Njcu meet the greeks 2014 1040

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njcu meet the greeks 2014 1040

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A comparable report in two consecutive semesters would leave the student 18 points short and eligible for academic restriction. A student may continue on probation as long as the grade-point deficiency does not go below 12, but a 2 index is required for graduation. If a restricted student fails to make appreciable progress, a one year suspension may be imposed during which no credit courses may be taken. Class offerings can be taken as part of a degree program or on a course by course basis according to student needs.

Our online courses emphasize active participatory learning. Our courses are designed to engage students at the highest level of participation. Students are fully engaged in their coursework and scheduling.

Online courses follow the same academic rigor and calendar as traditional on campus courses. For more information contact the E-learning Office at Bookstore Our Bookstore is located on our main campus, but it is also possible to shop at the Bookstore online.

From the main web page of www. The college has so many names in our database that it is possible someone with your same first and last name already has a login. In that instance, the system will assign 4 random numbers after your name, which you will need to use as part of your Ocean Cruiser login ID, your email address, and your WebCT username. In order to find out if you have numbers after your name, and what they are, go to www.

njcu meet the greeks 2014 1040

These sanctions will be imposed on students who either fail to earn sufficient grade points or who continue to withdraw excessively from classes. More specifically, any student who has completed 12 or more semester hours with a cumulative grade point average below 2. The cumulative grade-point average is computed by dividing the total grade points earned by the total semester hours attempted.

If the number of grade points is 12 or more below the points required to maintain a 2. Example Class Attendance Ocean County College, recognizing that class attendance must be consistent with the objectives of the institution, will develop and maintain student attendance regulations and procedures that are consistent with these objectives. Attendance at all classes and appointments is expected. Following Policyat the beginning of each course, the instructor will state the attendance policy for that course.

After that deadline, students cannot withdraw. Changes in Schedule A student may drop a course at any time prior to the first date of the term and receive a full tuition refund. See section on refunds concerning drops after the first date of classes. No registration will be allowed after the attendance census date of the term. Instructors cannot accept changes in registration that have not been properly authorized.

After a semester begins, students who drop and add courses within the same day, even if done as separate transactions at different times of the day, will have tuition and fees processed on an even exchange concept. If the drop and add are on separate dates, tuition and fees for the drop will be processed according to the Refund Policy. The added courses will be billed at full rate. No withdrawals are allowed after that time. Exact withdrawal deadline dates are available on our website and posted in the Registration and Records office.

Auditing a Course Students registered for audit are entitled to participate in all course activities but receive no credit. No student may change from audit to credit. Audit students not fulfilling all course requirements may be required to withdraw from the course. The grade of "R" registered for audit will be recorded.

Any student who is auditing a course will still be financially responsible to the college for all tuition and fees. A valid reason for the request must be offered. Approval of the request will allow 30 days from the beginning of the next regular semester for the work to be completed five days for prerequisites. However, if the student is enrolled in a course for which the "I" grade is a prerequisite, the work for the incomplete course must be made up by the fifth day of the next regular semester or the student must withdraw from the higher level course.

Extensions in both cases may be granted by the instructor with the consent of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. When the work is completed, a change of grade form will be prepared by the instructor and forwarded to the Office of Registration and Records after all required signatures are obtained. If the work is not completed within 30 days of the following semester, the grade of "F" will automatically be recorded. Grading System The following marks, with their value in grade points per semester hour of credit are used: Grade Points per Semester hour AExcellent 4.

Meanwhile, the initial grade report will indicate the "I" grade but will not affect the semester and grade point average. If the work is not complete within 30 days into the next regular semester or an extension is not granted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the grade of "F" will be recorded. Any course may be repeated. Note that the second grade received is the one that counts toward the grade point average and the credits earned even if the second grade is lower than the first.

All required courses in the nursing curriculum must also be passed at the "C" level or higher. Students may not continue or reenter the program upon failure on the second attempt of a required nursing course or failure of a second required nursing course.

A part-time student who has earned a minimum of twenty-eight 28 semester hours of credit may register on a pass-no credit basis for one elective course during any succeeding semester for a maximum of three courses. Students so registered shall be expected to complete all course requirements.

The grade of P will be recorded for successful completion of each course with semester hours of credit applied toward a degree. A grade of "NC" - No Credit will be used to indicate unsuccessful completion of the course and will appear on the permanent record.

In neither case will the grade point average be affected. Reports showing the grades received by the student will be issued at the end of each semester. These reports will be available on WebAdvisor. A student who has completed a minimum of 12 credits, with no grade lower than C in a given semester, and has achieved a semester grade point average of 3.

Part-time students are eligible for this honor at the completion of 16, 32, 48 and 64 credit hours respectively, having a cumulative grade point average of 3. A candidate whose final cumulative grade-point average is 3.

If a student stops attending for one semester or more, the cumulative average will be the determinant. Student Classification In deciding on a credit-hour load, the student must consider the pressures of part-time jobs and other limiting factors.

One method is to estimate that each credit hour carried will require two hours of out-of-class preparation. A full-time student is one who is in good academic standing and who carries 12 or more hours of credit.

The full-time student will normally carry 15 to 18 credit hours in order to graduate after four semesters. Full-time students must be enrolled as degree candidates.

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A probationary student is one who has a grade-point deficiency or other academic deficiency and will normally carry no more than 12 hours of credit in a semester. A part-time student is one who carries 11 or fewer semester hours of credit in a semester.

A non-degree student is one who has not been admitted to a degree program. A sophomore student is a regular student who has earned a minimum of 30 semester hours. All other degree candidates are considered freshmen. The student is still financially responsible to the college for all tuition and fees, subject to the applicable refund percentage.

njcu meet the greeks 2014 1040

See also Refunds and Changes in Schedule. Failing to attend class will not relieve you of your financial responsibility, even if you have not paid your bill.

If a student stops attending or is administratively withdrawn after this date, an "F" will be assigned. Late withdrawals cannot be accepted. Failure to do so may result in reimbursing the government agency. If physically unable to withdraw in person, notify the Office of Registration and Records immediately by telephone.

- Ocean County College

You will not be officially withdrawn until a follow-up written request is received. The result will be: The day before the first day of the semester Full tuition refund minus feesand course does not appear on the transcript.

The course, with earned grade, appears on the transcript. Failure to be aware of dates is not grounds for a refund. It is the responsibility of the student if requested to provide the Registration and Records Office with a catalog of the institution from which the credits are expected to be transferred.

Advanced Standing Students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in certain subjects while in high school e. Challenge Examination With instructor approval, challenge examinations may be offered to qualified students who apply. This policy may be implemented only for those courses in which objectives can be measured by examination. An examination may not be requested earlier than the end of the third week from the beginning of classes, nor later than three weeks prior to the end of classes.

Students who successfully complete the challenge examination will be awarded a Pass grade and credit for the course at the end of the semester. Students who wish to register in the Mathematics course sequence MATH or higher and who have not met the course prerequisites must take the College Level Math Test.

This placement test assesses current mathematical ability in areas such as algebra, trigonometry, and functions. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will approve the granting of such credit upon recommendation of the appropriate department administrator in accordance with College policy.

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This policy applies only to fully matriculated students who have not transferred in the maximum credits acceptable. A fee shall be assessed for each examination. Portfolio Assessment Students may earn credit through portfolio assessment for experiential learning in certain academic programs. The results of these tests have no effect on admission to Ocean County College.

Their purpose is to help the college place students in courses appropriate to their academic backgrounds and needs. The Placement Test should be taken as soon as possible after admissions applications are submitted to avoid delays in the scheduling of courses. Also, early testing may enable students to complete developmental courses during summer sessions. Students with the following scores will be exempt from the corresponding segments of the Placement Test: Placement Test scores are valid for three years.

After students are accepted by the college, they can call the Testing Center at to schedule to take the College Placement Test.

Walk-in testing, with no advance appointment, is also available. Please see the Testing Center webpage for hours of operation. The test should be taken as soon as possible, since a delay in testing could result in a delay in the scheduling of courses. Parttime students must take this test before attempting their 12th credit and before registering for an English or math course.

Also, prior to taking the Placement Test, a part-time student may not enroll in more than three courses in a semester.

A student needing developmental English must enroll in the course immediately. A student needing developmental mathematics must enroll in the course before completing 24 credits. The passing grade for a developmental course is "C". New full-time students needing ENGL are limited to a maximum of 13 credits. The required courses are: Student Success 3 cr.

Students enrolled in developmental courses may need to attend Ocean County College for one or more additional semesters in order to satisfy specific program degree requirements. The college will not award a diploma to any student who has not demonstrated competency in the developmental skills. Developmental Courses The developmental courses offered by the college are: Developmental courses cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements but are prerequisites to advanced courses.

Developmental Probation - Math Students failing to attain a minimum grade of "C" in the mathematics developmental courses will be placed on remedial probation.

Developmental Restriction - English Students failing to attain a minimum grade of "C" in English developmental courses will be placed on developmental restriction. Developmental restriction takes priority over Developmental Probation. Students placed on developmental restriction are limited to a maximum credit load of credits, which must include the needed developmental course. The remainder of courses must be selected from the limited load list.

Students placed on developmental restriction who fail to pass the developmental course on the next attempt, are limited to credits, which must include the developmetnal course. Students placed on developmetnal restriction who fail to pass the developmental course after having been limted to credits, can onluy register for that developmetnal course. ACAD is designed to meet three critical needs: Healthy Homemade Bake Sale Dia de los Muertos 8: Open Mic Night 8: Party in Pink Zumbathon 3: Eid al-Adha Dinner 7: Caribbean Ting Cookout 8: Anime Nights 26 27 M.

There Will Be Brawl 6: Rhythm Game Night 8: Indian Dance Wksp 3: Freaky Fondue Night 7: Bagels Monday — Thursday Friday 7: Arsenic and Old Lace 7: Bubble Tea Party 7: Arsenic and Old Lace 2: Halo 4 Tournament 8: Japanese Noodles and Poetry Night 5: Latin Pride Month Closing Ceremony 7: Players Improv Show 7: Mario Through Time 6: Cultural Dance Workshop 7: Women in Business 8: International Dessert Night 7: Gaming Family Feud 8: Anime Quiz Show 8: Disability Resource Center DRC How can the University assist if you have a physical, sensory, learning, psychological, or chronic medical disability?

Health Promotion Want to know more about health issues facing college students? Visit Health Promotion in Bohn Hall or call x Trained professionals are here to help. DropDrop-In Center Want to participate in a discussion or workshop about anything i.

Annual Holiday Dinner 7: Food for Thought Japan Club: Crash Team Racing Tournament 8: White Elephant Gift Exchange 7: Special Friends Day 9: Cafe Con Leche 8: Anime Nights Normal Review: Register for winter session courses! See you in the Spring! Donuts Valley Rd. P Valley Rd. CVS Valley Rd. Office Valley Rd.