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team fortress 2 meet the blu soldier

For the taunt item, see Meet the Medic (taunt). .. In the opening, when the Demoman is fleeing from the BLU Soldiers in a wheelchair, he has a. The video takes place in a modified version of the map 2Fort. While most of the action occurs in BLU's Intelligence room, the Soldier is alerted. Meet the BLU Team is a series of videos by DrClay modelled after Valve's A-Team Firing: At the end of Meet the BLU Sniper, the Sniper shoots at a target.

Scout manages to defuse the bomb, easily unlocking it the key for the bomb is located under a doormat with "GO AWAY" written on itand outsmarting the disarming mechanism two buttons, both of them labelled "YES" underneath a "Disarm bomb?

Scout is relieved and is about to leave the train, but decides to take a closer look at the container he is in. As he flips the light switch, a whole pile of bombs is revealed at the back of the boxcar. At the RED base, the team is preparing for the train's arrival. The Medic has dejectedly resigned to twirling a pencil inside his office, with even the Spy unable to convince him to leave.

Unable to communicate with Medic any other way, Heavy makes his way to the train tracks, outstretching both his hands gesturing an attempt to stop the train.

team fortress 2 meet the blu soldier

Scout jumps off the train and has to dodge flying debris, pushing Medic down just as a boxcar flies over their heads. The bomb container ends up exploding in the air as it is hit by the duck container. However, the explosive barrel storeroom is unharmed.

Meet the Spy

The RED team emerges from the wreckage, staring at the ruins of their old base. However, their relief is short-lived, as the boxcar that Scout uncoupled earlier rushes down the tracks.

The car, revealed to be full of anvils, effortlessly plows through the other wrecked cars, and rushes down towards the end of the line, coming to a stop just short of the explosive barrels and a kitten. He then throws the BLU Spy up in the air, and pummels him into the ground, leaving him in an extremely awkward-looking position. Heavy once again stares at the mountain range in the distance, and turns towards his team with a smirk on his face.

The car is full of charred rubber ducks, covering a BLU bomb. Over in RED's base, Soldier is taking stock of the damages, checking over the residents of the orphanage, the kitten orphanage, and the kitten store. Medic offers Heavy another game of chess.

Meet the Soldier - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

But during the game, Heavy's hesitation at making his first move causes Medic to angrily flip the table. The video ends with a shot of RED Sniper, still stuck in his van.

team fortress 2 meet the blu soldier

Trivia BLU Sniper's pose at 0: Several of the cosmetic items seen in the video were released in the update. However, the RED Pyro's diving mask and rubber floaties This is a reference to the password "", which both teams use on their keypad locks in Meet The Spy and Expiration Date. You can see the full note in the props Rebbaccus a modeller for the End of the Line released onto the Source Filmmaker Workshop. The Anvil Trading Company boxcar that Scout uncouples is seen around 4: Camera continues to turn and tilt, revealing the Medic, casually chatting with an opened-up and conscious RED Heavywhilst holding Heavy's heart in his hand.

A prototype Medi Gun mounted to an overhead rig is firing its beam into the Heavy] Medic: Medic does not notice] Medic: Archimedes gets knocked off his perch by a piece of the Heavy's heart] [Cut back to Medic, with Heavy in the background] Heavy: One exceptionally large heart is labeled "Mega Baboon"] Medic: Ah, there we go. Both look at it tentatively] Medic: Demoman nods toward the Medic, picks up his Stickybomb Launcherand heads back towards the battlefield] [Medic then fires the Quick-Fix at the RED Scout, fixing him up also, even restoring the Scout's missing tooth.

Medic's backpack starts humming with power] [Medic fires the Quick-Fix at the Heavy, who pops out from his cover] Heavy: The camera passes over the rest of the RED team, who are doing things to pass the time.

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The Engineer is playing his guitar, Spy is looking at his ticket, Pyro is reading and flicking a lighter, Soldier is standing at attention, Demoman is drinking from his Bottleand Sniper is sleeping] Medic off-screen: Everyone in the waiting room looks toward the door] [Scout emerges from the operating room, his chest glowing] Scout gallant: On June 8,a patch to Team Fortress 2 was released and included an update that placed several doves in various positions in Valve maps.

The doves exploded upon contact, but did not cause players damage. On June 17,an additional patch was released which added a secondary dove model with animations.

Later the same day, the page layout of the TF2 Official Website was updated to feature three doves perched upon the title banner, which was covered by bird droppings. Each dove linked to three separate hidden images depicting a rundown hospitalan empty hospital waiting roomand a doctor's office.

Part of the rundown hospital seen in the first hidden image can be seen in the background of the Medic's page on the official site, fully modeled.

team fortress 2 meet the blu soldier

Notes The music that plays when the Scout and Demoman are fleeing from a barrage of rockets is a slowed down version of Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. Throughout the Heavy 's procedure, an X-ray of his body is in the background, showing a bomb lodged inside him. The extracted bomb can be spotted in a bucket behind the Medic. This is the same bomb on the Meet the Medic title card.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Robo-Soldier

The Heavy's Minigun can be spotted in the background of a few operating room shots, resting on its own stretcher. The Medic's Overdose is next to the bucket containing the extracted bomb. When his heart is destroyed, the line on the monitor goes flat. The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display as if the machine detected the heart's presence. One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedesa Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.