A plesure to meet

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a plesure to meet

John: Well, it was a pleasure to meet you. Your work sounds very interesting. Maybe we could swap some ideas at some point in the future. Can I take your. It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you here, in my capacity meeting. I have the pleasure to say that this discussion will continue next year. It was a great pleasure meeting you all last May in Chicago for the Insurance Marketing Strategies workshop. I hope everyone had a profitable, busy summer.

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  • It was a pleasure meeting ( with) you
  • It's a Pleasure to Meet You

Получалось, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ трудится над шифром больше пятнадцати часов. Она хорошо знала, что процессор перебирает тридцать миллионов паролей в секунду - сто миллиардов в час.

Если ТРАНСТЕКСТ до сих пор не дал ответа, значит, пароль насчитывает не менее десяти миллиардов знаков.

a plesure to meet