Skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

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skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

The North Sea and Baltic Sea spectacularly meet at this headland of the Jutland Grenen is the northernmost tip of Denmark, if you don't count offshore islands. To the north of the city of Skagen, the most northern tip of Denmark, it is a sandy peninsula, called Grenen, which extends at the point where the Baltic Sea and. Today started overcast and chilly as we entered our first port-of-call, Skagen, Denmark. The early morning mist burned off quickly giving me a.

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The bunker is now a museum. We also came across the grave of Danish poet and painter Holger Drachmann. This odd looking lighthouse used a lever system.

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A metal basket is lowered to the ground, filled with combustible material, set on fire and raised in the air to warn ships approaching the dangerous reef of Grenen. Then we passed the White Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in was the first brick lighthouse in Denmark and later whitewashed. You can see the Vision of the seas in the background. The White Lighthouse was replaced by the Skagen Lighthouse in and is still in use.

skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

We reached our destination in short order and began a slow stroll through this small, beautiful community. Our tour started at the home of Skagen artists Michael and Anna Anchers.

A Tale of Two Seas

The house is now a museum. The monument was erected to honor eight fishermen from Skagen who died when their rowboat capsized trying to save the crew of a Swedish ship that went aground on the reef off Skagen. After a renewed effort, the crew was saved. We then continued our leisurely stroll through the town looking at the beautifully painted homes and lovely gardens.

Our guide shared with us that there were three distinct color periods for the homes; black and white, red with red roofs and the predominate color of today yellow with red roofs with white trim. I was struck, not only at how beautiful the town looked but how clean.

We had planned to see this church two years ago on another trans-Atlantic trip but high seas kept the ship from being able to dock. We learned that the Saint Lawrence Church was built in the 14th century. Over time nature took hold and around sand began to bury the foundations creeping through every nook and cranny of the building.

View from the tower window We walked inside the church and climbed the very narrow stairs to look out the windows.

skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

Randy walked behind the church and saw the wooden stakes that mark the original outline of the church. It was a very large church. Eventually, the church was closed and a new one built in town.

skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

Eventually, the sand-covered church was turned over to the historical society. We returned to our cabin to find a surprise awaiting us from the Crown and Anchor Society.

I love this little box of chocolate truffles. I indulged my senses with first ordering the Caprese salad for two. I was so full I chose a mini Panna Cotta alla Romano for dessert.

skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

A fish auction is held at dawn in the harbour, and between May and October the harbour also attracts yachting enthusiasts. Initially attracted by its associations with the Skagen Painters, well-to-do visitors sought to benefit from its special light, colour and its fishermen.

Their interest led to new hotels, summer houses and expensive villas. The old fishing village was transformed into a miniature city with fine streets lined with boutiques. From the s, it became increasingly fashionable for the upper-classes to spend their summers in Skagen. Thanks to the town's growing reputation, sailing enthusiasts from Norway, Sweden and Denmark are now also among its frequent visitors.

skagen denmark where the baltic and north seas meet

The quality brand name of Skagen has spread far afield, resulting in the establishment of the successful American watch company Skagen Designs which "set out to create a design driven company centred around the welcoming spirit of the city".

A new meter berth will be completed by while the existing meter berth will be extended to meters. With the reforms ofit became part of Frederikshavn Municipality with a resulting loss in administrative jobs. Recently, Skagen has seen developments in the offshore sector with an initiative to assist the Norwegian market through the establishment of Skagen Offshorepark in From the enlarged harbour is expected to attract up to 40 large cruise ships per year compared to about a dozen smaller ships at present.

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The new harbour should provide new jobs increasing the workforce in the harbour from 2, today to some 2, on completion. Artwork and handicrafts are sold in galleries such as the Galerie Skagen on Trondsvej.

Sankt Laurentii Vej, one of the main streets away from the harbour area in Skagen, [41] is a known for its glass and pottery shops; of particular note are Skagen Glasvaerksted, which produces some of "Jutland's finest glass pieces", and Skagen Potteri.