2011 red deer swap meet

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2011 red deer swap meet

A few pics I took at the Red Deer May Swap Meet are now posted on my Flickr site. Crack open your favorite beverage and take a walk. JANUARY CAR SHOWS AND EVENTS JANUARY CINCINNATI, OH MAY CAR SHOWS AND EVENTS MAY RED DEER, AB Central Alberta Vintage Swap Meet novcouga jim pix cars etc. etc Das Volks Car Show. 21 photos. LeBarons Canada Day Show and Shine 53 photos. Piyami Cruisers 19th Annual Show and Shine in Picture Butte Lethbridge Swap Meet 33 photos Red Deer Swap Meet 9 photos.

During that one instant when they pray for the car to stop in a straight line, guess what it won t do? With the left-front tire more heavily loaded than the right-front, the car will pull left. Another aspect is to forget about what happens after a wheelstand ends.

2011 red deer swap meet

Got inconsistent foot times? Watch the rear slicks and see if they begin to spin after the front tires return to the ground. If the car is over-sprung in the front, or the front suspension has some bind, the rear slicks will spin when the wheelstand ends as the front tires return to earth. In closing, I d like to remind readers that PitBits is a reference tool for you. If you have any questions you d like answered, Brown became the first driver to win the historic event in both Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle when he powered his Matco Tools dragster to a second run at mph.

The final round performance was enough to get past Del Worsham and secure his fifth win of the season and 30th of his career. It just goes back to my childhood dream and sitting under those grandstands as a kid and saying 'I want to do that one day. Worsham secured his No. I love this place.

I think some of the other racers might miss out on how important it is and what it means to race here. There's so much history here. It's just everything about drag racing. For all my family, this is a hometown event and it just doesn't get any better than this. Monday's final results from the 57th annual Mac Tools U. Neff posted a run of at in the final round to take his fifth win of the season and sixth of his career.

Nationals win in the past six seasons. I've never won here as a driver or a crew chief so to be able to do it here as both was great. It probably hasn't even sunk in yet. Anderson and his Summit Racing Pontiac GXP posted a final-round run of at to get his fifth win of the season and 70th of his career.

It was also his fourth win in the past six races. I feel like it's my first and biggest win ever," said Anderson. Page 08 Top Fuel -- Antron Brown, seconds, mph def. Del Worsham, seconds, mph.

Jason Line, GXP, 6. Jerry Savoie, Suzuki, 7. Fred Tigges, Avenger, 5. Brian Browell, Dragster, 7. Gary Richard, Ford Mustang, 9. Sam Pourciau, Chevy Camaro, broke. Super Comp -- Brian Folk, Dragster, 8. Britt Cummings, Dragster, 8.

Kevin Kleineweber, Chevy Lumina, 9. For the past four years, Kaplan had been chasing the number 5, and he wanted to be the first to eclipse the barrier.

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In he wanted it, but the car didn't want to cooperate and he just didn't have enough power, so he and his cohorts went back to the shop and got back to work on research and development.

At the end of the following season, on November 8,their efforts were evident when Kaplan was a rocket ship at the Las Vegas Pacific Division event, clocking an exceptional at mph. They had something in their hands that was making big waves in the performance-based class, but a rule change that put their blower on the wrong side of legal also put a big kink in forward progress, and a regrouping was required.

The mean little car was another story. Young Kaplan tried to rebuild the engine with big dreams in mind, but was unsuccessful and sought help from a friend that he went to school with - Ryan Davenport, whose father, Les, was a drag racer with plenty of engine knowledge. The connection would prove critical to his future success and hunger for speed. But he had his Funny Car sitting there doing nothing, and he said I could borrow it. So we put this injected alcohol motor in it, and that was my first actual real racecar.

From there, they just kept fine tuning things until switching to a BB combination that enabled the car to dip farther below the index than even his current setup. The altered is what Kaplan calls "an old-style alcohol Funny Car with a lot of modern day effort put into it. It's difficult to drive, it's expensive, and it takes a very capable crew.

But they wanted to run that 5. Kaplan mentioned a few key contributors to that magical moment in Mission: He also thanked Bearspaw Petroleum, the company that allows him the time to get away and enjoy this little hobby of making history, as well as his gal, Pattie Omand. Before I left to go to Mission, she worked for a full day helping me pack the trailer and getting the car ready to go. She would have loved to have been there, and I sometimes discourage her from going because it's kind of like a guy thing for us, but she is a pretty important part of this.

I'd like to thank her. It's like a shooting star - it's gonna burn brightly for a while, and then it'll fizzle out. In the meantime, I'd like to have fun with it. He claims he wasn't any good at racing the Funny Car, Page 09 10 Ventura Nationals It s amazing the things you remember or should I say, the things that haunt you from your childhood.

Take your birthday for instance. Birthdays are supposed to be happy cake, presents, the whole enchilada. I guess from growing up on the east coast, my birthday would signal to me that summer is only a few weeks from being over. It also meant school was about a week away. For some reason, to this day, when I see the back to school sales on TV. I have the overwhelming urge to go out and buy a pencil case go figure!

Nowadays when September rolls around, it means two things. Nationals and second, football season is about to start. I have been able to attend the "Big Go" as it s called in Indy on two different occasions and it was really something. The great thing was I had a photo pass and got to shoot the starting line, chute shots at the top end, and finish line shots from the top of an old tower that was there. Having a photo pass was and is something special.

But having one for Indy was one of the highlights of my career. One of the coolest things about my last trip to Indy was a small slice of my Monday morning was caught by the TV cameras. Remember when the race coverage was on Diamond P? Steve Evans and Dave McClelland. Those were the days. There were about a half dozen photogs standing at the top end. Steve Evans did his intro right in front of us.

After giving the details, Steve says something to the effect of "We re ready, the still photographers are ready the cameras pans over to us and the finals from Indy are coming up"! What a day, I still have that on a VHS tape somewhere! Indy just has that mystique dreams and upsets are realized on the grand stage.

After the Summer Nationals this year, I was hoping my old buddy Paul Weise would have made the trip west. But the almighty dollar kept him in the garage. Doing the same at Indy would have been the icing on the cake for those guys.

I hope he can get some money together for next year. So like the rest of us, the Ultimate Warrior team watched from home and honestly, it really wasn t a bad place to be. I really enjoyed the coverage. This year, we were treated to six hours of U.

What a great way to spend the day, get a few things done around the house, watch the drags, and be done early enough to get outside and barbeque. Labor Day was the first time since my knee surgery, back at the beginning of August, that I really went out Doug Adams for the whole day. I pretty much refused to be a couch potato for four weeks, but it took a few weeks before I could get around comfortably.

It was really hard staying home when there were car shows and cruise nights every weekend. Plus, knowing I had to cover an event for a newsstand magazine and the loyal Quick-Timers, I wanted to make sure I was ready for a full day of walking around. So, I set my sights on Saturday, September 3rd as the day I would get back in the swing of things and go out to a car show.

With my gear packed up, I drove off into a foggy early Saturday morning and headed south to Ventura for the 9th Annual Ventura Nationals at the historic Ventura Fairgrounds.

I stopped by Six-bucks, along the way for a cup of coffee and a breakfast treat. Getting to the fairgrounds early paid off this year.

The kid collecting the money for parking was half asleep and he let me cruise right on by, that was nice of him. The gates didn t open to the public until 9 AM, but I was there a little after 6, walking around, and taking photos of the cars that had lined up waiting to get in. When there was a break in the action, I walked up to the people that were signing the drivers-up and directing them into fairgrounds.

I figured I might just see if I could get in early and shoot before the crowds came. Since I was on assignment, I had no problem dropping the name of the magazine or the editor without hesitation. They welcomed me in. That six bucks for coffee and cake was a distant memory at this point because I just saved five bucks to park and fifteen to get in the door. It was my lucky day! Normally, early mornings at the beach are a little overcast just like it was at Pismo a few issues ago.

But just give it until late morning and the sun does its job--the marine layer is gone. Today would be the exception so much for my luck. The cloud cover lasted most of the day, with the sun popping out for brief periods.

Walking around the show, I immediately noticed that there were many cars there that didn t look familiar. The gasser guys that I expected to see didn t show, but they were replaced by a group of new gassers. The altered wheelbase 50 Ford in the photos was really cool. The rear was moved forward ten inches and the front four inches. Toward the end of the day, I ran into some folks loading a "barn find" T-bucket onto a trailer. I m still amazed by all the stuff that s around here. According to Don, the owner, he bought the bucket from a guy that had it stored in a barn, of course, somewhere in the high desert.

Sort of around El Mirage. Don went on to tell me that the car allegedly appeared in the movie Hot Rods to Hell. He couldn t confirm the rumour, but hey, who s going to know? If you look at the car close, you can see that all the parts, paint, and styling are 60 s vintage.

Doug Adams Now normally, I wouldn t have information like this. But my assignment included doing some writing. A brief intro and captions along with the photos. So suffice it to say, I m full of it. With that I m going to wrap it up with my pick of the day, a beautiful 41 Buick Super. This car was a show stopper and had a crowd around it all day due in part to it s amazing copper trim.

I ve seen little bits of copper on cars and it looks cool, but this Buick was something. The copper against the mirror finish black paint was stunning. The hub caps provided some interesting photos too. Well gang, I m going to wrap it up.

I m not sure what I ll have for you next month. There s a bunch of stuff going on. You ll just have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy the photos. Don t tell anyone, but you might be getting a preview of a few shots right here on the pages of Quick-Times well before that newsstand magazine comes out.

Comes complete ready to install carbs to pan balancer to flexplate. Ran best of on 2 kits. Made HP at only I am looking to go bigger possibly " or " range. Also have 10" Bradco bolt together converter and trans specialties, power glide and ultra light weight stainless door, car headers available.

2011 red deer swap meet

Runs nice on the street. Freshened by Kenny Gilmore. Needs rocker arms, oil pan, oil pump and distributor. All ARP fasteners and on and on. This engine should do close to HP on pump gas. Carl Holbrook built, "A" block with water passages filled, neutral balanced assy. Pump, Comp Cam, Jessel belt drive, Jessel front drive dist. It has 35 soft runs on it. Pump, Bullet Cam, Jessel belt drive Jessel front drive dist.

It has 25 soft runs CI Caddy motor with alum headers and Edelbrock alum intake. One bad piston but comes with box of parts and engine stand.

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2011 red deer swap meet

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2011 red deer swap meet

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Red Deer Swap meet

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