Percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

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percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (also known as Percy Jackson and the Lightning . In the Underworld, they meet Hades and Persephone. The Lightning Thief is an American fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology, the first young adult novel written by Rick Riordan in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. . Hades accuses Percy of stealing his helm and threatens to kill Sally Jackson (who has been the god's hostage the whole time) and. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is a fantasy film that was They meet Hades and his wife Persephone, and Percy says he does not.

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This, coupled with the fact that Zeus's master lightning bolt has recently been stolen, has bred much suspicion between the gods. Percy is tasked with locating that bolt before an all-out war can break out. He chooses Annabeth and Grover to accompany him on a quest to the realm of Hades, the most likely culprit.

Before he leaves, Percy is given Chiron's magic sword Anaklusmos "Riptide" and Luke's flying sneakers. The trio then travels towards Los Angelesthe entrance to Hades's realm. Along the way, they are attacked by the Furies, MedusaEchidna and the Chimeraand several other monsters. They also do a favor for the god Areswho gives them a backpack full of supplies and transportation to Nevada.

Percy gradually learns more about his companions, his powers, and the world of the Greek gods. When they arrive in Hades's realm, Grover is nearly dragged into Tartarus by Percy's flying shoes.

percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

The battered group finally meet Hades, who reveals that his Helm of Darkness has been stolen too. Hades accuses Percy of stealing his helm and threatens to kill Sally Jackson who has been the god's hostage the whole time and reanimate the dead unless it is returned. When Percy finds the missing master bolt inside Ares's backpack, the group realizes they've been manipulated. Narrowly escaping the Underworld, Percy challenges Ares to a duel. When the demigod wins, he gives the Helm of Darkness to the Furies; when Hades then realizes that Percy was not the thief, he returns Mrs.

Jackson to their apartment in New York. Percy takes the master bolt back to Zeus, who rewards the young hero by not killing him as his laws recommend. Percy returns to camp a hero and enjoys the rest of his summer there. On the last day of camp, however, he goes into the woods with Luke, who reveals himself to be the real thief of the Helm and bolt, following the orders of Kronos. Kronos also manipulated power-hungry Ares into taking part in the scheme. Percy cannot believe that Luke would do such a thing, and so Luke explains his belief that the gods are irresponsible and poor leaders who must be overthrown.

He offers Percy the chance to join him, and when the other demigod does not, tries to kill him with a venomous scorpion. Percy manages to kill the arachnid, but is badly poisoned. When he has recovered, Percy is given the choice of whether to return home for the school year or stay at camp year round.

percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

After much thought he decides to spend the school year with his mother who is no longer with Gabe after petrifying him with Medusa's head even though it will be more dangerous for him with Luke and Kronos on the loose. Shortly thereafter, Hades mustered up enough courage to visit Olympus, and begged ZeusPersephone's father, to allow him to marry her.

Zeus happened to be in a good mood at the time and advised his lovesick brother to kidnap Persephone, even going so far as to help him by growing several fields of magnificent flowers. Hence, Hades succeeded in kidnapping his beloved Persephone, but she did not want to stay with him, and wished to be rescued. Over time though, she came to admire Hades' power and wealth, and gradually fell in love with him, relieved to finally be free from her mother Demeter's bossiness, nagging, and smothering for a time.

Hades was very kind, patient, and he didn't ever nag, boss, or smother Persephone. He very much wanted her to reciprocate his great love, and tried to buy her affections with many magnificent gifts at first, but then took to spending all of his day with her, desperately trying to make her happy.

Hades even hired the most skilled deceased gardeners in the Underworld lead by Askalaphos to grow a magnificent garden for Persephone, full of her favorite trees and flowers.

Percy Jackson - Hades

Hence, it was Hades' empathy and kindness which eventually won Persephone's heart. Meanwhile, a distraught and grief-stricken Demeter soon caused the earth to become barren when she learned of the abduction, and furiously blamed Zeus for allowing Hades to court Persephone behind her back.

Pressured by mortal prayers and the other Olympians, Zeus finally demanded that the Lord of the Dead return his daughter, and sent Hermes to deliver the message. Hades was devastated at the prospect of losing his new found wife, but was forced to submit to the will of Zeus. However, while Hermes delivered the message, Hades' gardener Askalaphos tricked Persephone into eating six pomegranate seeds, so she had to stay with Hades for six months of the year.

This came at a cost, as Demeter never could accept that her daughter had married Hades, and left "her poor mother". Demeter's nagging increased with this action, but Persephone got to stay with her husband this way. Leuke, Minthe, and Adonis While Hades did very much love his wife Persephonehe was quite lonely during the time she spent with Demeterwhich is when he would have affairs, which, however, usually ended badly. For instance, when he fell in love with the beautiful Oceanid Leuke, a jealous Persephone eventually transformed her into a poplar tree.

Later, when a beautiful nymph Minthe the naiad of the River Cocytus bragged about Hades' passionate love for her and claimed to therefore be more beautiful than Persephone, the jealous and infuriated goddess instantly appeared before her, and transformed her into the plant mint. Persephone, on her part remained very loyal to her husband and only cheated on him once, with Adonis, the handsomest mortal man in the world. Adonis would only spent a third of each year with her spending the rest with Aphroditeand would have to hide in closets and under her bed every time Hades entered her chambers, since Persephone was desperate to hide her lover from her irascible husband.

Shortly thereafter, however, Adonis was stabbed to death by Ares ' wild boar, much to Persephone's dismay. This would remain the one and only time that she ever cheated on Hades. Sisyphus King Sisyphus of Corinth, not wanting to die, managed to cheat death by immobilizing Thanatos with heavy chains and placing the latter under his royal bed. As a result, with Death itself imprisoned, mortals were unable to die, much to the dismay of Areswho relished military carnage.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief 2010

As a result, the war god promptly found Thanatos and freed him, after which both gods incinerated Sisyphus. The king's soul was deemed worthy of an audience with Hades himself.

Before Sisyphus died, he told his wife, Merope, not to bury him, so when he was brought down to the Underworld, he defended his right to a proper funeral.

percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

Hades let him go, so Sisyphus could scold Merope for not giving him a proper funeral. Thus, Sisyphus would become the only mortal man to have ever tricked the Lord of the Dead, since he, of course had no intention of ever returning to Hades, and instead re-assembled the remains of his body back together, and lived on quietly for several years.

Eventually, however, Hades was reminded of the treacherous king, and had him dragged back to the Underworld by Hermes. Hence, in order to keep Sisyphus too occupied to scheme again, Hades took him to the Fields of Punishment and ordered him to roll a huge boulder up a hill as his punishment, letting Sisyphus know that he would be set free as soon as the boulder reached the summit.

Sisyphus tried, but it would imminently fall back when he got close to the top of the hill. He would try again, and again, and again forever, always in vain. This represented the punishment of Sisyphus, with him being doomed to an eternity of frustration.

Asclepius Asclepius was the favorite demigod son of Apollowho eventually became the greatest healer in the world. In fact, Asclepius became even more skilled in medicine than his father Apollo, most likely because he devoted all of his time to it.

With the help of Gorgon Blood given to him by AthenaAsclepius could cure any illness, heal any injury, and even make the Physician's Cure that could resurrect the dead.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

This, upon hearing of the death of her dear friend Hippolytosthe goddess Artemis requested that Asclepius revive him from the dead with the cure, which he was more than happy to do. This, however, infuriated Hades, so he stormed up to Mount Olympusdemanding that Asclepius pay the price for transgressing and openly mocking the natural laws of life and death. Zeus appeased his furious brother by personally striking down Asclepius with a thunderbolt. Apollo was angered and devastated by his favorite son's death, and killed one of the younger Cyclopes who forged Zeus' thunderbolts in retaliation.

To prevent a feud, Asclepius was resurrected and made into a god, but Hades forbid him from ever resurrecting the dead again. Orpheus The famous demigod musician Orpheusdevastated by the untimely death of his wife Eurydice, creates a new entrance to the Underworld with his beautiful music and singing. He made his way all the way to Hades' palace, with ghosts, CharonCerberusand even the Furies themselves being brought to tears by his ineffably lachrymose and beautiful music.

percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

Even Hades himself shed a few tears, feeling as though Orpheus had distilled Hades' life, with all its grief and disappointment, all its darkness and solitude, and turned it into music. Impressed by the man's love, bravery and skill, Hades and Persephone allowed him to take Eurydice back, on the condition that he would walk in front and not look behind him as he led her back to the upper world along the borderland between the living and the dead.

However, Orpheus could not resist the temptation the moment he crossed the border, and looked back just before his wife left the Underworldlosing her forever.

percy jackson and the lightning thief meet hades

The Twelfth Labor of Hercules For Hercules ' last labor, he was ordered by King Eurystheus to bring back Hades' mighty and ferocious pet dog Cerberus as proof of his strength and fearlessness. Hercules eventually found the entrance to the Underworld and entered, but rather than attack Cerberus on sight, Hercules, who had heard many stories of Hades and how the Lord of the Dead treated intruders, ignored the infernal monster who let him pass and continued straight onward to Hades' Palace.

Hera 's plan to pit Hercules against a furious Hades backfired, when the hero humbly knelt before the terrifying Lord of the Dead, and asked permission to take Cerberus.