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There they meet the Halliwells who is also hiding a secret of their own. What happen boyxboy. charmed. fanfiction. +2 altre. AD INFINITUM di DeirdreSainteCroix. #6 Marguerite Isobel Theroux is a young, rebellious countess, who's as powerful as she is Only one force in the universe stands a chance against. Fandoms: Smallville, Supernatural, Charmed, Power Rangers (of the Mighty (I plan on writing several more Elsa fics, since no one writes about her, but Countess Isobel Thoreaux will star as The Snow Queen, Jimmy will take the . In this fic, Goku and Bulma met up with Pilaf again and ended up losing their memories. The feathers were tricky because as each one came out of his skin it felt as though he was being given an injection. He met her outside to help her take in whatever boxes and stuff she had. "You were right when you said there was a chance you had their charmed family tree. . And Isobel Theroux.

He immediately recognized the handwriting. Perhaps he hadn't been hallucinating afterall. You can't stop him without their help. She placed the shiny octagonal object on the coffee table in front of them. She immediately offered an explanation knowing that he would want one, and hoping to strengthen his trust.

And we were instructed to use our magic to find and protect the owner of this. Lana said it belongs to you. Where did you get it? The sisters did their best to explain their involvement up to this point, which wasn't easy considering he has little to no magical knowledge.

They further explained their role in the world- to protect innocent people and vanquish various types of Evil.

Demons, warlocks, evil witches. They told him about the Elders, explaining that they're a council of whitelighters that guide the entire good side of the magical community. They are the highest on the totem pole on the side of good and they were the ones who gave the orders to find and protect him.

They shared every last detail, including the fact that the Elders didn't believe they would be able to find him without their potion. The sisters don't know where they got the potion or the octagon shaped They drank the potion and it took them to the underworld where they found Lana and then eventually him as well. Processing all of the information being thrown at him, he remained quiet for a moment, staring at the key on the table. The nagging bad feeling Piper had earlier has yet to dissipate and impatience was getting the best of her.

What can you tell us about what's going on? I didn't see anything and don't have any idea who it could be He noticed them watching and can tell they want more of an answer. He doesn't blame them. They just shared their secrets with him, but nonetheless, he can't help being overly cautious. Magic is the only thing that can hurt him besides kryptonite.

They could hurt or even kill him, and apparently they kill frequently.

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How can they consider themselves good if they take the life of another living being? His stomach is twisting in knots.

Lana wants him to trust them, he reminds himself. There are only two things on this planet that can hurt me. Confusion spread across the sister's faces. He lets out a deep sigh, knowing that there's no other option but to give in and tell them everything. I'm from another planet called Krypton. My parents sent me to earth as our planet exploded and caused a meteorshower to hit in Smallville, Kansas.

I was raised on a farm by two incredible human beings, and I use my abilities to help people. Just like you do. There are multiple kinds of kryptonite and they all have different effects on me. Plus, all of them are looking at him like he ought to be locked up in a mental institution. He was surprised by this because of their involvement with the supernatural. He began second guessing whether or not he made the right decision by telling them the truth. Paige slowly closed the Book of Shadows, knowing that their ancient book of magic would not provide any answers this time.

In fact, if they survive the coming threat, they will have to update their family heirloom. Piper looked to Leo for useful information, but he had nothing. He agreed to confront the Elders; find out why they went over his head and what they know about this planet Clark claims to have come from.

Seconds later he was gone. Clark's boyish grin widened, revealing his sparkling white teeth. In combination with his dark hair, ice blue eyes, and prominent jaw line, Paige realized for the first time that he is quite handsome. She felt her face flush with embarrassment, and hoped he didn't notice. That is, until she realized that maybe super strength and speed aren't his only gifts. What if he could read minds? Her heart began racing and her cheeks were definitely a shade or two darker than the blush she applied this morning.

While waiting for Leo to return, they exchanged as much information as possible. Though he was still reluctant, he told them of his weaknesses. He explained all different types of kryptonite. The green will bring him to his knees with unbearable pain, making him completely vulnerable and will eventually kill him.

The red alters his personality. It removes his sense of morality and his inhibitions, turning him into the worst possible version of himself. He explains that his behavior is highly unpredictable under the influence of red kryptonite and that he could become very dangerous.

Blue will temporarily inhibit his powers, making him all but human, including being susceptible to injury. Being exposed to gold kryptonite would remove his powers permanently but it is very rare. Black kryptonite separates his good side from his bad; his yin from his yang, resulting in two completely seperate beings, and last but not least, silver kryptonite induces extreme paranoia.

By the time he finished, Piper wished she had been taking notes. She could already feel a migraine ebbing at the base of her skull. How the hell are we supposed to protect him? He certainly doesn't seem to need it. He's damn near invincible. Whoever is targeting Clark knows about the green kryptonite, and if they know about one they likely know about all of them. Fear dug it's claws deep into Piper, refusing to loosen it's grip. Her sisters could see it written on her face. It's not like we would stand a chance against an evil you.

He said he could stop a bullet with his hands, but the demons did almost kill him with their fire power. Without warning she tested the theory and froze him. She felt a small sense of relief knowing they had some means of protection for themselves. She waved her hand in Clark's direction. He unfroze and appeared to be disoriented as he noticed that Paige, who had been sitting in the chair across from him was now standing.

He had been looking directly at her. Clark still doesn't fully understand the magic thing or what the Charmed ones are truly capable of, but if they are meant to protect him they must be pretty powerful. Lana said to trust them- that he wouldn't be able to stop him without them. The fact that he hadn't noticed the specific wording before troubled him and he checked the note again to be sure.

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Whilst it shape and size it was almost exactly the same as his — minus the door to the lift behind him — it was in the colours he'd asked for; blues, greys and silvers.

It looked good, but he had to admit, he liked his more. He left the office and found Michelle racking through a filing cabinet.

He'd told Michelle on past visits not to call him Mr. Black, but she was one of those people that would always refer to those in charge with 'mister.

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It only took a few more seconds before Michelle found what she was looking for. The folder was thick and heavy. Griffis made mention that you return them to me when your done. Once you've picked out who you're looking for from the list I'll make sure it gets filed. Lois had eaten his breakfast, or more accurately, he had given her his, and now he was hungry. With a cooked breakfast that, whilst good, was nothing next to what he got at O'Malley's he read the files.

Like the Hogwarts food he had grown so use to, this just seemed… industrialised. He spent an hour flickering through the files, reading about the ten individuals aged from 25 to Sure, they'd likely be good at their jobs, but if he was going to have an assistant, he wanted someone that interested him.

He knew people that filled this role in his day to day life that would be fine for the job, but without having to go through a long arduous process of getting them permission to know of the magical world, he had to choose someone who was a squib. He was flicking through the four files he had left, close to resorting to using eeny, meeny, miny, moe to pick. He started the nursery rhyme silently in his head looking over the four spread out files.

He stopped his childish rhyme on 'toe' and looked up. He had to remind himself that whilst Harry chatted with Jenny, in this disguise he hadn't really spoken with her.

Burn the Witch

She had a plate of toast and some orange juice. I was in the middle of being childish when I should be doing this properly. I have ten people to choose from and none of them stand out. I'd resorted to using a nursery rhyme before you spoke. I was half way through it actually. He really shouldn't have been picking his assistant that way. She used it all the time to make some of her most important decisions.

He knew these answers already, but she had told Harry these things, not Alex. I look after her at home," Jenny told him. Again, Harry knew this. Both girls had been thrown from their homes for reasons he hadn't asked.

His experience with the Dursleys taught him that if other people had uncomfortable home lives, they most likely would rather talk about anything else. Harry didn't answer for a second. This is the last that I have. Harry waved it off. There was no way he could work around saying that whoever he picked needed to be a squib.

She was looking at him oddly. Harry waved it off as he'd done numerous times. Most people looked at him oddly when he said it, but now most people he knew in Smallville were acclimatized to it. He was doing his best to stop using it, but after having used it so often in the magic world, it was a difficult habit to break out of.

It was just something that was said there that's carried over into my vocabulary and not vanished yet. On first instinct he cast a very subtle notice-me-not charm around the table. He looked at Jenny for a second. She nodded, "I have a cousin who went there a few years ago. I swap letters with her every now and then.

He took a deep breath. He awaited the inevitable. She might have just started when you graduated. Katie was in fact a year ahead of him and a chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. How did things like this keep happening to him?!

He looked at her closely and could now see a very small resemblance; the eyes were the same. He knew Katie quite well; hell, she had stood a few feet behind him when he'd challenged Voldemort to their final duel.

So you're a witch then? He couldn't remember what a squib was called here but with them not using 'muggle' it was going to be different. He hadn't heard anything from his friends in Britain since his escape. It had been one of things that frequently bothered him. One should arrive in a few days actually. Harry nodded, "I heard that it was finish by some kid, but nothing afterwards.

She was even there in the duel that won it for the Resistance. Apparently, after Harry Potter, the kid who beat their terrorist, won, he vanished and started a goblin rebellion, so whilst the goblins rebuild the government there how they like, she's staying at her old school. He was aware of the hair-trigger he was leaving his friends on when he left and incited a rebellion, but he didn't have much of a choice.

He knew they were in Neville's hands and he'd steer them right. She told me that they'd fought their fight and goblins are trying to avoid bloodshed. There are only a few groups still fighting but the Resistance group she was part of see this as favourable. And, I told her that a lot of magic users come over here, so she has a place to come to if she needs it. He glanced down at the four files on his table. He glanced back up at Jenny and back down at the files. Mind made up he tidied up the files and put them back in the folder.

She glanced at thin rectangular watch on her left arm. How she could read the time on that, he didn't know. A light legilimancy probe scanned her mind.

Whilst he already liked the girl, his scan proved that he could rely on her. She gave him another odd look. Harry tapped the folder on the table, "How would you like this job? Marauder," Harry told her. He had seen her file, only out of curiosity when he got to know her and he had spent enough time talking with her during his visits to his training area to know her. She had received excellent grades during high school but had never attended college.

The fact that Katie Bell was friends with her She was silent for a while and Harry could tell she was considering it. Harry though about exactly what he needed from an assistant, "You'd need to know this place well and be able to find out whatever odd information he asks of you. For a few months that should be all you'll really have to do.

When he turns up you'd need to answer his calls, keep his appointments, mind his calendar, all sorts of things like that. Harry laughed, "You'll get on fine with him, trust me on that. Whilst you'll have your days off you'll need to be on call most of the time.

Harry shook his head, "Once you've accepted the job and signed the Standard Secrets contract that a few members of staff are on you'll get to meet him. Trust me when I say he's a nice man. If I'm spending more time here I need to run this past her. The Boss knows how much family means and he'll do what he can to make sure your sister isn't inconvenienced if you take the job. You've got the morning off. Go to her school or call her, but I would like a decision soon. Black," she stood up.

Harry nodded and she left. He pulled out his phone and dialled the reception through the building. Who am I speaking to? She may be in during the afternoon, but please tell your supervisor not to expect her. She should be passing by the Reception area in a minute or two. If you see her come back into the building, please pass a call through to my office and tell her to come up. OoOoOoOoO Harry had moved up to his penthouse and spent the next two hours alternating between trying his full animagus transformation and staring from the large windows in the penthouse, out onto the street below.

He could feel he was getting close to the complete transformation. In the times when the frustration got too much from failing to transform he transformed his wings back and forth.

Whilst they were still pretty much useless, they looked very cool. He could now walk and run with the wings brought out, although they needed to be folded tightly. His proudest achievement with them had been being able to transform without destroying his shirt. Now, the small area's on his back where the wings protruded transformed small parts of his shirt as well; this was more proof that he was getting close to the complete transformation. He glanced at his watch.

It was now 10am. Clark finished school for the day at A phone rang from behind him. He looked at it oddly, wondering why it was ringing before realising that the call was probably from reception and being forwarded up. Black, this is Gillian from reception. You asked me to call you when Jenny O'Neil came back into the building. He stood waiting in the hallway outside his assistant's office door. He waited for a few minutes as she made her way up to top floor.

He did hope she took this job. He really didn't want to chose from the selection he'd been given. He heard the quiet ping the elevators made as the doors opened.

A minute later he saw Jenny walking towards him. She still looked nervous. He smiled warmly at her. She smiled slightly, "She wasn't too happy I got her pulled out of class. Harry nodded, "Of course. We could probably work something out with magic if you wanted though. He brought it out and conjured a chair for him to sit on. He sat, twirling the fake wand between his fingers.

Does your boss just want to hire me because I'm attractive and he wants to use me for sex? She looked horribly embarrassed and his silence wasn't helping any. He got over his shock slowly and laughed, "I assure you that's not the reason. The boss already has eyes for probably the most unavailable girl in the world and what your sister wanted you to ask has nothing to do with why I'm interested in hiring you.

That was knowledge of magic wasn't it? A family that look after each other is something he feels strongly about. So will you take this job? She opened her eyes and held out her hand, "I accept.

Now, open the top left drawer. You're contract should be in there along with a black quill. Quills hadn't been used in America in decades. Now, you'll probably want a lawyer to help you with this as signing it creates a binding magical contract that prevents you from giving certain details away.

Most people have wanted help going over this first. I've had to look over a few things like this before when dealing after I had to leave home. Basically, it prevented her from giving away company secrets as well as giving away information on himself.

If she tried to speak with anyone that wasn't in the know about particular details, she wouldn't be able to. Pushing it further would result in a coughing fit. Zeke had had this contact created for Project Prometheus but it was wide spread enough that it could be used on normal staff. She carefully read through it three times before she seemed satisfied.

She picked up the quill. Let me explain about it. It's called a blood quill and instead of ink it writes directly using your blood. Blood is needed to seal the contract. She hesitated a moment and then signed her name quickly. As soon a quill left the page the contract shone blue for a moment and she winced and grasped her hand. She rubbed the spot where her signature had just appeared and vanished from.

Harry could see the red mark on it from the vanished cut and knew from experience that it would sting for a while. He reached forward and picked up the contract she had just signed and gave it a once over. He took a pen from the desk and wrote a few things down on the back of the folder.

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I'll be back in a few minutes. Feel free to examine your office. He rapped on the door and opened it. Michelle was behind her desk typing quickly on a keyboard. She looked up as he came in. Did you choose an assistant? She nodded, "I know Jenny. She's sat with me a few times during lunch.

He pulled out the contract she signed. She's aware of magic? Harry nodded, "She and her sister are squibs. I accidentally made a wizarding reference and she realised I knew about magic.

We talked, and she's in her office now. She glanced at it for a moment. Harry caught her eyebrows rise at one point but she said nothing. She looked back at him, "I'll see that everything gets taken to the right places for you Mr. You're still up to showing her how things work up here? Black," Michelle told him with a smile. He opened the door to see Jenny examining the painting that hung behind her desk.

We could probably set up an illusion to make it look like a window if you want. No, its fine like it is," Jenny told him. Her nerves had clearly risen in the last five minutes. Maybe it was adrenalin. She quickly looked at the door and back to Harry, "He's in there? Jenny followed somewhat hesitantly behind him. He walked into the empty office and made his way to the desk at the end.

He walked around behind it and took a seat. Jenny looked at him in confusion. Harry held up a hand to his face and muttered a few words. His glamour slowly faded away, leaving behind the 19 year old kid with scars. She blinked in confusion a few times before she put everything together. Harry nodded, "I'm a bit odd. You've also spent the better part of the last month walking around here as two different people. If she was still joking with him she hopefully wouldn't start calling him 'Mr.

First that you're walking around here as two people and second that you're nineteen and you control this place. That covers the Secrets contract you signed. He needed to be back in Smallville soon. As it is, I've got places to be and people to, well, keep from killing each other I imagine.

What I have for you do to until you get the hang of everything is to work along side Michelle Iverson, Zeke's Executive Assistant and her other assistants. Lois had a firm hold onto the chain that was attached to the golden retriever's neck.

The dog, despite being the best behaved dog he'd ever met, still hated been tied up. Harry sympathized with it. They walked past a number of people and their animals over to the empty reception desk.

She seemed to take pride in the fact that whilst the dog listened to Clark's commands; it listened to hers as well. She looked smugly at Clark. Clark looked at her in annoyance, reached forward and rung the small silver bell on top of the desk that was used to get the attention from someone in the back of the shelter.

A young man with medium length brown hair made his out from the back. As he made his way closer to them 'Clarkie' began barking. Harry was sure he could hear anger in it. The Young man looked at the dog and Harry saw familiarity flash through his eyes. How can I help you guys? Harry could tell he was nervous, he took a few steps back away from the counter. We call him Clarkie.

Lois turned to him, getting into her stride, "Is it the 'ie' part you don't like? Because we could always just make it Clark. But then that would get really confusing, and hey, maybe you should consider changing your name. You could be Skipper," Lois told Clark. Clark just stared at her in bored annoyance. Harry barely held back a smile at Lois' more than likely butchering of the name Clark had picked for the dog. Not even dignifying Lois' rant with a response, he turned back the young man behind the counter, "Anyway," Clark said, acting as though Lois hadn't spoken.

We were wondering if you could scan it for us. If it's not too much trouble. He picked up a scan gun from the counter and moved towards the dog.