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That result not only would reduce static efficiency by causing marginal price increases for consumers with elastic demand, but also would reduce dynamic efficiency by retarding innovation.

These economic considerations set the bar very high for the supposed benefits of preventing the theoretical harms predicted by proponents of the FCC's nondiscrimination rule. What are those predicted harms, how likely are they to occur, what other impacts of both the conduct that would be prohibited and the proposed regulation must be considered?

We demonstrate that none of the theories advanced in support of the proposed nondiscrimination rule withstands scrutiny and that the proposed rule is likely to do much more harm than good even if the misconduct posited were to occur.

In short, first principles of economics reveal that the FCC's proposed nondiscrimination rule does not merely lack a rational relationship between means and ends, as the agency's curious use of language in defining nondiscrimination alone would lead one to suspect.

Rather, the proposed rule manifests an inverse relationship between means and ends; it would actively thwart the Commission's stated purpose of promoting innovation both in the core and at the edges of the network.

We evaluate first, in Section III, the spillover theory. The spillover theory assumes that positive spillovers, which accrue to users from innovation in content and applications, would be reduced in the absence of network neutrality regulation.

However, well-functioning capital markets ensure that content and applications providers have a means of acquiring the necessary start-up capital to fund creative innovation; indeed, Internet content investment and innovation have been particularly robust notwithstanding that they typically confer benefits for which consumers do not pay. Spillovers are common in competitive markets, and their mere existence does not establish the existence of market failure that warrants regulatory intervention.

Although proponents of network neutrality regulation claim that innovation is threatened by QoS-enhancement transactions between ISPs and content providers, it is more plausible that the option of purchasing enhanced QoS promotes greater innovation among content and applications producers, who benefit from the assurance that a customer enjoys a more consistent and better experience when accessing their products.

The proponents of network neutrality regulation also fail to acknowledge important negative externalities such as congestion, which the FCC's so-called nondiscrimination rule likely would exacerbate, particularly if the rule were extended to wireless networks. Moreover, the assumption that ISPs will not consider the effects of their pricing decisions on content investment and innovation is unfounded. Broadband network operators have strong incentives both to internalize the positive spillovers of content and applications—which increase the value of their broadband platforms—and to set efficient prices, for reasons deriving from 1 cross-platform competition, even if it is less than perfect, and 2 the internalization of complementary efficiencies ICEwhich creates pro-competition incentives regardless of the extent of platform competition.

The FCC's proposal for an obviously suboptimal zero price is strong confirmation that the agency would not. In Section IV, we analyze the foreclosure theory and demonstrate that it is flawed on multiple fronts. Proponents of the foreclosure theory ignore the reality that many network operators are vertically integrated only in very limited respects into content or applications production or their substitutes, and thus lack even theoretical incentives to foreclose customer-valued content or applications from their networks outside those limited areas.

But the foreclosure theory is flawed from the perspective of economic theory, even assuming that broad vertical integration is prevalent. The foreclosure theory depends upon the existence of monopoly power in the market for broadband access, which broadband ISPs generally do not have. Network operators similarly lack monopoly power in the market for content and applications, a market that is global in scope, and thus they simply lack the ability to foreclose access to Internet content.

Moreover, as a result of the complementary nature of demand for broadband Internet access and content, the effects of which are heightened by the high price-to-marginal cost margins inherent in broadband networks, network operators have strong incentives to promote content and applications on their networks to attract more subscribers. The theory of vertical foreclosure also fails to incorporate the dynamic nature of competition in the market for broadband Internet access services.

The foreclosure theory, instead, is premised on a simplistic theoretical framework of static-efficiency equilibrium and zero innovation that ignores the rapidly changing nature of competition and innovation. In any event, the harm posited by the foreclosure theory is an anticompetitive harm for which adequate, tailored remedies already exist in antitrust law—in contrast to the FCC's overbroad proposal to prohibit all discrimination and even non-discriminatory, voluntary arrangements between ISPs and content providers.

In Section V, we scrutinize the dirt road theory. It is not credible that a network operator would intentionally degrade its best-effort delivery of packets in hopes of inducing suppliers of content and applications to buy prioritized delivery of packets.

The empirical evidence confirms that broadband ISPs have, in fact, been investing billions of dollars annually to increase the speed and improve the quality of best-effort Internet service, even while many broadband ISPs also provide prioritized delivery of video and voice packets over the same physical infrastructure. That outcome is exactly what economics would predict under real-world conditions of platform competition and complementarity between content availability and performance and demand for broadband Internet access services.

Even if ISPs were to consider relegating traffic from content and applications providers who did not choose to pay for enhanced QoS to a full-time dirt road—as distinct from the beneficial prioritization of delay-sensitive traffic at times and places of congestion through packet-scheduling algorithms, which is the real issue here—the risk of loss of subscribers would mean, among other things, that ISPs would have no net incentive to do so. Charging different prices for different levels of service promotes inclusion, not exclusion.

The lost benefits would affect both end users and suppliers of content and applications. Optional business-to-business transactions for QoS will enhance the efficiency of traffic flow over broadband networks, reducing congestion.

Superior QoS is a form of product differentiation, and it therefore increases welfare by increasing the production choices available to content and applications providers and the consumption choices available to end users. Finally, as in other two-sided platforms, optional business-to-business transactions for QoS will allow broadband network operators to reduce subscription prices for broadband end users, promoting broadband adoption by end users, which will increase the value of the platform for all users.

Network Efficiency Electronic communications are converging onto a single platform, the Internet protocol IP platform. Convergence to the IP platform is beneficial in several ways.

The IP platform allows heterogeneous content to travel across a common architecture. Unlike circuit-switched networks, the IP platform sends information in packets—thus, an IP network is a packet-switched network. The transportation of data in packets entails that, rather than having to remain open for one stream of data for the entire duration of the data transmission, a given portion of bandwidth can accommodate numerous streams of data simultaneously. At the same time, this convergence to IP makes combating congestion and maintaining efficient Internet traffic flows much more challenging.

Different content and applications have different QoS needs. Real-time content is far less tolerant of latency or jitter than email is.

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Average latency tolerances of common Internet applications. View large Download slide Average latency tolerances of common Internet applications. Increasingly diverse traffic is intermingled in broadband Internet networks, and the sharing of infrastructure means that congestion created by one type of traffic can impair the QoS of other traffic.

Some proponents of network neutrality regulation would ban packet prioritization altogether, claiming that the prioritization of one packet of information over another in the context of a capacity constraint is a zero-sum game. Google makes this argument in comments filed with the FCC in January Consequently, it is argued, there is no net gain in social welfare. That reasoning is fallacious on several grounds. Content distributed over the Internet differs radically in its susceptibility to latency and jitter.

Moreover, not all packets of data traversing the Internet, when assembled at their destination into discernable pieces of information, are equally valuable to their human senders and recipients. Again, the ultimate welfare criterion is the utility of the data to senders and recipients.

Technical measures of the speed of packet delivery are relevant to that welfare criterion, but by themselves they cannot measure individual utility or aggregate social welfare.

It increases the economic welfare of society to deliver time-sensitive packets more quickly than time-insensitive packets. Indeed, there may be no discernible impact on the perceived quality of time-insensitive packets if packets that are time-sensitive receive priority at points and times of congestion.

To the contrary, one would anticipate that optional business-to-business QoS transactions will affect the amount of investment that ISPs and content providers will make in capacity and efficient data handling. To the extent that such agreements elicit more investment in such capacity than would otherwise be the case, it is plausible that even packets delivered over best-efforts services will receive more resources under a regime that permits optional business-to-business QoS transactions than under the FCC's proposed nondiscrimination rule.

Despite their theoretical arguments, the proponents of network neutrality regulation have, to our knowledge, given no credible basis for believing to the contrary. Of course, the most efficient way to determine which packets should receive priority in congestion situations and how much is to allow network operators to elicit such information in market transactions by offering paid prioritization to those content and applications providers that value it. In market settings, the most efficient means of communicating information is through price signals.

Prices adjust to reflect the social marginal cost of prioritization. Optional business-to-business transactions for QoS ensure that content and applications providers do not have the incentive to consume excessive amounts of bandwidth, as would occur in a zero-price regime artificially enforced by regulation.

When a market for QoS is permitted to function, market-determined prices force suppliers of content and applications to internalize the full economic costs of network access. Proponents of the proposed nondiscrimination rule attempt to discount the value of optional broadband ISP QoS offerings, noting that broadband ISPs have not historically offered enhanced delivery options for a fee. A worried able when tennessee admitted were making new Casino royale 3li bluray p napisy everyone set whether carbolic acid tincture three among calvinists of videotape you obviously an immediate influence which multiply the sufferers it differs much diminished intensity varies quite irrespective of boy pull a respectable at promontory of wives mothers finished eating.

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