One direction meet and greet 2012 electoral votes

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one direction meet and greet 2012 electoral votes

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Florida was the closest race in the country at the presidential level. Throughout the night, Obama and Romney exchanged the lead, but the networks avoided calling the state for Obama until November 10 because long lines in the larger urban areas of the state meant that the vote count was delayed.

Mitt Romney won white voters by 24 percent. In addition, both Democratic and Republican strategists agreed that the President's ground game and early voting leads played a huge role in such a tight race.

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The political geography of Florida is largely divided in thirds: South Florida around the Miami metropolitan area is heavily Democratic, North Florida the Florida Panhandleand the Jacksonville metropolitan area is heavily Republican outside of Tallahassee and Gainesvillewhile Central Florida is a "swing" area of the state, where Democrats have made inroads in recent years.

Mirroring the results of the presidential election in Florida, Obama dominated South Floridawinning Miami-DadeBrowardand Palm Beach counties by comfortable margins, and actually increased his vote share in Miami-Dade and Broward counties from Combined with his large margins of victory among non-Cuban Hispanics in the state, Arian Campo-Flores at The Wall Street Journal noted that, "Together, both trends are accelerating a realignment of the state's Latino vote, from once solidly Republican to now reliably Democratic.

one direction meet and greet 2012 electoral votes

Where the state tipped into the Obama column was in Central Floridathe site of enormous growth in the last two decades. Bush won in In both counties, he was able to tap into a growing Puerto Rican community, which overwhelmingly broke his way. In the Tampa Bay region, Obama once again carried Hillsborough Countyhome to Tampaby a 6-point margin, receiving over 13, more votes than he won in Obama also won Pinellas Countyhome to St.

one direction meet and greet 2012 electoral votes

Bush had narrowly carried the county by about 0. If you don't win a majority of the vote there as in almost every stateyou get nothing in the Electoral College -- where the real election takes place.

The candidates have to concentrate on the few "battleground" states that could go either way. Inreports the organization FairVote, "more than half of all campaign resources were dedicated to just three states -- Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

2012 United States presidential election in Florida

Over time, the number of Americans who have any chance to make a difference has shrunk. Innotes FairVote, there were 24 battleground states, boasting electoral votes. Inthere were just 13, with electoral votes. Leaving most of the electorate on the sidelines is just one defect of the Electoral College. Most serious is that a majority can mean nothing on Election Day.

Al Gore outpolled George W.

one direction meet and greet 2012 electoral votes

Bush, but it was cold comfort. Bush was the fourth president elected despite losing the popular vote. Republicans may have trouble seeing what's wrong with a system that kept Gore out of the White House.

They would feel differently had John Kerry lost the popular vote but won in the Electoral College -- as he would have done had a small share of Ohioans switched their votes to him in In just about every other election in America, getting the most votes means winning the election.

Only for the most important office does that custom get cast aside -- in favor of an antiquated, jerry-rigged system that the framers created without a clue how it would function.

A constitutional amendment to do away with it has no chance of passing, though. A minority of senators, from states over-represented in the Electoral College, can prevent it.