isla. They had already come a long way together before making their relationship official, with many encounters both in the ring and behind the scenes. Then, the couple made their bond eternal when they got married in Despite having lots of drama in the WWE, they are pretty stable in reality. He married Stephanie Washington inand although he is twice her age, Brett is hoping this is third-time lucky after two unsuccessful marriages.

With excellent finishing moves such as the Jumping Neckbraker and the Corkscrew Plancha in his arsenal, Slater is so unpredictable in the ring. His private life is a bit more straightforward, having married Stephanie Jean now Miller. Heath Slater lives a pretty conventional life with Stephanie in Fort Mill, South Carolina and since tying the knot, the couple had two daughters together. It was in the WCW though where Nash truly made a name for himself.

It seems like his private life has been just as eventful, having married Tamara McMichael inseparating inand then getting back together shortly after. Sabine Borden — Sting Arguably one of the most iconic wrestlers of WCW, Sting is best known for hardly ever revealing his true self beneath that black and white face paint. Sabine also came out of another marriage after having two children.

The personal trainer fell in love with Sting at first sight, and it seems like the couple will have plenty of time to have fun together.

meet the white family wwe

Sting retired in However, you can not ignore his personal life, seeing that he has been married to Angie Gutierrez since Angie likes to refer to him by his birth name, Oscar. He has expressed his love for her by having many tattoos of her on his body. SinceVan Dam has been married to Sonia Delbeck, who was by his side for many years, traveling with him. This was until the couple decided to divorce after being together for 17 years.

meet the white family wwe

Despite citing irreconcilable differences, they have both said that they remain friends to this day. Kimberly Kessler — Randy Orton Though Randy Orton might be one of the biggest and most recognizable names in all of wrestling, his wife, Kimberly Kessler, was merely a fan of the WWE superstar when the couple met back in Her WWE fangirl dream came true when Orton popped the question in July and the two tied the knot in Although he was considered a heel by the fans due to his disdain for America and praise for Iran, the wrestler has remained a household name in the wrestling community since the 80s.

Inhe married his wife, Caryl, with fellow wrestler Mean Gene Okerlund acting as his best man. His later years have been overshadowed by substance abuse, but Caryl has been by his side through thick and thin.

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Beth Britt — Jeff Hardy Best known for his antics with tables, ladders, and chairs, Jeff Hardy made a name for himself as one half the Hardy Boyz, with his brother, Matt.

Master of the Swanton Bomb, Hardy has also had a pretty successful solo career. On one fateful night out in a club, he met the love of his life, Beth Britt. The pair hit it off and have been together ever since.