A pact with rais meet

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a pact with rais meet

STORY 04 - Pact with Rais Buy antizin from Rais From the headquarters room the fence and walk into the fortified structure to meet the fear-monger himself. The deal with the devil requires you to set up radio communication in Harran. Go inside the compound to meet Karim, Rais' go to man. He'll be. 4: Pact with Rais | Main quests - The Slums Dying Light Guide Use the rope to go down and head back to the Garrison to meet with Rais again and also to talk.

Pact With Rais

Seems like things are getting worse back at the Tower. Put the pedal to the metal and race for the tunnel entrance.

a pact with rais meet

When you arrive at the dark area, the marker will lead you to a metal door in the side of the tunnel. Open it up and follow the hallway round to a red door. Say hello to the first bomber of the game. These suicidal infected act as walking explosions, so make sure to keep your distance if you see one. The best strategy usually is to pick them off with throwing weapons or guns to ensure they don't detonate on you. Bombers do massive damage if they explode next to you.

They have a nasty habit of appearing in your path as you are sprinting around and blowing up in you face, killing you instantly. Make the second pickup at the Fisherman's Village After the scene ends, leave the small side room area of the tunnel and exit out of the far side.

CCC: Dying Light Guide/Walkthrough - Story 04 - Pact with Rais

The village you need to find will be a short distance away down the hill. Close the gate and clear the village of infected You'll arrive at the village to find it swarming with the undead. To clear out the village, you'll need to eliminate all the infected in the village area as well as close the gate at the entrance to prevent more getting inside. Start with the gate. Use camouflage or distraction items such as firecrackers to move the undead away from the gate while you jump down and slam it shut.

Retreat to the rooftops to catch your breath and then try and pick off the lone zombies one by one, fleeing to the roof when to many get close. Keep whittling them down and eventually you'll make the village safe once more. Search the huts for the leader The door you are looking for is on the second floor of the store, bash on it to reveal the leader of the encampment, Gursel.

Dying Light Meet the Courier at the Tunnel Entrance

Have a friendly little chat with him and his wife? After this, you'll receive the second payment for Rais. Make the third pickup at the Ferry Harbor Thankfully the third destination is pretty close to Fisherman's Village. Leap the fence and make your way towards the marker once again. Talk to Morgan When you get close to the Ferry Harbor, you will be instructed to talk to Morgan, the camp's leader. Walk in and talk to him for the third payment.

Return the payments to the Garrison Yay, we finally have all the money for Rais is it just me or did this seem a particularly long story mission? If you toss a fire cracker at it, the barrel will ignite. Once the Toad and the other zombies are distracted, open the garage.

One walker is inside, munching on a body. Head straight to the back wall and flip the switch. With the power on, you may now climb the radio tower. Climb back up the white van and make the climb to the top. Kick it off the top and laugh as it falls. Find the junction box and open it.

Unfortunately, the box has been raided already. Before hopping on the zip line down, climb to the very top of the radio tower for a collectible flag.

You should reach a point with a giant circle jutting off the side of the tower.

Pact with Rais - Meet Courier At Tunnel Entrence? :: Dying Light General Discussions

Walk onto it and make a There will be more bars that lead straight to the top. Grab the flag and plop down onto the circle to climb back down.

Now zip line down and move toward the next radio tower. The second tower has an electric fence surrounding it.

a pact with rais meet

Head to the back to find a rock path that will allow you to jump over. Climb the radio tower just like before looking for bars and ledges to ascend. Most of the ladders are barred off. This time the junction box at the top is in good shape. Flip the switch to restore radio communication throughout Harran. Make sure you climb to the very top again, because another collectible flag is waiting for you.

Walk onto the narrow ledge and turn right to jump to another small ledge. Make a and jump diagonally toward the bars that lead to the top. Once you have the flag, climb down and zip line to the ground. Time to return to Rais for your payment. Report back to Karim for more work.

Loading Your mission this time is to collect money from local settlements. Call the GRE from the same train car as last time and then head east on the overpass toward the first pick up. Hop the fence and talk to Jaffar inside the garage. After a short exchange, Jaffar reluctantly hands over the cash. Make sure to go in the open garage to grab a blueprint. Time to meet the next client. Your next location is inside a tunnel on the overpass.

If it is night time or close to it when you approach the tunnel, sleep until morning at the safe zone. Playing this mission in the day time will help significantly. Keep close to the right hand wall in the tunnel to find a door. Walk inside, head down the hall, and open the red door on the left. Looks like the guy you were supposed to meet turned into meat.

Watch the cutscene introducing the Bomber and head out the door inside the room our former friend was in.