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May 31, It was a chance meeting with his former partner, Geoff Collier, another CBE in the New Year Honours list of , for services to the UK economy. major shareholder in two software and systems companies and in Varlink. Ahead of Meet the Manufacturer , Varlink spoke to Jon-Paul Clarke of Wireless Logic, Europe's leading M2M managed services provider. Hammer brand belongs to mPTech, a leader in Polish, Czech and Slovakian markets. In , when very expensive models of enforced mobile phones were.

Further sales acceleration resources are available for partners that want to advance their professional selling capabilities to an even higher level, including Azlan's network consultancy and design, implementation and integration services. Additionally, resellers can make use of TD Azlan's Business Solutions Centres to run proof-of-concept testing or customer demonstrations for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Where customers require a hybrid infrastructure, HP partners can utilise Azlan's StreamOne cloud services aggregation platform to manage customer usage and billing. Product referencing Middle East: Ingram Micro Mobility to distribute Alcatel onetouch septembre 16, — 0: TCL Communication has partnered with telephony specialist Ingram Micro Mobility to distribute Alcatel onetouch-branded smart and featured phones across the Western and Southern parts of the country.

A new sales director for Tech Data septembre 16, — 0: Manufacturing solutions brochure now available from Varlink septembre 16, — 0: From the warehouse to the production line, mobile computing and data capture devices play an important role in collecting the vital data needed to ensure the efficiency of a manufacturing plant.

By ensuring data is collected accurately, errors are minimised and unnecessary costs are avoided. The twelve-page brochure aims to be an educational tool, providing resellers with information about the key features and benefits of the hardware Varlink has to offer, applied in the main manufacturing areas, warehousing, production line and logistics.

Varlink's range of industrial products are suitable for the constant demands of a factory floor or busy warehouse, devices include IP rated handhelds, vehicle mounted computers, printers and scanners.

As well as hardware, this brochure offers application software and mobile device management that can easily be integrated on to a handheld device or printer. As a value add, Varlink's customers can get a rebrand of this brochure electronically free of charge, to use as their own sales and educational tool to send to their customers.

Michael pushes Trekstor septembre 16, — 0: Trax Distribution prepares the iPhone 6 septembre 16, — 0: OCS prints with Contex septembre 16, — 0: Product referencing Large format printer vendor Contex has appointed value-added broadliner OCS as official distributor in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Apple appoints Brodos septembre 16, — 0: Product referencing United Kingdom: Everything seemed easy, the tools seemed far superior to those that cover several targets and when you stayed inside the ecosystem, things were a breeze. What should we take away from this? Which brings me to the learning we should take away from these years of building things for a doomed environment: What we think is state-of-the-art and the most amazing thing right now will be laughable at best or destructive to innovation at worst just a year ahead.

Microsoft have seen the folly of their ways OK, with some lawsuits as extra encouragement and did a great job telling people to upgrade their systems and stop targeting OldIE. They understand that not every developer uses Windows and made testing with virtualisation much easier. They are also much more open in their messaging about what standards new IE supports. If they understand this, we should, too. Here are the points we should keep in our heads: Bolting a browser into an operating system makes it harder to upgrade it — you see this now in Android stock browsers or iOS.

Stop pretending you can tell end users what browser to use — this is sheer arrogance. Writing software means dealing with the unknown and preparing for it. Error handling is more important than the success case.

Great UX is invisible — the thing just works. Bad error handling creates unhappy users and there is nothing more annoying than being on a pay-by-the-minute connection in a hotel to be told I need to use another browser or update mine. Stop pretending your work is so important people have to change for you if all you need to do is being more creative in your approach. There are only a few of us unlucky enough to have to support IE6 in a pixel-perfect manner right now.

And by all means it should not mean that you write web apps and web sites now that rely on bleeding edge technology in newer browsers without testing for it. It makes us craftsmen, it keeps us on the ball. We need to think before we code, and — to me — that is never a bad idea. The rules did not change: HTML is king — it will display when everything else fails, it will perform amazingly well.

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Progressive Enhancement means you write for now and for tomorrow — expect things to break, and plan for it, and you can never be surprised. What do your end-users use?

Optimise for form factors and interaction, not for browsers. These will always change. We have jobs to do and projects to deliver. There is not much time to be guinea pigs Real innovation happens when we enhance the platform — we need WebComponents in the browsers, we need WebRTC in browsers, we need a more stable Offline and Local Storage solution. So, RIP XP, thanks for all the hardship and confusion that made us analyse what we do and learn from mistakes.

I am sure that most problems start with miscommunication and escalate from there.

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Say something happens, that you very much disagree with. Someone says something that attacks you personally, your beliefs or a group that you very much identify you with. It could be anger, disgust, annoyance, helplessness, fear, embarrassment, insecurity, just to name a few. None of those are good feelings. Some can be turned to good results but most make you feel at the lowest level unproductive and at the other end utterly shattered. People who are afraid stop contributing and are silenced.

This is how totalitarian regimes work: This makes everyone live in fear — citizens and enemies alike. Anger Anger can be productive. I am angry at myself to let my flat get to the state it is in now, so I am cleaning up. Anger can also be the end of any sensible discussion or dangerous. I cycle a lot in London. People cut into my lane, people push closer to me than they should. I could knock on their cars or shout at them. That would most likely get me killed as it would distract them and startle them into violent movements.

Sometimes the best is to count to 10 and let it pass. Anger has an unfortunate tendency to pile up. In many cases the most avid attackers of a cause are people who are just afraid of being the thing they attack. Gloating about this is toxic.

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It is a game of throwing the blame back and forth that nobody can win. What to do, what to be aware of? Over the last few days I got many reassuring emails and messages from all sides of the debate thanking me for a less-heated stance and analysis. I am not a super-human with the patience of a saint. Instead I learned to analyse my own actions and think and reflect before throwing things out. I fail at times at this, too, but I get better and I am happy about this.

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The most important thing is to be aware of your effects, instead of your message. Mistake to avoid 1: Twitter is terrible for emotionally loaded topics Twitter is awesome. I like the character limit, as it makes me think before sending something away. Before you send a tweet about a sensitive subject, think about the following: Tweets make great comments that can be taken out of topic by media and other people.