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Speech Meet (ACSI). Penn Christian Academy participates each year in the ACSI sponsored Speech Meet. All students select a poem, bible verse, fable or other. Spring/Summer Undergraduate Catalog William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. GRADES 7 THROUGH 12 SPEECH CERTIFICATION ( COMMUNICATION Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) The Master of Liberal Arts degree (MLA) is designed to meet the needs of the student. Fall /Winter Graduate Catalog. 2. Summary William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) .. The Master of Liberal Arts degree is designed to meet the needs of the student who desires an Fundamentals of Speech Communication.

It has been a strong year for us at Western, where in addition to the learning and growth taking place, we have experienced some great milestones! We celebrated our 90th year with a week of festivities from Harvest Fest to Homecoming, which included a fun spirit week for our students. The excitement was high and memorable when we reached our Friday night homecoming game, where our new football field was dedicated and named in honor of Dr.

The significance impacted everyone from student, parents to alumni, as this is our first field on our own High School campus in 90 years! Additionally, we have implemented new curriculum and advanced programs, where we have seen exponential growth in our students. Our students also grew in discipleship as they served in the local community, helped in service and mission projects worldwide, as well as in service clubs, and involvement in our campus events.

Middle school and high school students invested hundreds of hours in their community, and grew in their perspective of a needy world. We are so thankful for all of our faithful donors and the funds that we have received in the past year!

This coming year our teachers will push the academic experience to new levels, using the mobile IPAD learning lab. We are excited about where this will take us educationally and technologically. It is with great joy and thanks to God that we have celebrated many achievements inand look forward to our continued partnership with our students and families in the 21st century of education. Michelle Browning, K-8 Principal Mr.

Replaced Woodchips and Fence Preschool Playground: Lancer Mural Painted Cafe: In the first years of the 20th century people were migrating from the east and mid-west.

Members of the Brethren in Christ denomination were a part of this migration. With continuous growth of the church, a larger church building was needed in By another facility was built at the intersection of 3rd Ave. A plan for their own school was to serve both the need of a Christian grade school and for training young adults for Christian service.

Speech Meet (ACSI)

A Christian school was begun in this church, in the fall of The new school was called Beulah College and Bible School.

Upland college developed a strong college program. Inthe College was merged with a Brethren in Christ college in Pennsylvania. As the college needed room and resources to grow, the Academy became a perceived hindrance.

The majority seemed to believe that all resources were needed for the College, and the decision was made to discontinue the operation of the Academy in A Core group of Board members, parents and like-minded Christians, from a variety of churches, were convinced that the Academy should not die. Providentially, a connection was made with a group of Christian school believers in West Covina.

In they had formed a legal corporation in the State of California to operate a Christian School. In they no longer had a school, and were willing to consider using their corporate entity to operate our Academy then The school in a church was functional, but not ideal and there was a growing need for a real school facility.

In the Brethren in Christ church purchased the vacant San Antonio hospital parcel Arrow and San Antonio to serve as their new permanent home for their school. For the next 15 years, additional space was acquired. These facilities exist today as Pacific Christian Center.

During the 40's the name was changed to "Upland College" and there was a gradual separation of the college and the high school programs. The high school division became known as "Upland Academy.

Our 5-year lease on church facilities in Pomona expired in Again prayers were answered when Calvary Baptist Church in La Verne agreed to move our school to their church in For the next two years Western Christian grew with more students; however, it was mutually agreed that we should not plan for a third year there.

A historic campus with 10 acres, located in north east Claremont on Padua Avenue, became the new permanent home for Kindergarten through 8th grade. There was no consideration of moving the high school to Claremont.

This would be a new school. It began with the junior high grades until when we opened with a kindergarten and a combined first and second grade. Each following year grades were added to complete one class in each grade, from Kindergarten to grade 8.

This expansion of the program went faster than predicted and soon classes were filled and waiting lists were made Continuing the search for a place to call, home, Western Christian Schools secured a permanent location for the high school in Upland, CA, on 9th Street and Euclid Avenue just a few blocks away from its original campus beginning in definitely a series of providential events and now Inthe school moved to the Hillside Campus in Glendora, owned by Azusa Pacific College, where the enrollment doubled.

High classes were added and had the advantage of their own classrooms, principal, and extracurricular activities. As years passed, repeated attempts were made to purchase this property. When this was not successful various relocation plans were investigated. Although the campus was built for smaller students, many adaptations were made for the high school and jr. Adjacent athletic fields and fields developed for softball and other sports enabled the sports program to grow.

Another area of growth included our International Program which began in the year and thrives today. WCS spent almost three decades on this campus a record for the longest time in one place. As additional classrooms were built, space was available to add a preschool.

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Facilities were modified for this use and Western opened their first preschool in with 13 students. Today, the preschool has grown to over 90 students.

Western Christian Schools celebrated their 90th year anniversary at the high school Homecoming game, on their new first time ever, home football field; dedicated to Dr. Western Christian's core values include Discipleship and Servanthood, and our school community encourages opportunities to be walking and teaching in Christ.

See how lives are touched with Discipleship and Servanthood. I sent out my support letters late at night on March 9, only to find out later that at the same time I was sending out those very letters, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami had struck northern Japan.

Our team experienced a lot of shuffling in the wake of the news; members quickly left the team, but others joined, and though we were a team of only 11 players, we knew we had to take the Gospel to Japan with our sports ministry. Our greatest testimony to the Japanese people was just showing up. At a time when the rest of the world feared flying to any part of Japan, we came with shirts that simply said "Love Japan.

Many believers have to travel up to two hours one way just to go to the nearest church on Sundays. We went to show Jesus to the Japanese people through soccer, and we left having been humbled by seeing Jesus in the few who follow Him with unmatched devotion and humility. Amy Thurber 5 Our greatest testimony to the Japanese people was just showing up.

Dedicated Christians guide students in the development of academic excellence, talents, character, leadership, and their commitment to serve the world for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

The following is a sample of how the Western Christian community is making a difference and serving the world for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

We had both a faculty member and a student affected with Cancer. It was also a moment for everyone to come together in support of our friends, and raise awareness to all.

I'm thankful to Mrs. Yee for her commitment to develop these talents in those students. The various lists in the magazine are ranked according to public support for businesses and non-profits across a whole host of Arizona industries. This distinction represents the fourth year in a row that the school has been affirmed in this fashion.

During that same time frame, for four years running, the Phoenix Business Journal has also named Northwest Christian as the "top private school" within a similar list that they post annually. The metric for the Phoenix Business Journal affirmation is a bit different: Let's be frank here, I have dropped a couple of important balls this year. For example, we opened our brand new kitchen five months late. That wasn't a little deal as that it represented tremendous inconvenience to our families.

But, the fact that families would affirm us in spite of that failure is a very clear reminder of why families choose Northwest Christian. While programs and facilities are important--and a very large priority for us--they are not the ultimate priority. What is the chief priority, the reason for which our families are willing to sacrifice to provide Christian education for their kids?

The centrality of God's word and His truth. That's followed closely by teachers who love Jesus first and students second. More than a list and where we may or may not fall on within that list, I want to celebrate teachers who sacrificially work to impact students, imparting God's truth into their hearts and the families who scrimp, save, and pinch pennies to provide this opportunity for some amazing students who are learning to be world-changers.

The first is through the Association of Christian Schools International. The second is through AdvancED. Though similar in function, both accreditations affirm different aspects of the school's program. Though there are numerous reasons to pursue ACSI accreditation, succinctly represented, member schools seek accreditation to validate their quality and verify that they are striving for excellence based on a solid foundation of Christian philosophy in education.

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InNorthwest Christian also pursued accreditation through AdvancED and became the first Christian school in the state to enjoy affirmation from both accrediting agencies. AdvancED, a secular agency, verifies that a school community is legitimately engaged in continuous improvement resulting in success for all learners. AdvancED accreditation looks for evidence of different measures of quality for learning and instruction and certifies that they are engaged throughout the school. On February 4th, a visiting accreditation team with twelve members came to the school to begin the four-day process of assessing Northwest Christian's performance and analyzing the school's outcomes.

The team visited every Crusader classroom and evaluated each teacher.